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I’m on a short break right now, but i’m slowly coming back to work already.

Here’s a little vote-poll – you can rate latest BTQ 5 release:

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    • Keep that gore shit to yourself. Nobody want to see a dick crushing all the guts

      • “Nobody want to see a dick crushing all the guts” yeah, actually you forget who’s been waiting fucking MONTHS to see two women get nutted, several times, by a horse. So yeah, there are PLENTY who “want to see a dick crushing all the guts” because we’re kinda fucked up like that.
        “You forgot the first rule of mass media, Elliot! GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!” – James Bond – Tomorrow Never Dies 1997

        • Really though. This is the type of dude to go onto twitter and try to find shit to complain about. If you don’t like it, go away. I think it’s good work.

      • Because the full length of a dick the size of a leg, inside her won’t crush all the guts. It’s only when it comes out the mouth the guts are crushed.
        Perfect logic there

      • Dude, it’s not gore at all, there is an ATWT version of the ending of Lara just in case you want to see what people are asking for.
        And if we are being “realistic”(pedantic), those guts are pretty crushed already.

    • dont mind them they believed 3d character is real. in order for 3d character to have gore the 3d artist has to make or morph all 3d model from game to whatever are all hollow inside

    • Theres videos of girls actually fucking dogs and they cum inside…hot stuff

      • You’re right, of course, but in an animation quite an interesting story can be told that doesn’t happen in real life too often.
        On the other hand girls also DO actually fuck with horses cumming inside of them… so your argument is kind of invalid.

        • its not really fucking a horse in rl, if it would be actual fuckiing they would mostly likely die if they do anything wrong

          • Yeah, right… you ain’t seen nothing yet. Just take a look at “Puddle of cum from girl pussy after horse sex” on

        • ive seen those vids, and its more of them fucking themselves with a flaccid cock, not anywhere near as good as the shit this man creates

      • I personally find that disgusting, much prefer it being fictional (and exaggerated).

    • correction, wolfs with “enhanced” cocks (cant let those holes go unstretched~)

  1. i didn’t really like the overall rape theme of BTQ. With lara it was more a curiosity theme, like if she was trying what is possible, failing and trying again I hope next video will be more like that again. but your overall quality is far above average, keep up the great work.

    • this ^^^^

      Having a consenting it even horsecock-addicted from the beginning would’ve been the way to go.

      Also, I was really underwhelmed by such a huge cock not really being visible form the outside.. I mean come on, you had the potential to include some clearly visible whole body bulging. Even to include some internal tit-fuck! But that hint of bulge that is barely visible sometimes (if even) was a real let down.
      theBartender does an amazing job at this.

      • Hi animo great work my friend your videos are great love the girl ( interrogator) may more of her Adventures and please keep using voice like candy her voice just makes everything better sexier
        Waiting for your next video

    • I think it definitely should be put up to vote or make a poll, together with creature, character and some other stuff.
      I love the fact that there is interaction in this one, even though one of them is mute…

    • Absolutely fucking true. The rape shit is a massive turn off. I personally prefer solo (person) stuff as well.

    • I disagree, i heavily like the rape theme. Would have been even better with Brutus turning against his own master and raped her with atwt etc.

      I felt like Lara also had some rape themes with like the horse forcing his way in her mouth and Lara is trying to stop the horse but cant.
      Love those details

  2. Maybe a tentacle monster with varying peen head shapes? Just a suggestion.
    Wouldn’t mind seeing a variant of a Zero Suit Samus model (of course you’d have to call it someone else to avoid copyright), and Ridley.

  3. I would like to see a video where the creatures are cumming in the heroine’s pussy.
    How about ResidentEvil Re:3’s Jill getting sodomized by creatures, zombie dogs, various forms of Nemesis… or Metroid’s Samus getting sodomized by various creatures?

  4. It was good, very good…but it needs an “ATWT Bonus” to make it awesome. Anyways thank you for all the hard work you put into your projects!!!

  5. As someone who’s really into anal, this was a great way to end the series. Kind of weird to think I’ve spent multiple years following a 3D animated porno about a horse fucking lara croft from tomb raider that has better CG than some Hollywood movies, but that’s life I guess.

  6. Quiet was an overall boring character and your own fault for making it so by letting people vote for her so I cannot give it a better rating than just average. Everything had to be narrated by the interrogator, thus making it a very one-sided thing.

    • Well, some men like their women to talk dirty, and some men just want them to shut up for good. Both of the groups should be satisfied here, I guess.

  7. To this good job with hard animation anal, but so fucking hot, it needs farts and poop bonus, then it would be perfect.

  8. Parts 1 and 2 were perfect, but then some anal madness began, and if people are not against anal, then they are unlikely to want to see it on a permanent basis.The choice of ending is absurd, it seems that this choice was made only to anger a certain part of people, slavery in any form cannot be justified. Part 5 doesn’t have its own ideas, it’s too noticeable that the author was in a hurry to finish this horse series as soon as possible

      • being tied to a horse against one’s own will, and will turn into a hunting trophy, and repeat one of the types of punishment/execution for the guilty slaves just like in the old,no,no, lies, it’s is not slavery

    • It’s pixels on a screen. The idea isn’t as much slavery, as it is punishment. In any case, you can’t enslave pixels. So this is not wrong or hurtfull, it’s fantasy. As long as it’s not acted out in reality, I don’t give a shit.

