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    • Ya I hope Brutus sticks his big dick into the pussy and then breaks the uturus and then pops the lungs and goes out the mouth

  1. We hope that one day ANIMOPRON will make a special scene where BRUTUS fucks a man with his rich and giant cock. We need to be more inclusive in the videos. And those who don’t like it, may just not see it, OK!…

    • Fuck that inclusive shit. There’s plenty of things I’d like Animo to do too, but I understand that most people won’t like it, so I don’t ask him.

    • So that dude that complains about anal all the time is a fucking retard, but what you just suggested is actually some faggot grade gay shit. No.

    • We hate faggy people who hide in male bodies. You bring corruption to the land and should not be part of our society.

      • Dude, calm the fuck down. Lgbtq people are valid and have as much right to exist as you do, ya bigot.

        • You mean only 59% of them right? The other 41% are too busy killing themselves.

          • I hope so. I have no faggy friends and only ones I have seen are wrong all around. One guy I saw recently while delivering was in female clothes and pushed an empty baby trolley while working on the garden in short miniskirt…

          • Русские сдесь? Нахуй блять, сука, водка, Путин!🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

        • I dont think they are valid “people” and have as much right to exist as me, because they are a wrong DNA. You don’t call cancer that it has the right to live in your body. No for as long as the body can kill the cancer cells fast enough you have a healthy body. When cancer takes over – the host dies. And I like to live in a sparkling clean society like a baby bottom after shower. Faggot.

          • Imagine being this scared of some butt-stuff that you get super insecure about shit like this and write entire paragraphs lol closet faggot detected

          • “Imagine being this scared of some butt-stuff that you get super insecure about shit like this and write entire paragraphs lol closet faggot detected”
            Imagine being a fag? No need you are a smelly fag.

        • Yeah sure
          Only muslim aren’t gay. The rest is faggot like you. If your father was a faggot. You wont exist cocksucker

          • Man, you sure talk about cocks, fags, and gay shit a lot for a “””straight””” guy.

    • Oh yes, i am a gay jew who likes anal therefore i enjoy gay sex. And if someone dont like guys fucking each other in the ass then they r insecure faggots duh.

    • I would like to see Brutus fuck the man spaming with the fake nudes on every post. I am normally not hot on Guro but in this case i would make an exception. Make it brutal. It does not need to be animated, just filmed…

  2. I can’t wait to see the new chapter. Amazing animation, perfect models, a horse… Animo, you’re great, thank you as always for your works.

  3. Let’s hope ANIMOPRON creates a scene where a minotaur or a butt fucks Lara or another celebrity with a good and big cock. What friends say !!! Or maybe it is based on creating scenes of wildsex with celebrities, it would be novel to see a famous being fucked by another famous with a huge dick.

    • lol well she did force it on/in the Quiet lady, I think it’s only fair lol she’ll just fart a lot for a few weeks
      (and Brutus the horse is having a great time! hurray for Brutus^^). I think the moral of the story is… ‘do onto others as they should do onto you’ (if she wanted quiet to talk, should have given her a keyboard and laptop)

      • Quiet lady? fair? moral?
        She is a killer with superpowers, weapons in the hands of private military companies, she kills a lot of people before she gets to her goal she does not care who she kills on her way. She is not a kind character for people from the MGS universe. At some point, we notice that she likes what the interrogator does to her. She can’t just be harmed, plus she has fast movement and a certain form of teleportation (helicopter scene)…the ropes won’t hold her if the author thought about this detail, it’s more like a trap for the interrogator.

        • i don’t think he paid much attention to this before creating btq, anyway murder is clearly not to everyone’s liking.

          • If he knew about Quiet’s liquid absorption ability then he knows about the plot of MGS.

      • Most of this new episode will be consensual. If you subbed you’d know that, poor namefag.

  4. When I read the comments on these posts I feel like 90% of them are from Google translate because the grammar is so fucking bad

    • I hole-hardedly agree, but allow me to play doubles advocate here for a moment. For all intensive purposes, I think you are wrong. In an age where false morels are a diamond dozen, true bird shoes are a blessing in the skies. We often put our false morality on a petal stool like a bunch of pre-Madonnas, but you all seem to be taking something very valuable for granite. So, I ask of you to mustard up all the strength you can, because it is a doggy dog world out there. Although there is some merit to what you are saying, it seems like you have a huge ship on your shoulder. In your argument, you seem to throw everything in but the kitch and stink, and even though you are having a feel day with this, I am here to bring you back into realty. I have a sick sense when it comes to these types of things. It is almost spooky, because I cannot turn a blonde eye to these glaring flaws in your red or brick. I have zero taller ants when it comes to people spouting out hate in the name of morel righteousness. A perquisite is to remember what comes around grows abound, and when supply and command fails, you will be the first to go. Mark my worlds, when you get down to brass stacks it doesn’t take rocket appliances to kill two stoned birds. It’s clear who makes the pants in this relationship, and sometimes you just have to swallow your prize and except the facts. You might have to come to this conclusion through denial and error but, I swear on my mother’s grade and her mating name that, when you put the petal to the medal, you will past with flying carpets like it’s a peach of cake.

