Update on Atwt bonus

I’m currently working on the final scene for Atwt, i will start rendering it pretty soon.
The second bonus is much more complicated, and it has much more scenes than the first one.

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  1. I’ll wait it. The work is so fucking good.
    Hope see scat version, in a next bonus.

  2. Is the ATWT bonus part of the second bonus? Or is the second bonus another separate thing?

  3. I hope that Brutus is fucking the interrogator up the ass whilst she’s eating out Quiet’s pussy. The ATWT means his bellend comes out of her mouth and starts fucking Quiet’s pussy. Then, the bonus is that Brutus cums, cumflates Quiet with all his spunk, pulls out of Quiets pussy via interrogator’s face via her ass and then Interrogator gets a fucking cum waterfall of a facial out of quiet’s pussy.
    Not that I’ve thought this through


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  7. I think what bothers me the most is he acts like we are fucking retards. We get it you waiting until the next month so you can get another payout it’s cool get your bag fam. Not gonna begrudge you going for that cash just don’t act like we are a pack of simple minded fuck wits that you can feed bullshit to.

    • the funny thing is that people are aware….but keep coming back.he isn’t the only 3d artist who’s put out is weak AF studiofow,wildeer,animo..all in same boat when it comes to poor content put out…people will always come back crying in hopes of new stuff.maybe if people ghosted these creators it might impact.but as long as people are crying and crawling they will continue with weak content drops (they were never like this in their prime btw)

      • I suggest that at this point we give a shoutout to BaronStrap who does engage with his fanbase among all these.

  8. Okay, but can we talk about the fact that the magic growth potion didn’t do anything to Quiet’s boobs when she poured it on Brutus’s cock while she was tit fucking him?
    Edit where her boobs grow and she starts squirting milk everywhere when?

  9. “Pretty soon” means 2 months minimum and when he starts 3 months from their on

  10. Okay Brutus needs to use his cock and break the pussy until it rips Quiet in half. And then we can see the prolapse and then all the scat comes out and then the insides fall in the bucket and then interrogator plays with it and then masterbade Brutus with it

  11. Literally the second time he started to render this bonus… funny how you tell your subs one thing and the blog another… based off the multiple previews you’ve given the former and they’ve in turn leaked, this bonus is long since done

    anything to prolong this just to get more money

  12. Breaking the Quiet is in my top 5 digital pornos, right up there next to laura with horse. Fuck what these ppl say. Keep up the good work Animo. Work at your own pace

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          • Y do ppl immediately jump to being as edgy as possible when theyre anonymous?

          • If you look at it,human behavior,it gives people the freedom to express their emotions without facing any type of embarrassment,its pretty much free group therapy (with insults)

          • I would argue this behavior might reinforce thenegative emotions rather than vent them. That said, I like being anonymously mean myself xD

      • My current top 5
        Breaking the quiet, Laura with horse, Biocock, D fantasy 1 – captured female soilder, and Zonkpunch’s Shower time 1+2

    • Broke bitch like you shouldnt ask for a release date. You’ll get this video the same day as other hobo trash, when Animo releases it here for free. Until then get your broke ass out of the couch and find a job.

      • Oh, I’m sorry, I made the girl angry, didn’t I? What I earn a month would pay for her house and also pay for an hour of sex with your mother’s gouty, those tits man, I never forgot them.
        Anyway, I’m sorry once again for irritating you, until I release the video I’ll have to settle for your sister.

  13. Animo just announced on his Substar that Brutus had sadly passed away from exhaustion in the making of the last ATWT scene, which leads to a lengthy delay before rendering. Meanwhile press F to pay your respects to the grand stallion.

  14. 2 Weeks to start rendering
    1 Week “a few more corrections”
    2 Weeks rendering
    1 Week no response, delay, etc.
    1 week “almost done”
    publishing for subscribers
    1 week for public
    2 months to have version with sound.

  15. You told your paid supporters a month ago TODAY that you would be finished in a week… then you claimed to have gotten food poisoning… great at least it’s a new excuse… but how did that set you back nearly a month??? That and you also said in a posted preview 18 or 19 that you started to render and those you put out two weeks ago

    So which is it?


  17. Dumbest shit I’ve ever seen! You should have stopped with Laura and a horse. Dude you use to be number one, now you’re animo who? Get a new idea, a new story line. You are a great animator but your choices of what to animate are sucking!

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