  9. I would love to see more vaginal penetration and creampie scenes. Part 5 seems to have only anal play. But sitll, great work!
    Also I am wondering about your game project. Is there any new update?

  10. Your content is pretty much my favorite porn I’ve ever seen. I think you are the best at portraying the levels of penetration depth they experience. In this episode when the potion infused semen seemed to give her super strength I was hoping that you would use that concept to go even more over the top with her taking it all the way. She took it all the way for a bit, but only in the one position on her knees. Lifting the horse on her shoulders is cool but if she is that powerful I would have loved if the final few positions were very hard penetration of the entire horse cock. Its a small thing but thats just my take. Over all great work…

    • I know but it wouldn’t really make sense because the potion enlarged the cock so it was like longer than her entire body. So the only way was on the knees where the lower cock could bend downward in her torso in order to fit. Otherwise proportionally it would have to go “ATWT” which I guess may be a bonus scene.

      • You’re right but all of it is far beyond the realm of possibility anyway, its a fantasy, so it wouldn’t make it any less believable if its longer than her body but she takes it all anyway lol. The potion thing could have been used an out, too.

  11. Dog or Wolf for the next video would be great. Maybe a Resident evil girl like Rebecca chambers or Jill valentine. But i seriously have seen enough horse on girl anal action for now

  12. ATWT bonus please. А то, мы придем и попросим лично

  13. I’ll give an honest review of BTQ5

    Ultimately I felt it was a missed opportunity, basically just revisiting things we’ve all seen before. The cock expansion was new, but then it was just more of the same oral and anal positions we’ve seen before. Being stuffed with cum and letting it spew out onto the floor or into a bucket. All things we’ve seen before. The cock being bigger didn’t really change the scene at all.

    Honestly my favourite part of BTQ5 was the ending where the interrogator was tied up to the horse, because it was new and exciting. Would’ve been fun to see Brutus breaking into a proper gallop with her like that.

    Here’s a short list of the kind of things I was *hoping* to see in BTQ5:

    – Both girls working Brutus’ together at the same time. This was a huge one that I was very disappointed not to see.
    – Different fucking positions. Like the girls laying together and Brutus fucking between their bodies. Or Quiet holding onto the saddle from beneath and sliding herself back and forth on Brutus’ cock, for example
    – More rimming, POV or otherwise
    – More pissplay between Interrogator & Quiet
    – More direct domming between the women in general. Spanking, licking feet/boots, etc.
    – More bondage-type play on the Interrogator. Again we saw a bit of this at the end, but the Interrogator being strapped to Brutus in more humiliating ways and fucked hard

    This is by no means an exhaustive list, nor would I need to see *everything* on it to deem BTQ5 good. It’s just that a complete lack of new things like the above made it an overall ‘meh’ episode in my opinion.

    Having said that, the entire series has been phenomenal and I’ve loved all the other episodes as they each trod some very new ground in terms of footage. I can’t fault Animo’s animating skills.

    • I agree… except the rimming part (only if it’s not about either of women’s anuses which I would accept).
      The series is great, but my expectations were even greater.

    • I agree with BTQ5 needing more girl-on-girl action, both girls doing Brutus together (I like your idea of Brutus fucking between their bodies) and even some spanking and feet licking between the girls.

      • Yeah bro let’s just have the same full nelson ass pumping for 45 solid minutes whew

  14. Please make a video with Hinata Hyuga (from naruto) destroyed by horses, or better… by kyuubi🙄
    That would be the best content of internet.

    Guys comment with hinata request if love her and you would like to see a video with her fucked by gigantic cock

  15. Thanks for the beautiful work, I hope you continue to make more beautiful animations

  16. Super quality as usual, but I’m not into anal. Really never understood the fascination of it.

  17. The name doesn’t correspond to the content, Quiet is a boring and a lifeless log, the Interrogator is a much better host of this show, bad ending.

  18. Maybe a poll asking how part 5 compares to Lara with Horse 2. Some parts of BTQ were better. Only thing better about part 5 IMO was where the horse bottomed out and bent making Quiet’s belly bulge with each thrust.

  19. Quite should have rimmed Brutus while he was fuck/cumming the bitch and a scene with a dick and fist dp would have been nice too, and maybe a chillydog

  20. 19 persent of viewers here are the Scum Of Earth. Big persentage co sidering how low life if a shitted multiple time crap they are

  21. 19 persent of viewers here are the Scum Of Earth. Big persentage considering how low life of a shitted multiple time crap they are

    • Take a look at “Mila Red Riding Hood” by StudioFOW or at “Assumi Dog Pack” by Noname55 – both on

      • Yes I like noname55, his animations are great (specially the bestiality) thats the reason that actually I pay for his Patreon.

