BTQ Triple bonus public sound release

Here’s the public release of first bonus for BTQ with sound!
You can download a 1080p version, if you are my supporter here

Download links:


Watch/Download from

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  1. Dude, what are these farting sounds ? Don’t tell me you paid someone, to fart into a microphone. You are actually trolling.

  2. I would prefer subtitles But thanks, the scene we all wanted instead of her escaping Brutus hahaha.

  3. Thanks Animo 🙏
    BTQ slowly becoming a franchise: 5 eps, a movie, bonus/alternate eps. And some benthen said Lara with horse was way better. Hah! Nothing is close to this masterpiece right now! 😍

  4. Thanks for the fart sounds! Makes the shit more immersive. Now for the next atwt we need to have some guts come out or at least a big prolapse onto the floor

  5. How’s the voiceover? Does the interrogator utter a bunch of boring comments again?

  6. ATWT delayed again? eish. And as an excuse a small improvement of previous releases gets released. Wirh 30000$/Month on Patreon you should be able to deliver more frequently and get many more patreons!

  7. Why is horse dick shorter once inside their body? Outside it is as long as their upper body. Inside just half of it.

    • Cause you didn’t calculate with the pressure. Cock can shrink if cunt is too thight

  8. Wow you uploaded the bonus clip a day before the Chinese New Year Eve. Should I say happy CNY?

  9. When reading these comments one cant really help but to think that this site is filled with 16 year olds

  10. this xray animation that the dick stretches colon instead going through it is exactly the same as in Lara with horse. You can’t make anything new in 6 years?

  11. >3 months to release a 5 minute audio track
    >6 months to release a 5 minute animation
    >profit and hailed as a hero
    Lara v Horse called and wants it’s EXACT xray animation back

  12. fyi guys incoming comment lock as he told his subs hes gonna post the atwt bonus that he claims to be like 15 minutes long. it’ll be available at the “usual” spot

  13. Still think you missed a MASSIVE trick by not prolapsing her ass after all that anal fuck1ng 😔

    • I think we can make up for that with you and my fine stallion. Wanna come over and try?

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