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  2. can you do some stuff like Creamy Ranch by Dmitrysfuta, horsegirls with horsedicks fucking each other. sorry bad english

    • Affect3D does futanari for a long time now and some of their videos are better (than their average), and some of them are worse – also something very similar to “Creamy Ranch”, but on a beach or poolside near a cocktail bar, or on a ship/yacht (I’ve seen things like that, but I don’t remember their titles ‘cos it wasn’t impressive to me at all). The same applies to AgentRedGirl, and many many others who specialise in this kind of kink.
      I’m still not into centaurs at all, but if anybody likes such things, then there is something of pretty good quality:
      “Centaur Things Full Cut (…) By AgentRedGirl”
      I haven’t seen much of it so it’s the only one I can recommend.

        • Well, I’m not an expert on 3D hentai anime, neither have I seen too many of good enough quality to be worth of my recommendation. Maybe someone else can recommend some interesting 3D hentai anime of decent quality.

        • Take a look at “Mila Red Riding Hood” by StudioFOW or at “Assumi Dog Pack” by Noname55 – both on rule34video.com
          As far as sex with dogs is concerned there is also a series of animations “Lara and dog” (A.K.A. “Lara’s Guard 3”), “Lara and dog 1” (A.K.A. “Lara’s Guard 1”) and “Lara and dog 2” (A.K.A. “Lara’s Guard 2”) by Barbell, all 3 on the same site, eg.:
          They’re interesting, but not as good quality as AnimoPron’s, unfortunately.

  3. if people ask for ATWT just give it to them. 3d character arent real they are hollow inside unless you added gores and bone flesh and blood for them and for those of you. WTF is wrong with you why you become so retarded? what make your fucking head so fucked up? fuck all these retard actually think 3d character game character are actually real think they come with gore/flesh/blood/bones. i thinm yuo shit head need to stop playing video games. that shit fuck with your head. if you retard dont get what im saying i’ll make it more sense. take a paper draw human figure and see if yours gore/blood/bones/flesh. same thing with 3d character if you dont give them none of that they just hollow inside

    • you sick fuck want that atwt shit too. if the character had no bones or flesh she dont be able to stand fucktard. also she can’t speak or moan because she dont have lungs. also she cant have bulge because she have no stomach. also if there is no flesh there is no pussy dumbass


  4. great work, enjoy your break, i’m still waiting your next work, maybe Mai Shiranui and horse please? uff well, good luck man

  5. Oh man! I am stoked for your return next month! I hope it’ll be more progress on that game of yours, cause that looks right up my alley.

  6. *AHEM*

    The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is called “Sneed’s Feed & Seed”, where feed and seed both end in the sound “-eed”, thus rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed. The sign says that the shop was “Formerly Chuck’s”, implying that the two words beginning with “F” and “S” would have ended with “-uck”, rhyming with “Chuck”. So, when Chuck owned the shop, it would have been called………well I don’t have to tell you

  7. Make animated porn with Wildeer’s Lara model please. His Lara model is free. Max is a very good model creator but his animated creations take too long. I mean Lara in trouble (LIT) series and Gatekeeper.

    • hell no wildeer is on another level this mf will take 8 months to make a 30 sec clip on their level of quality

  8. Wildeer’s quality is out of this world. Fantastic but very short videos only I think.

  9. I can’t post on Subscribestar because it tells me to pay again to have access.

  10. Please make btq fatal end, where quiet butchers interrogator piece by piece and then forces her to eat her own meat 😍. Maybe tore her eyes out too, put them in her mouth together with brutus’s cum and let quiet make a nice milkshake by fucking her in the mouth with that giant dildo.

  11. Welcome back, animo. I hope you had a great vacation.
    You did a great job with the whole BTQ series. If you can make an ATWT bonus scene happen, that would be the icing on the cake!!!

  12. I really like your work, I hope you will continue to cheer! I hope to have more animals, and more female characters, such as the King of Ada

  13. No goddamn horse porn anymore please.
    How about canine stuff? A nice wolf or something going at the girl

    • Yeah! The game! Show us more of that! What I can find looks real good, so I want more soon!

  14. Please do some 2B with a horse. She is really hot and there are only short videos of her doing that kind of stuff.

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