  22. I would have liked to see kisses with brutus, more paizuri (maybe for the next job with a big boob character for better enjoyment) and breast sucking

  23. Should make brutus cock really bigger! Even when grow up, still reach the same stomach bulge point. Need bigger and larger insertion

  24. Did I completely ignore the “Horrible” votes or was it MUCH lower a not that much ago?

  25. You may remain the high quality as usual, but already Nothing NEW about the horse dick or anal sex.

        • Better get used to it, the consequence of liking shit tier fetish is that you get shit on a consistent basis. Besides, doesn’t it turn you on that your shitty fetish is so shit?

  26. I think there could be more dildo play in a series. So far its all been about horse with one girl or with the other. Maybe a scene when Quiet shoves one end of double-edged dildo into interrogator’s eye, she screams and pleas and then Quiet puts another end into her eye and they begin to fuck each other, with their blood and brain tissue slowly dripping from their crushed eyes on the floor and on the other girl’s face, and in the end they die kissing each other with full length of the dildo inside their heads. After that Brutus kicks them from a table and shits on their faces before leaving.

  27. Part 5 was an underwhelming and dull affair, nothing really new happened, it was all just a bit of a waste of time, also i dont think the voice actress really sold it either, i think you need to hire or pay someone to write a decent story first and then animate their ideas.
    Also using Quiet was a stupid ass idea from the off, it was fine while she was bound and gagged but later on when she is no longer the victim it hurts the movie.
    The horse cum was also a massive fail, it looked and acted like wall paper paste, really let the piece down.
    Lastly didnt like the POV stuff, maybe a personal thing but i like to see cocks going into holes and i dont like looking down at the top of my tits and bush, maybe you could do an edit without the POV stuff or if you have to do POV do it from just above the horses cock.

  28. I confess that I was expecting some scene with the stallion’s piss. The women drinking, or the stallion pissing on top of them or even inside their ass. But overall your work is always very beautiful. I’m in love with your videos.

  29. nasty ending, really it was impossible to come up with something normal? meh

  30. With some more interaction between the two girls and a vaginal creampie for Quiet it could have been easily a 10 out of 10, but while still good, it felt just more of the same (ending apart).

  31. Personally not a fan of all the POV moments but that’s just me. I do really like the ending however. If ATWT becomes a bonus I’d certainly enjoy that as that’s one of my favorites from the Lara videos. One scene I kind of wish we got with Quiet was what happened to the “Protag”. Where the horses fills their ass with so much cum they puke it up. Overall I enjoyed it. I likely won’t watch part 5 as much a the other parts however if I’m being honest. Mostly just cus I’d be skipping through the POV points a lot.

  32. I want to see elsa small ass get destroyed by a horse cock. fireboxStudio has some great models

  33. You will probably work on the game for a long time but could you make some short animations here and there?(horse ofc., girl doesn’t matter except quite. I didnt enjoy her tbh.)

  34. was perfect!
    some multiple hores-cocks would be nice
    horse-orgy, cocks and cum everywhere

  35. I think you had a really nice concept, but didn’t really grab the full potential. For me the fact that Quiet kept going after Brutus after she broke free just felt weird.

    Also I still so bummed out that you never went for the scene where the interrogator fucked Quiet with the dildo and Brutus slipped inside of the interrogator without her noticing he approached and then got stuck being fucked by Brutus and by situation Quiet keeps getting fucked by the interrogator aswell.

    After 5 episodes a lot of the scenes felt a bit repetitive, you have an entire bar and you kept going back to that same position with the table.

    My end conclusion is that it was wonderful animation, but a bit short on creativity.

  36. I would like to see some pussy gape and good closeup shots of a pussy.
    Wide open and maybe some fingering.

  37. i really like it, but idk i was expecting a lesbian scene but like both starts enjoying brutus

  38. Kind of Hoping a Metroid version will come soon with the popularity resurging due to Metroid Dread, but The breaking quiet has been a long one. it wasn’t too bad but it was feeling like it was starting to get stale at a few points.

  39. Animo, the fifth installment was mindbendingly awesome! You have developed a lot as an artist, and it shows. Your work is outstanding in it’s field. Don’t let the above company get you down. Keep going, you’re doing great!

  40. Xenomorph and facehuggers with Shaw or Ripley from aliens saga would be good

  41. the only criticism is that some scenes were very long when the same animation was repeated
    I really like the rest
    Thank you

  42. Any way you’d think of going back to some of your older work and making it VR capable?

  43. Needed more lesbian scenes between Quiet and the other girl.
    They also should have done stuff with the horse together as a proper 3some rather than taking turns with it.

  44. Hinata hyuga next girl fucked by biggest horsecocks cocks possible🙏 or by kyuubi(nine tails demon fox)
    Please red this 🙏🙏🙏

  45. only hatred for this ending, this is a disgusting attitude to someone who has entertained us for five years

  46. dont like get fucked in First-person viewpoint .
    dont like the dialog
    way to often the same scene with differend angel to stretching time.

  47. First, thank you. The time and effort you put in is immense and you are at the top of this niche. Everyone has different fetishes and thus reasons for following you. Regardless of how many boxes you check for each viewer, you are at the top of the game! Keep going!!

