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  1. I already foresee what some will say here: “If Quiet made the Interrogator drink urine, then let her make her eat shit”. So – ignore them and never include scat in your videos!

  2. I really hope the interrogator becomes pregnant or her womb gets even more larger with horse cum

  3. You have not thought about opening a Patreon again, I would love to help you and the only means I have is paypal.

  4. at this point just make the interrogator lactate, or stuff her ass with baseballs then let brutus fuck her vagina while she shit out those baseballs, Or, stick something big into the interrogator’s pussy/anal and have Quiet making it a hard birth(hand or fist blocking the way) At the end let’s just have the interrogator tied in on the belly of brutus getting endlessly fuckdd while the quiet rides off to the sunset.
    Or if you wanna go real hardcore either have the interrogator go full filled and have brutus stomp on her stomach and force cum out of her or have the horse cum in her ass and cum comes out of her mouth some shit like that.

    (Extreme hardcore)
    the interrogator needs to give birth to a horse baby while the quiet face sits her and hits for stomach for a quick birth then the interrogator dies from the exhaustion

    • YES this is a great idea!! to make it more realistic when brutus shoves his cock in there all the cum and guts comes out of her mouth…because logically you can’t fit that big of a cock because organs and stuff are in the way

    • I’ve had similar thoughts. Surprised we (or at least most of us) haven’t something like this. I’m even ok with a different creature at this point. It could be the same characters…but something slightly different would be awesome.

  5. Interrogator needs to be filled with so much cum it comes out her mouth only to cum inflate Quiet.

  6. FINALLY we see some PUSSY action. all you gay fucks that like anal can suck it now. finally some fappable material

  7. There’s so many hentai comics…especially some good beasty ones…why have some them not been made into the animated/video world?

    • how does that work? like brutus sticks his cock all the way through and into quites pussy? HE WOULD NEED TO PUSH ALL THE GUTS AND BLOOD OUT OF INTERROGATORS MOUTH FIRST AND THEN HIS COCK CAN REACH THE QUITES PUSSY. HELL YA!

  8. so not only is it still this anal gay shit, now its scat as well.
    when are gonna show content for straight people? seems like i have skip 90% of the video in order to find a fapable scene.

  9. i want a hardcore…like brutus cock gets so big and he stuffs her pussy and then he rams in and out and he pushes on all her internal organs and bruises them and eventually breaks them all and all the guts and stuff cums out of her mouth and ass and pussy

  10. Something new for part 5 would be enough. Watching quiet rimming Brutus in part 4 was new and extremely hot.
    I thought an “all the way through” scene for part 5 but… you’re the boss here. You have the final word.

  11. You should have Brutus take a shit down quiet’s throat while the interrogator vomits sexily onto her tits. Then when Brutus is finished, Quiet can shit out Brutus’ shit that she swallowed into the interrogator’s pussy while Brutus licks the vomit off of Quiets chest. Then Brutus gets sick and starts vomiting like a fountain, which the two women start rubbing on their bodies and feeding to each other.

    • You should have your dad shit down your throat and then you should die of cancer.

  12. I hope in the end brutus will fuck quiet’s pussy, penetrate her cervix and pull her womb out of her with his dick (xray maybe?) that would be fun

  13. I thought porn-relevant website is far more peaceful than any other places like Trump’s campaign venue, but it seems like I’m wrong until I saw so many shit, fuck, and fuck and shit on this web.

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