    why cant you make content for straight people? what the fuck is this faggot community? am i the only straight person here? why is there no pussy action ( the main female feature ) ??

    • Imagine being so fucking gay that male x woman anal sex makes you so angry as to post this same retarded comment every time.

      Did you think something was going to change in the same episode you’ve bitched, cried, whined, and complained about like a dozen times? Animo, like most people secure with their sexuality and not closet-fags, likes anal content.

      Go somewhere else, crybaby, if you can’t handle a little butt-stuff. You’re a fucking faggot and it shows so fucking clearly lmfao sorry you’re still insecure about your gay sex experience with your uncle, bitch.

      • haha dislking gay content makes ME a faggot. and loving gay content makes YOU a confident straight alpha male. sure thing.

        kys trannie

        • There is no gay content here, except for all the posts you make talking about gay shit.

      • >imagine being triggered so much about truth you devolve into a mental gymnastics rant about being angry about gay/straight sex tendencies
        my friend, if you enjoy anal more than pussy, you are gay. no amount of reddit speeches will change that son. also why do you continue to infect each and every post here with these rants? like an asshole, which you clearly are and prefer over pussy, you are clearly gay

        • True story. Nobody said there is supposed to be zero anal. But straight men love sex with women bc those have pussies. Sometimes straight Men do also anal with women for a little change but pussy is overall prefered. If you prefer anal then you can’t be straight no matter how many ppl you accuse of being gay. Bye.

      • Lmao its the guy who writes insecure faggot detected. I bet he’s the one who got touched by his uncle hahahahahahahh

        • All you people talk about is gay shit. Every comment. Who’s gay here? Oh, right, closet fags like you lmao

      • Admit you actually love gay action just that you are so insecure that it takes these kind of expressions instead.

        Or you are just retarded.

        Dont know which one is saddest.

        • Bro you just wrote like five replies defending how straight you are. Seems pretty obvious to me.

          • I actually only wrote one comment. More than one people are commenting you know. Its you that spams with the “gay” comments all the time. If you keep spamming retarded nonsense it cant come as a big surprise that people comments back…

            Even if I was gay (which I actually aint) who are you to sit behind your keyboard and judge anyone? Why are “gay” sooooo dangerous to you? Have you been molested by a guy or whats the whole ordeal with this insecurity of yours?

            Also: Newsflash – Having sexual intercourse with an anus is not “gay”. The anus doesnt have a gender.
            If you have sex with an anus that happens to belong to a dog its called “bestiality”.
            If you have sex with an anus that belongs to a corpse its called “necrofilia”.

            If a MAN (or horse for that matter) have sex with an anus that belongs to a WOMAN you can call it alot of different things but NOT, at least not if you are a complete retard, “gay” – that has nothing to do with it and is not applicable and does not makes sense.

            If you still cant get that then… Well…. Case closed.

          • Bro you just wrote a whole novel trying to tell people how “not gay” you are. That’s pretty fucking indicative of a closet faggot, faggot.

          • Its clear that you are too dumb to communicate to. Maybe we can try again once (if) your IQ gets higher than your shoesize.

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      • if you fuck a girl in the ass, it means you prefer assholes over pussies ( the main female feature ). which is a little strange, yes. youre probably bi then.

      • That means you’re gay if that’s where your brain goes.

        Why do all these anti gay retards do nothing but talk about homo shit? Insecure faggot detected

    • No you are one of the many morons here. We don’t see man in this videos so go hang yourlself with a donkey dick

  6. She DID say she was jealous in an earlier part so guess she gets to feel Brutus balls deep in her. Over and over and over again

    • But somewhere in part 2 showed that she got pissed off when brutus tried to penetrate her. She slapped brutus dick

  7. Acho que deveria haver cenas com introdução de bichos como minhocas ou cobras …. Como infiar minhocas no cu da dominadora em quanto brutos a fode
    I think there should be scenes with the introduction of animals such as worms or snakes …. How to infest worms in the dominatrix’s ass in how many brutes she fucks

  8. слушай) это ты рисовал того орла для властелина колец*:?) dont panic)

    • This is english-only website u piece of shit. If u want to speak ur mongoloid language go back to ur national zone. Oh right, ur people r so stupid they cant even create a website smh.