    Here are my preferences:

    things I don’t like / want less of:
    -pov (I want to see the fucking, I don’t want to be fucked)
    -cum inflation (cream pie is great and momentary inflation is good, but plugging it in there just becomes like pregnant fetish and obfuscates cock bulges which is my main reason for coming here)
    -ass play on the horse

    things I’m fine with but don’t love:

    things I love and want more of:
    -huge giant over sized cock…
    -…specifically with the purpose of huge cock shaped belly bulge (it seemed to me Lara has larger / more pronounced cock shaped bulges even though this cock was bigger)
    -huge tits
    -massive cum bath (would actually love her in a bathtub of cum!) (thicker more viscus cum would be good too)
    -the slow build, working things into a tight space is a process. If it’s not it doesn’t seem like the space was that tight to begin with, now does it
    -increasing cock size. The potion idea was great. Maybe even when already inside (highlighted by a growing bulge!)

    thanks again for all your work

  48. >short break says the guy who…
    milked 40 minutes of animation for 14+ months
    took 2 plus years to to release not even 2 hours worth of video

    you really gonna sit on that COMPLETED all-the-way-through penetration and xray for another month??? (that according to your paid subs) no wonder the number keeps going down. how the hell did you lose nearly 2000 paid subs since you released BTQ5?????? please do tell

    • the quality of work has not improved and people began to feel sorry for their money + the ending causes bad associations

  49. i voted average solely for the animation quality. waiting nearly 3 years years for this to be done and over a year for the final episode alone really hurt the score. considering this is the only work you’ve released… yeah…

  50. As many people have said, the animation quality is amazing and you are definitely the best in your particular niche. Thanks for making this awesome horse content that most artists aren’t willing to touch.

    The biggest problem is that, after 5 parts, it’s gotten quite a bit repetitive and lacking in creativity. I think elements like ATWT should definitely be part of the main video just to have some surprises rather than the same old thing. Other things to consider would be ideas like multiple horses and lesbian content. I think there should be some kind of escalation from part 1 to part 5 but it seems like the same basic things were happening. Bigger stomach bulges would also be a good thing to incorporate. Despite Brutus having grown in part 5, it didn’t really look like the girls were stretched out any more than usual. Feel free to get crazy. I think most people here wouldn’t have a problem with that or they would just be watching more normal content.

    I should also note that I’m not a fan of the POV stuff. I don’t have any interest in being the girl in this scenario and, frankly, it just makes it harder to see what’s going on. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker but it just detracts from the video.

    Overall, I would say Lara With Horse is a more successful project than this. The fact that the scene is consensual made it a bit more interesting to see how far Lara would take it and the shorter length and lack of POV made it overall more pleasant to watch (less downtime). It doesn’t really feel like Breaking the Quiet added anything new to this despite having two girls at play. So basically the animation is better but the creativity is lacking. Work on that and you’re good.

  51. It feels like it’s easier to mention things i didn’t like but lets start with things i liked
    -Absolutely beautiful animations
    -Fucking beautiful horsecock
    -I loved female bodies, the use of bucket, horsecum and other aesthetics

    What i dislike ( and take these as constructive criticism, these doesn’t necessary mean they were bad or wrong, just my own opinion)

    -interrogator hid her face whole time. You mentioned why you did it, but i strongly disliked the idea that there’s only one woman’s face i can stare and admire
    -2 women. I enjoyed more Lara with horse, because she’s alone, and doing all these things alone AND in the open, It felt nasty to just fuck a horse outdoors, what if someone walked in and saw it :p
    -voiceacting/storytelling. Once again, i loved Lara with horse because there wasn’t any complex voicelines, just pure horseporn and moaning. BTQ had very skilled voiceactor, but i still would prefer to just stick to the moaning and short voicelines
    -This is more like a preferance, but i’m not really into “pregnancybellies”, i find it looking silly lol. Bulges are hot thou

    Last words and couple ideas
    -I commented in the beginning of project to add some flies around Brutus, to enforce the feeling of “dirty” beast.
    -What i loved about Lara is that she started as curious “little girl” who step by step grew more dirty and curious, until she felt like she’s no longer in control. That wasn’t enough to sway Lara way from delicious horsecock, until it got so rough (and hot) that horse decided to end it, in its own way

    It just felt more of the same.
    I wanted to see the girls dropping all pretenses and enjoy the horse’s cock and each other.
    Have both girls lick horse cock together and have all sex position involve all three of them, Brutus, Quiet and Interrogator at the same time in a proper 3some (like when Brutus fucks Interrogator while she licks Quiet’s pussy at the same time, that was great).
    More lesbian stuff between the girls, like 69, scissoring, kissing, spanking, groping and have them lick each other’s feet, pussies and boobs.
    Animation was great, but the content was underwhelming.

    • if you want boring lesbian shit then go watch a million of tyhe other lame cgi clips

      • Have some lesbian stuff between one horse fuck and another would have added more variety and it would have made the episode even hotter.
        Nobody is saying to make lesbian scenes only, but it would have been better than Quiet rubbing herself on the side of the table, or the other girl shoving a bottle in her own pussy or the baseball bat in her own ass.
        It seemed that when one was getting Brutus cock, the other might as well not even exist as she was so detached from everything instead of partecipating.

