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  1. You should have Brutus take a shit down quiet’s throat while the interrogator vomits sexily onto her tits. Then when Brutus is finished, Quiet can shit out Brutus’ shit that she swallowed into the interrogator’s pussy while Brutus licks the vomit off of Quiets chest. Then Brutus gets sick and starts vomiting like a fountain, which the two women start rubbing on their bodies and feeding to each other.

  2. It would be awesome if it gave him the ability to finally get them both pregnant!

  3. I hope brutus will fuck the girls so deep all the organs and guts get crushed and bruised and when he pulls out all the guts and shit come out


    • caga, faz um video da sua bosta e depois bate uma pra essa merda sua… para de querer merda em pornô.

    • YES! and then go too deep and break all the guts and organs! and keep fucking the mess!

      • Why are you still trying? You know that this is never gonna take place in his Videos. Same for scat

        • I do rope myself. The jizz comes out in ropes. You should see me and ur mom playing with my cum. Shes a total cumslut

  5. It would be amazing to see some unbirthing going with quite or have a octopus stuffed up there womb and it fills it with eggs

    • Why should there be a octopus out of nowhere. There isnt even water, it plays in the Dessert.

    • hell ya!! like the octopus goes in the womb and then the babies hatch and the belly gets too big and then it rips open and all the guts and octopus flies out and then brutus cums so hard all over

  6. Can you decide wich size the brutus’s cock is? Stop changing it everytime.

    • this ^

      I guess I’ll take it as a joke about the variability of how really big is a 16/24/30/100cm cock

  7. Let’s have quiet fuck Brutus with a strapon.
    Hell no, let’s have Brutus fuck the Interrogator with a strapon.
    Hell hell no, let’s the Interrogator fuck Brutus using Quiet as a strapon!

  8. на 2 скрине член коня выглядит длиннее тела тихой, если он войдет в нее целиком, он должен ее проткнуть

      • Опа, русский. Ля, помогите найти плеер… Не могу никак посмотреть эти видео… 😥 Расскажите что, где, и когда)

    • А что? Лару уже протыкали – ничего, ей понравилось))

    • Мало того, что длиннее. Он толще, чем её талия

      • Да по толщине она может по два таких одновременно в каждую дырку принять и только кончать будет)

  9. tell me we can hope having the potion used on Quiet directly, building her a huge cock out of her clit, then make her fuck the interrogator while Brutus is fucking her

  10. Да сколько можно уже рисовать этот гребаный ролик на 20 минут? Еще 5 лет ждать?

    • Он еще не со всех сторон отснял эту сцену) Там еще на 5 часовых фильмецов материала. А потом он будет показывать каждую сцену сначала в замедленной съемке, потом в еще более замедленной, а потом скриншоты по минуте каждый! И все это рендерить и заливать.

      • Вот и я о том же. Куча скриншотов и гифок а в самом ролике по факту потом и смотреть нечего. Зато одну часть делать по году. А зачем сильно заморачиваться, бабло капает и норм.

        • Ну это как с любым современным фильмом: увидел трейлер = посмотрел фильм, ничего нового при просмотре “полной версии” ты не увидишь.

          • Укр, попробуй воспользоваться в следующий раз переводчиком, чтобы не допускать таких детских ошибок в тексте

          • Тоже Укр). Брат, помоги. Как посмотреть эти все ролики? Не могу найти ни линка ни плеера… Подскажи пожалуйста

  11. Brutus needs to take a big shit all over the girls and they still fuck that would be so hot like never before and then brutus will stick his dick so deep inside the quiet she will cry in pain and all the innards will be broken the likes of which the world has never seen please animo you need to do this to make it a masterpiece

  12. Massive anal prolapse, which then gets pushed back in by the other girl with difficulty, which takes some time. Then shoulder deep anal fisting simultaneously with brutus cock. Huge prolapse again after this, as her arse is now broken and rectum and colon totally detached. 🤩

    • Fucking amazing! With the shoulder deep anal fisting and fucking, this could be by accident when she is trying to guide brutus cock into her ass. Brutus forces in his huge cock end which drags her hand and arm in too and pulls her entire arm in to the shoulder. She panics and tries to pull her arm out but pulls her prolapse out with it, which rolls out down to her knees.

      • Whose hand goes into whose ass? Who panics? Whose prolapse rolls out? I didn’t understand anything.

        • Not bothered which way round, but the girls arm who guiding the cock in gets dragged in and shes the one who panics (not the girl being fucked and fisted). The girl being fucked and fisted is the girl who prolapses when cock and arm pulled out

          • Лень переводить на английский. Короче, когда она помогает засунуть член в задницу, ее вместе с рукой затягивает в задницу постепенно целиком, там хорошенько утрамбовывается членом и затем заливается спермой. После конца полового акта ее выталкивает вместе со спермой и она отплевываясь говорит: “Круто, надо повторить”

      • Hell yes! I love the prolapse being pulled out all the way down to the knees and more. All the guts and shit will be pulled out too! Hot mess

  13. These comment sections used to be much more fun a while ago with Wirek saying usual Wirek-style stuff (that’s retarded to you) and upset everyone with his half-brained suggestions. Too bad he probably lost the rest of his wits and got to liking gays taking gnarly shits, like we normal guys do.

  14. In the end, after this project you should do a gay scene with brutus fucking a guy in the ass, please. ¡¡¡We are also gay fans here!!!

    • Да просто попросите его выложить исходники в свободном доступе. А потом можно будет натянуть на место любого из персонажей любую шкурку, хоть мужскую, хоть женскую, хоть робота или инопланетянина

  15. Anal beads. Anal fisting. Anal gaping. All lesbian – less horse that’s what I like to see! 😜

  16. Nice to see the Brutus getting fucked with a strapon has taken hold.
    While one of the girls does this the other could use sounding probes on Brutus`s cock or a small strapon so she can dock with Brutus.
    As well as fucking Brutus with a huge strapon one of the girls could use her arm or arms to also fuck the horse.
    Brutus had his fun so why not turn the tables…..

  17. Will be nice to see something like skull (head) fuck , one of them in pussy or ass stretching out to max

    • Ya! Shove the girls head in the pussy or ass all the way in! And then they cant breathe and pass out inside the ass or pussy.
      When they pull the dead body out the head will be all brown with shit. Thats hot

  18. Fist the girls ass into hell and make it so rough that all of the intestines and shit get pulled out

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