      • amagine this horse will be f u ck u mom and ur ass pidor) i know this move draw russian man. поэтому ты идёшь нахуй пидор вместе со своим языком и народом.

        • I’m so loving this gif, my pony is only wee fulla I wish he was brutus size however he still feels good in my ass imagining brutus I’ve had 2 loads one in throat one in my womb and now he’s lasting ages fucking my ass ankles and wrist tied wrapped around his belly he’s balls deep and walking around paddock my gf has gone to get hers so I can suck her horses cock at same time

  9. >5+ months in development
    >4 gifs and 8 pics posted not counting alt angles for sups
    >no release date
    >same bots promoting deepfakes/shilling/white nighting/requesting stuff already done
    really… why do I still post this every week? to bring attention thats why. glad to see i’ve got copycats too from other threads. no need to help me guys. just listen when i say this is already done but wont be posted until feb 2021 around valentines day. also, 2nd week of jan will be the start of “problems” and ‘final rendering issues” followed by a sound thing too. stay tuned and I welcome your tears and “YoUr StIll HeRe” replies

      • are you paid by the comment, or the character count? either way, it’s pathetic you are triggered to such insane levels when it comes to negative criticism of your handler(s). so much so you comment twice from the same IP. at least this time you waited over an hour to do (this time) at least.

        • Lol take off ur tinfoil hat stupid nigger. Nobody gives a fuck about ur retarded insinuations that u call criticism))

          • ah workin that OT, son
            nice that you set your alarm to my posts though your work is still sloppy. you havent responded to my other posts in the last thread yet. you that tired

          • nobody, not even your one-eyed mommy, cares about ur opinion stupid cocksucker)) but yeah, u can continue to throw ur temper tantrums here for everyone’s amusement

          • What a fucking crybaby piss-pants entitled man child lol get a life bro

        • You call them triggered, yet you just wrote two novels and will continue to do so every update lmao pathetic

      • >calls anon a faggot
        >user name is horsecuck
        as in gets cucked by a horse
        doesnt say much for you, or the woman? that’s getting plowed by an animal as you watch
        you really need help bro (thanks for waiting 70 minutes to comment (again) but you forgot to change IP this time)

        • You know IPs don’t show up here, right? Nor are they sent, available information. You can roleplay as a 1337 hax0r with your boyfriend all day long, but you’re going to get called out, crybaby.

        • And man, you REALLY need to adjust the tinfoil if you think people are bothering to change their IP to call you out lmao get a life

    • >constantly attempting to greentext outside of a message board
      >too poor to afford weekly 10+ second video previews showing lots of angles
      >crying literally every time an update is posted instead of just moving on with their life
      >thinks they’re doing some kind of “good” by copy/pasting same shit on horse porn comments

      Yet here you still are

  10. any word on what project is next for animo? too bad whatever it is, we wont see until 2022 the earliest

  11. tem mais alguém aqui que fica revendo o final da parte 4 quando a quiet pega o pau do cavalo e enfia no cu com vontade?
    am i the onlyone that keeps rewatching the ending of part 4 when quiet takes brutus cock in her ass willingly? my favorite scene so far

  12. I hope Quite stick the arm in brutus asshole and jerk the prostate and make him cum so much and keep jerking until brutus whinny with zero cum and then rip the protate out the asshole and step it until it broke in peices

    • I hope Santa stick the arm in your asshole and jerk the prostate and make you cum so much and keep jerking until you whinny with zero cum and then rip the protate out the asshole and step it until it broke in peices

    • Do not attract futas here, not in “regular” videos plz, leave this idea to game.

    • It will turn her into a giant human sized dick that will shove itself down the horse’s butt causing the horse go mad and drag another girl by the dick smashing her into various objects with blood splattering all around. Meanwhile the giant dick is reaching the climax pumping brutus so full of cum it’s body goes round making him roll on the floor completely rolling over the interrogator a result. Now that’s hot I actually blew a load picturing this 🐎🍆🍅

  13. Next video:

    2 Horses at the same time
    Killer Croc

  14. Let’s observe the comments checklist:

    ✅ – Guy crying about anal every preview
    ✅ – Guy crying about lack of content every video
    ❌ – Wirek and Al being faggots

    We’re almost there, folks, just believe, it’s the holidays after all.