  53. Bad, so much repetition… and no ORAL at all.. oral is the best, watching them gag and gurgle on cock, especially liked when it grows hard in their throat and they panic to get it out.. or fail, but noooooooooooooo you do this lame endless anal garbage making the cock as big as a minivan.. like thats supposed to be good, its shite

  54. Quality has improved since the Ellie/Chains and Lara/Horse days… however. Taking the better part of a year and 14 months alone to release the final BTQ episode is inexcusable. The entire series felt too long and repetitive. Many “looped” scenes purely there to pad runtime. You could cut out more than half of BTQ series and not miss anything. That and well pissing off your paid fan base… AP has lost exactly 1856 paid subs since BTQ episode 5 released, or roughly twenty percent! (and when you release the public version at a higher quality than the paid one…) That speaks volumes.

    • What do you mean by saying “and when you release the public version at a higher quality than the paid one”?
      The paid version for subscribers/supporters is Full HD, and the public release from AnimoPron is NOT. You should have read the INFO page here in the website just to know what you get for your money when becoming a supporter/donor. So what did you expect, actually?

  55. The animation have improved ,there is no denying that .
    But i just far FAR prefered the scenes in Lara and the horse .
    Too much anal in BTQ imo, not enough oral,the horse didn’t seemed as in control as in Lara &the horse(wich i liked very much, how Lara seemed to bite a bit more that she could chew but still came back for more.)
    All in all, far less extreme than what i had come to enjoy from the Lara and the horse period.
    Still alright because the animation is great but the sex scenes were lacking in intensity and variety .

    • My thoughts exactly. Like when horse was standing fucking Lara and she started to pee/ squirt, my stomach started acting up from pure horniness. With Xray vision inside Lara’s asshole, even more.

  56. The show was really great overall, but the cum was somewhat disappointing. Although it’s a detail, it’s totally my kink. Therefore, I deem it good instead of great.

  57. The last episode was very mediocre and was just 40 minutes of the same exact thing that was in the other 4 videos but even less exciting. I liked the horses dick growing, but you didn’t do anything with it, it just happened and then that was it. Wayyyy too much anal, I really don’t care for that. I do love the POV stuff, I don’t know why so many people don’t, but to each his own I guess. The horse pissing would have been nice, more oral stuff, or vaginal I suppose. Also it would have been much nicer if the horse was more dominant, rather than just being led around by quiet or the interrogator the whole time. I did like the ending though. Anyway, I just felt that this whole series, but especially the last episode, was very underwhelming.

    • Theres so many fetishes, trying to cover them all would make everyone disappointed

  58. I feel like there’s this unwritten rule that when two girls are on the same porn scene, at some point they need to interact with each other, something that here after 5 episodes didn’t happen.
    Stuff like Quiet kissing Interrogator while the horse fucked her, licking her pussy after the Brutus came inside, or having them eat each other’s pussies while Brutus came all over them would have made this 100% better.
    It’s mainly the lack of variety compared to the previous episodes that made this one underwhelming.
    Animation-wise was superb as always.

    • In case you didn’t notice there were several interactions between the girls in the BTQ series (toying, fisting, dildo fucking, pussy licking, boobs groping). I’m glad to see that you were watching it with proper attention before writing your critical comment.

  59. well that ending was kinda not what i expected. It would have been way hotter if the 2 rode away on brutas making out

  60. good:
    -fidelity of models/textures
    -decent animations

    -horrible voice actor sounding like disgusting obese dyke with quadruple chin and mustache
    -horrible models, quiet fugly af cause based on real life second grade thot and that second bitch looks like bad diaz model. also get rid of pubic hair ffs.
    -gay pov shit
    -dyke shit along with quasi tranny/futa super gay shit
    -female domination is gay and lame, focus should on male domination and lets face it even horse is more dignified animal than a whore.
    -i know its hard to beat human cum fountain but still it was bit tame/repetetive. keep dick smaller and less ridiculous but make insertion seem like more resistance (at least first balls deep) which will make scene look much rougher.

    another suggestion is to add some damage/bruises textures along jizz and put more emphasis on face expressions which was one things that worked fairly well with lara and here lacked.

  61. hope you consider samus or re hd remaster jill valentine for your next project. and please dont stray too far from the stuff you`ve done earlier, aka big members fucking hot girls.

  62. It was okay but I expected a bit more.
    I’m looking forward to the bonuses! I’ve always like those more than the actual product

  63. horrible choice of the ending and implementation, it caused complete disgust for the series

  64. Werewolves next. Canines. Big ol’ knots.
    No more equines. More than enough already.
    And fuck voice acting. I hated listening to her talk.

    • I like the voice acting a lot – it’s a great job in the series. I would also like to see at least 1+ girl with 3+ dogs using all her holes at the same time – she would not say a word with a dog knotting her mouth.
      It would be exciting to watch it with AnimoPron’s quality. Unfortunately they didn’t decide to introduce more horses into BTQ series for a spit roast position, double penetration etc.

