Happy holidays!

Happy holidays to everyone!
The cumshot scene is almost finished, i will post something here after it’s done. I don’t want to spoil these scenes before release.

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  1. as long as its not gay anal shit, im happy.
    give us straight people something to fap to.

  2. This is two girls banging a horse and you are worried about “gay” shit? Wow…

  3. Happy Holidays, Animopron! We love you! πŸ˜β€πŸ’œβ™₯πŸ’•

    • probably next year, the whole video is already done, he just posts snippets of it to milk it out for his subscriberstar to get money.

      • If you weren’t a poor, sad nigger you’d be able to view the previews and live posts and know how wrong you are lmfaoo

          • I wish niggers weren’t allowed online, you guys say nothing but the most retarded, childish shit.

  4. Translation: I wanna milk more money out of you gullible fags cause we all know I will

  5. more vaginal penetration, enough of anal, or just make this magic potion transform this horse with huge double cock’s and fuck both holes or both girls in pussy and breed them

  6. Hopefully we get to see a huge anal prolapse when she pushes all the cum out. So fat and longthat it won’t go back in and needs help, which takes 5 mins of effort from both girls πŸ˜‹

    • Brutus then continues to fuck through the prolapse, with it wrapping the cock like a condom

    • YES! please have all the guts prolapse out and on the floor and then quite steps on it and laughs

    • Would love to have small parts or shits as well that come along with the cum

  7. I hope brutus cum so much inside and make the belly explode and all the guts and cum fly everywhere

  8. All of your IP addresses and personal information will be leaked on January 5th, here.

    Shouldn’t have left your PC unlocked, Jonathan.

  9. God I love how he makes their little shitholes fart during and after being gaped! Raping a farting asshole, Fuck! Now That’s top shelf sex.

  10. Can we have some gay woman on man action? I feel like woman on horse on woman is way too straight even with ass instead of pooseee


    • I hope atwt. Brutus cock need to crush all the guts inside and make it all bloody and them cume out mouth

  12. Guys on here are actually responding to themselves…. Acting like its multiple people arguing…. So they can fill up this comment section

  13. All hail the mighty AMIMO PRIN being inclusive making ANSL for all is LGBTQIABCD$#QETSGVDHB347 P30PL3

    Qo gueer pipl, die cis skim!

    • ahhhhh stfu look you had one of your blackout moments where you type random letters,go take your pills

  14. Please have Quiet ride Brutus. She walks Brutus about a hundred meters away, turns him around, and brings him galloping towards the interrogator for an all the way through thrust that turns the interrogator permanently retarded, but not quite as retarded as this comments section.

    • damn thats hot! also you can have Brutus go so fast that his cock impales interrogator and pushes all the guts and cum and blood out of the mouth and lands on the wall and brutus keeps fucking after

  15. Bud anal is straight besides there is plenty of boring vaginal shit here and need I mention you just searched up animated beastiality

  16. Pretty sure I’m going to jack off for 9 days straight when this finally realeases…..when I’m an old ass man…87 years of age 😭😭😭

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