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  1. I fear this just gonna end up like studioFOW and Subverse, no new movies since 2018 and unfinished game that gets small updates twice a year and at this pace will be completed in 4-5 years, or when developers just cut 75% of promised stuff and mark it as release.

    • This “game” is purely a concept and nothing more. AP does this between projects to keep subs happy. These were posted years ago. Just updated slightly with better lighting elements

    • In the meanwhile, there are other 3D games that would satisfy anyone’s needs. This jewish fuck deserves no money.

  2. Nothing like (re)posting screenshots from 2017 in 2021 from a “concept game” and trying to pass them off as “new” and an actual game. You posted these in your pay supporters page!!

    • It’s because he’s posted these “new” pictures years ago on his pay subs form. He updated the lighting and shadowing for these. Theyre from just after he finished Lara/Horse four years ago.

        • Probably really, really well. Earns a decent chunk of money, two vids a year, many paying supporters.

          • Animo,We are waiting Bonuses for BTQ. Where is our ATWT and X-RAY?

  3. looks good so far. I would change a few things or have more that one version, bigger glans, bigger balls, cockring with size saying, prince albert attached to glans

  4. anyone else notice the lack of shills and bots posting here since btq finished. amazing the drop off in both free and paid subs

  5. isnt the game you were making like 5 years ago? the same one with the lara model walking on the beach? took you 3 plus years to put out a grand total of 100 minutes of video with BTQ. now youre baiting with this lara game again!? LMAO. at this rate, GTA 6 and Half Life 3 will get sequels before this sees the light of day

  6. Old and very boring. I thought she was a warrior is she fucking him on purpose? No gapes either…

  7. you still trying to get this done? my dude, it took you over a year to release ONE video and over three years to finish the your latest series. you really think people are gonna believe youre committed to make a game!?

    • This guy is not as weak as you. He does what he loves and at his own pace i am sure. He will finish the game. Thing is for me that you never know if it will be good or bad

      • takes 3 years to produce not even 100 minutes of content
        >own pace
        works on a “concept game” for 5 plus years and produces nothing but stills during that time
        taking supporters money by the tens of thousands will delivering dollars worth of content over a year
        >doing what he loves

        i fixed that for ya

          • >but it would stop if people stopped paying him
            AP released ONE video in the TWO YEARS to the date. BTQ5 took 14 months to make (39 minutes) and BTQ4 (25 minutes) was released in April 2020. stop white knighting and shilling for this guy please. you can clearly see the bots and other paid hype guys have left because no one is commenting here or even in his support page anymore.

  8. lol im curious to see all the delays and comments to it,im giving it mid 2023 or 2024

  9. Holy shit animo is a SCAMMER, reposting old pics while STEALING supporters’ money

  10. If you watch the clip closely it looks like her hole is stretch out from intense anal

  11. Just start a new girl and a horse series this time more nasty more hardcore and extreme. like french kiss with the animal, more nasty and ugly lookin horse, and for the girl’s part use Rey From the star wars… now who’s with me fellas

  12. So….. When are you going to work on those bonus scene that you promised????

      • that bonus shit was more chumbait for his “loyalist” that continue to pay him a monthly fee for literally nothing. guy took over 3 years to make 5 vids. imagine paying over 200 bucks over 3 years for 5 vids not even a standard hour and twenty/thirty minute anime movie. fuck AP. chans always has his shit pirated/released days or weeks before he go live here with it!

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