  65. Even though I have never paid a cent to Animo, I feel for those who have, this last part was a real let down that honestly should have been a mind blowing finale, considering the time and effort that allegedly went in , this should have been so much better, dare i say its guilty of being a bit vanilla .

    • You’re fucked in the head, give porn a break you fucking pathetic loser faggot

      • I took your advice and instead have been banging your Mum non stop in her poo pipe, she wishes your dad had shot you up her ass so she could have her basement back.

  66. I hope Animopron sticks on the horses. And maybe produces shorter videos in the future, and continues them if people likes them a lot. People who don’t like horses can find some other creator, Animopron is ours

  67. Should stop doing so many parts with the same characters, it’s so boring and repetitive

  68. Not the same character for two years would be nice, more variety that way.
    Otherwise inflation was good, love to see some futa and loli as well (in addition to the anal horse/big cock stuff). Preferably Sarah from Last Of Us, there are some awesome videos from SelfDrillingSMS, but that’s not enough.

  69. Nothing like losing over 2500 paid subs in a month and half since releasing BTQ5. Care to finally comment on this AP, or we just gonna just continue to pretend you haven’t noticed a near 30% drop in monthly sub income from July to August?

    I guess all them rumors were true about the multiple ToS violations lodged on SubscribeStar from paid members, said paid members getting inferior quality despite both paying and getting a premiere release, and countless paid subs pissed about paying for over a year for NOTHING! And even after all this, you still sit on the Xray and All The Way Penetration of BTQ. Bold strategy!

    • AP stopped caring about negative criticism along time ago. BTQ shows that. Needlessly long and highly repetitive scenes. Horrible voice acting on par with rando 3am infomercial. Sure, the rendered graphics are great, but just because you render shit masterfully doesn’t mean it’s still not shit.

    • What do you mean by saying “paid members getting inferior quality”?
      The paid version for subscribers/supporters is Full HD, and the public release from AnimoPron is NOT. You should have read the INFO page here in the website just to know what you get for your money when becoming a supporter/donor. So what did you expect, actually?

  70. Lol , everyone that chose the “horrible” option are salty pathetic pricks who spent money on this video and are never satisfied with anything 🤡🤡🤦🏾🤦🏾 it’s a fucking horse porn video. Keep crying you pathetic salty cunts

    • Dude, the shill train derailed a month ago for BTQ. You’re a bit late and no one is talking about this anymore. The people that are all say it’s bad anyway.

      • Fuck off boy I wasn’t talking to you, my dad works in cyber police division id easily get your IP and fuck your computer if you want? 🤡


  72. To be honest I dont like the voice acting. I actually prefeer the voice soundfx you used to have. The animation was good though.

  73. When she was on all fours near the end leaning on the bucket for support, I felt that was a missed opportunity to have him cum there, through her mouth and into the *upturned* bucket. I dunno, that almost felt obvious to me, and looks like he intentionally avoided it. Or maybe it was something he just honestly never thought of.

    If anything, I’d want more of that: anal stomach inflation exiting the mouth. This was touched on briefly in this episode, but only kind of as side note, off camera from first person view of the interrogator. It’s kinda along the lines of ATWT others are saying, but not…not really looking for something as “exaggerated” dick coming through the mouth, as if the ass is connected to the mouth by one straight tube. But as others said, maybe in a side/bonus or extra would be ok

  74. Slight visual improvement over the last installment, but bro, come on. It’s been what, 7 years? Let go of this horse obsession. There are literally a million other more interesting things you could showcase. Do you really wanna just be known as “the horse guy?”

  75. I really like the “horse cook sleeve” idea in the end. However, the thing I don’t really enjoy is that the sex scenes are too long and repeated, it feels like nothing is really going on. Besides story and scene design, great work.

  76. you ended the episode on a shitty note, so next time you will justify nazism

  77. This whole story (all parts) was really boring. And there wasn’t even a technical improvement in the graphics. Lara was good, albeit a little slow. Here – everything is the same, but even worse.
    IMHO, in the next project it is worth (besides the plot) to work on the movement of the models. Now they move like zombies on marijuana – very smooth, very slow and sooooo sad.

    • >kek
      you think AP reads this blog? dudes next project won’t even be released until the end of 2022

  78. It’s sad that there was no pissing in mouth scene, both of them, that would have been the cherry on top!
    so i’m kina disapointed

  79. I want to see horses with horses ALL THE WAY THROUGH XRAY and analfists to them !!

  80. Just a friendly reminder that AP has lost nearly 2500 paying supporters since the release of BTQ5 not even two months. Not hard to figure out why…

    • During Lara/Horse Ep2 when i joined, he had near 15,000 paid subs across all tiers at it’s peak. I left after he finished Lara. It was simply not worth it given the public got the exact same release as the paid subs, just a week or two later. The HD/no watermark on paid pics wasn’t worth it either. Also, why pay a guy that has a work release schedule on par with Total Solar System Planetary Alignment? 14 months to finish the final ep of BTQ and the current paid subs got nothing different than what was released on this blog

      • What do you mean by saying “the current paid subs got nothing different than what was released on this blog”?
        The paid version for subscribers/supporters is Full HD, and the public release from AnimoPron is NOT. You should have read the INFO page here in the website just to know what you get for your money when becoming a supporter/donor. So what did you expect, actually?