  15. Please have brutus put the big cok all the way in pussy and then rip the pussy into peices also since is so big the cok broke the girls insides and smash all the guts to peices. bigger the cok is better to destoy the pussy and guts

  16. Wonder if the gay anus on the gay girl thats getting ripped out of the gay girls gay body would then make a run for it – maybe the gay anus runs around on its own on the gay floor befor it founds a gay guy without a gay guys anus? Then maybe the gay-guy without the anus could adopt the girls gay anus and the gay girl anus would find a home with the gay guy. Gay gay gay gay… gay

  17. God I’d love to have brutus nail me I have bondage bench I get clamped into with bolts wound in tight instead of locks, long bolts that take ages to unwind, every part of me held spread apart and pinned down, depending on angle its adjusted to its setup to be easily mounted by my stud pony, today I’m swallowing his cock, her hand will guide him between my lips his hips will ram it into my throat I love the stretch but its best when he cums as swelling makes it tight fit his flare deep in my throat

    • Sorry only my girl gets those pics I’m not getting caught because of stray pics I’d end up in deep strife, he’s completely drained now so easy to arouse and keep hard leather collar tight around his shaft he’s drilled my ass and now gets my throat again I’m strapped to him with lips pressed hard against his sheath held tight so he can only go one place she’s pressed vibe against his sheath making him pop out it will grow and push straight down my throat my head strapped tight unable to move his flared head will force in deeper till he’s buried deep in my gullet my leather collar ready to tighten I’ve asked it to be pulled really tight around my neck, ooooh she’s doing it now before he’s in and hard it’s going to be tight fit my fingers buried in my pussy as he grows thicker she’s locked my ankles around his chest my wrists to saddle,………… She’s busy right now can’t type have merry Xmas all

      • Oh my god my gf is bad her and my pony all afternoon and now all dolled up I’m strapped to bench bent over backwards ankles and wrist locked spread wide my head pulled back and locked tight big strap holding me tight around waist, mask making it impossible to see her cousin is visiting having ridden over and found me in stable she’s meant to use for her horse she saw me and giggled slid door closed and locked it saying you are in trouble now honey, seems red fancies you I’m leaving him straddling you with his sheath close to your lips your going to satisfy him good and proper I’m having shower then ill bring cousin back with me turn you over I brung him specially as he’s hugely hung not long but thick your cunt first hell stretch your cervix wide open but your ass is going to get very sore tonight

        • Oh my god he feels so big, totally safe size but such stretch especially when he is fully inserted good hard fuck full of his cum he hasn’t shrunk yet third fuck and rock hard she has another standing next to us he’s getting stuffed in my throat slim but long I know which it is and he can fit with little force he’s going deep in throat I’ve drained him so it’s going to be long deepthroat he’s stepped forward few steps and tied of so can’t pull back once he’s in he’s not able to pull out I’m so wet for this, he’s getting pushed into my mouth and seems eager as he’s shoving hard to get in deep one more shove and I’m choking hard struggling to type one handed, that’s it I’m fucked I feel him slide up and down my throat I’m all his, mmmmmpf mmmmfp

          • Does you girlfriend ever get railed by that pony or what?

          • Bro do you get tired of copy & pasting this shit you grab from fanfiction.com?

          • No she’s never had any cock of any kind herself she gets her thrills from seeing me filled then getting to eat me

          • And Mr negative it’s guys like you who are reason I’ll never have a man near me again if you can’t be positive then don’t say anything

          • And Mr negative I’m willing to put money that at midnight new years Eve you’ll be alone cock in hand where as my girl and I will be with each other and she’s got plans to make this a full on onstop weekend to leave my throat raw and now legged .

            All best 2021

  18. man makes $ over 200,000 a year, with that sort of money, i would have learned unreal engine 4 and render 5 minute animations every week

  19. LMAO it seems like the guy that calls everyone insecure faggot is getting mad and saying everything is gay

    • Its not him saying that. Its one of the other commenters that tried to reason with him before they gave up and now is playing on “gaymans” level. We can just conclude that everything is gay and everyone is a faggot and that everyone needs to be aware of that in the comments section..

      • Well we all come here for horse on woman action, so that makes us all a but faggy and closeted

  20. @animoporn how many people there in your team it’s taking too much of time to release the video

  21. She hinted at few visitors we ride with one particular has gorgeous arabian clydesdale cross I’ve gotten sopping wet looking at him each time I see him rrrrrrrr she’s said I’m going to get unbelievably stretched this weekend and our friends are so exotic and pretty with taste for playing rough I’m all excited , they are taking me to bench and tied down it easy mounting reach tonigh I’m getting fucked I cannot wait

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