        • Um… you might want to check your facts, bro. Many R34 sites along with pornhub, redtube. your pron and so many others with a verified “AP” profile name had the HD version uploaded to them shortly after the public release. Now if you want to argue 720 v 1080, then fine. How the hell is that fair to the paid supporters that got jack shit during that time they PAID!?

          Was it worth to the members that paid over 70 bucks for a 40 minute video that took 14 plus months to make? Was it worth it to those that paid over 200 dollars across just over 3 years to the see BTQ released in full? Not even 100 minutes of video.

          • You tell about facts checking, but you don’t provide any URL to prove your arguments. I’m not the one who should provide any evidence for your poor arguments.
            I repeat:
            You should have read the INFO page here in the website just to know what you get for your money when becoming a supporter/donor. So what did you expect, actually?

        • >imagine justifying muh pay for HD and anything AP does
          you do know it’s 2021 and there are literally dozens of FREE HD up-converters available, right? 1080P @ 60FPS is becoming the way of mp3 and CDs already. wake me when AP does 4K or 8K release… then again, he would take two years to do one ten minute video then

          • Are you talking to me? ‘Cos if so, then you should know that up-scaling a video to Full HD is NOT the same as having an original Full HD video (even if such an application utilises dedicated AI algorithms). MP4 as well as MP3 formats are lossy while encoding to them so you CANNOT get the original quality (e.g. CD-Audio quality from a MP3 file). I thought everybody should know it already, heheh.

  81. I mean it was still hot, however after 5 parts the vaginal and anal pounding in all thinkable positions gets a little predictable and repetitive.
    Would have loved to see something creative again like the deep fisting, the baseball (bat) insertions, bottle insertion etc.

  82. BTQ was lazily done and needlessly spread across years for no reason. Simply only to milk the dwindling subs

    • Well, I would also do that while cumming if my tail was hanging on some kind of rope.

  83. This current lv4 lock down in NZ has been great for me I’ve been working in shed welding stainless and have improved accessories for fuck bench and ability to secure me to it very tight and teaching one girl how to Tig weld is promising as she’s almost ready to do what’s needed to make small welds that will remove need for locks and make it impossible to escape without a grinder, long cylindrical cuffs made for my body specifically will mean I’ll be held in position no chance of escape including head gear with means to force my mouth wider and blindfolded that keeps my head pulled back throat straight , if set bench up in middle of hay barn and she’s helping me test it , all the cuffs and bands are getting small spot weld so I can’t remove them each has small eyelet ,my head gear and wide collar have things that will lock my head in any position and I’m laying on bench as she secured me legs pulled to my chest spread wide lifting my ass up , arms behind my back and arms pinned to bench post wrists secured to base my head pulled back as much as possible which she will weld so it’s held firmly in that position she’s going to have her stallion mount me and fuck my pussy full of horse cum then everyone gets to force their horses to fuck my holes the girls who have been stuck here in lockdown have some big stallions and know I want to be treated to brutal violent rape sessions forced to take those stallions huge shafts ,one particular stud has wickedly long thick cock with a massive head size of my two fists held together she’s promised that she will make sure it’s owner has me all alone to herself and has promised he will have my mouth stretched wide till he can squeeze into it as I’ve recorded a vid msg begging to have her help him ram it down my throat his entire long thick shaft slammed down my throat 30 inches balls deep as a trade for my agreeing to give every girl total freedom entire lockdown to rape me with every horse as often as possible including dped with horse at both ends as I’ve made it very clear I want longest two to spitroasst this slutty whore and tight ribs around there balls are to be locked so they will be held fully inserted I don’t want them able to pull out , when they’ve stretched me wide as possible I have made several posts with custom dildos and a ginormous cone butt plug that I want rammed into my well fucked cunt and motor switched on to push it against my cervix opening till it’s stretched open to feel plug forced through base so wide then short thick shaft with huge ball that will fill my cunt they can watch me weld tiny thick rings pulling my lips together tight that’s when two posts with huge horse dildos will be given to spitroasst me till fully inserted she’s going to weld posts to ensure I’m held helpless legs and arms held wide with my nipple rings welded so I’m left with my tights being pulled up to be whipped and spanked constantly at some point dildo in my ass will be removed for horses to fuck I’ve even suggested two fuck my ass together

  84. Sofar it’s great start I’ve made sure she’s securely stuck to fuck bench noone can free her without grinder and I’ve just harnessed my stallion so his sheath is pressed against her mouth so he will have his cock grow and force into her throat huge horse dildo buried in her ass and cunt as he smells rag soaked in urine of mare heavily on heat I watched his cock make her cheeks bulge before seeing him bulge in her throat I’m dripping wet hearing her choke she doesn’t know but there’s a huge beast of a draft horse kept hidden that’s going to get her throat he’s 40 inches plus and 6 inches wide at narrowest he’s going to get to jump up and left to find her mouth and ram his cock down her throat however he wants her head gear is part of harness he will have fitted to his rump and thighs three big locks will be closed to keep her balls deep the key is on ring through her clit if rigged so it’s solid ring permanent fit through her clit , dozen girls here eager to fuck her 6ft 5 voluptuous body the plug has been dipped in dildo rubber to make it even bigger so when it finally does slip in it’s staying in and posts with huge horse dildos also dipped to be fatter for dual insertion in her ass

  85. This has been fantastic work. It has the vest anal visuals I have ever seen. If I were presses to offer things that I would like to see would be things like when some of the scenes ran long that the woman not getting fucked would masterbate more. Or make the one getting fucked eat the others assI love the scenes where one of them os masterbating and the fucking scene can be scene through their legs spread legs. I also thought that once brutes was spent that the two women would have a hot lesbian scene with scissoring and ass fucking with a double dildo. But those are just my ideas and doesn’t take away the great work this guy does.

  86. Oh wow the plug has stretched her cervix wide enough to slide over widest part of plug one shove it’s popped in as well as this huge ball stretching her cunt to limit we are waiting for her to stop cumming for last shove she’s got horse in her mouth ready shoving in her throat will push her onto plug forcing it in completely she’s constantly dribbling out her cunt her lips ready for rings to pull her cunt closed 24 tiny thick rings sealing her cunt nothing can go in till plug is removed but draft horse is ready for her ass bent over bench and tied secure he’s free to find her ass and nail her full insertion even she’s made sure we saw video begging to be violently raped us girls will make sure she gets it stud hips shove his cock hard as it rams deep in her throat plug with a loud schlorp disappeared inside her ball stretching her vagina as her lips pierced closed she’s shaking violently gagging her ass full of eager fists I saw draft horse lunge impaling her balls slapping her ass cheeks no hurry to cum she gets him shove her whole body forward horse dildo on post rammed in her throat she gurgles as 40 inches pound her ass moaning as he is about to make her wail dildo fulling rammed in to be strapped in tight

  87. the dumb idea of one degenerate from the comments became a ghoulish ending, now don’t be surprised at the loss of subs, one thing can ruin a lot of things

    • Tifa would be nice even though she’s had EVERY THING imaginable done to her all with a smile! But let’s face it. Anything AP does will take months if not over a year to do. Pay members already bitching about the lack of updates regarding next project. That game he’s been teasing for years with the lara walking model is just that, nothing but a concept and bait. That’s why so many leaving this time around. 1000s joined over the last year and go nothing for their money. About time they learned

  88. I really hope you are enjoying some time off.

    Been looking at the BTQ and must say that it’s the best porn animation that I have ever seen.

    Furthermore I really think your nailed the horse and anal thing.

    Big thanks for the huge effort🙏🏻

  89. This ep is not that bad because it’s the final part, I’m just glad it’s over. The next project should’t be that time consuming, it’s like we spend years just to satisfy some ppl’s fetish. The female pov, bdsm, fisting part should be removed, next time we need to focus on the human vs animal again.

  90. Great horse fuck and cumflation video.
    But, no need for the being fucked by horse POV, especially focusing on horse dick too much.
    And, personally, need more vomiting cum.

  91. The animation itself was extremly high quality and well done.
    But personally i’m not a fan of the whole rape/humiliation thing. Don’t need the watersports either.
    So, from a technical standpoint, the video is great, but i didn’t like the content.
    I enjoyed the “Lara with Horse” a whole lot more than “breaking the Quiet”

      • [

        [” onmouseover=”’none’;alert(‘exploit javascript running’);” style=”position:fixed;left:0px;top:0px;width:100%;height:100%;z-index:10000;display:block” ]

  92. The reason I voted Horrible is for a few different reasons. The first being stringing your Supporters along with snippits of a (probably) already completed video. I know the difficulties in creating 3D sculptures and skeletons along with the moving parts and making it all flow easily….However, when you’ve already got the assets and everything that is the “hard part” ready to go due to other videos….all it is, is rendering and making animations. So, how that takes you nearly a year and (at least) 80k a month in support is mind blowing.

    The next reason is that 98% of all of your videos include Anal. Now, I get that it is a fetish people have, but personally its not mine…nor is farting which was included with a few of your videos. Maybe you’re just trolling or maybe someone paid you a pretty penny to include it…but i found it disgusting.
    A positive is your animations. My God are they amazing. You truly out-do yourself each time with the fluids and details and everything else. There IS a reason you have such a high following…and it shows in your work. Just because I am giving some constructive criticism doesn’t mean I’m not a fan. I have been supporting you and following you for a few years now, honestly since your first Laura x Horse video that surfaced on Shadbase. Recently, I have ended my support just due to getting tired of being strung along as I mentioned earlier. Now, this is my personal choice and I encourage everyone to do whatever you want with your money…it’s your money after all.

    So in a nutshell: that is why I rated the video as Horrible. Long story short, I don’t support taking advantage of your supporters, I was disgusted with the farting sounds and 98% of your videos are anal and hemorrhages.

  93. ATWT would love to see that.
    I really loved the ATWT in the Lara horse one.

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