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  1. Ok, we’re getting to it 😁. I feel like Brutus will be jerked off from inside the interrogator.
    Quiet is deliciously more cruel and/or imaginative than the interrogator.

    • Oh yes would love it too.. As I would love to see the Interrogator face.. hopefully a stunning blue/green eyes Angelina Jolie like or “Bioshok Elizabeth”, but in a gotic version.. it’s important to admire the face of the baby while she get fisted and penetrated.. as for the Audio.. no Hentay flat boring voices.. Lara voice like would be the best..

  2. Yes! The return of the bucket! Felt so sorry for the poor thing when it was tipped over and spilled last time, so now I hope they savour up every drop

      • I think since this is the last part of the series, Quiet should not only go shoulder deep but instead she should fully enter through the interrogator’s asshole herself. When she is completely inside, she should jerk off Brutus.
        Others, what do you think. wouldn’t this be something epic just like Avengers:endgame was epic?

        • Why only jerk off? Quiet should be fucked ATWT in the ass inside. Brutus would enter Interrogators mouth, Quiet ass, leave Quiet mouth and lastly Interrogator ass. Then cum in the bucket. What do you think now?

          • This would be absolutely epic. This is how an ATWT scene should be done. Thanks for your valuable inputs Anonymous. I hope Animo implements this. And maybe in the background, he could play the Avengers Assemble theme song as this would be just too epic.

  3. Next video with 2 horses:

    Shuri (black Panther’s sister)
    Aloy (Horizon zero dawn)
    Claire (resident evil)
    Captain Marvel (pregnant by horse and tortured giving birth due to her stink attitude)
    Harley Quinn
    Wonder woman
    Power Girl
    Elastic Girl
    Chun Li
    Kitana (Mortal kombat)
    Khloe (Uncharted)

  4. This r really little steps and it looks like release will be in April or May maybe Jun, cause rendering to the original video and sound take month.

      • Great! Then do your own better and faster… with sound of course and not some crappy text bubbles.
        And don’t forget to let us know so we all could judge your work when it is accomplished.

  5. just my opinion, I think animo can try drawing alien or monster cock next time than horse cock. although I love horse cock too.

  6. Very nice!! Please Animo tell us how many % is the 4th part finished! We are so exited.


  8. Next video (with horse size dicks):

    2 horse at the same
    Bane (venom dick)
    Clayface (grow to any size)
    Mongul (Justice league villian)
    Doomsday (Comicbook version)

  9. Mmmm hope Quite is looking to reach Brutus cock to jerk it from the inside… from “ass to mouth” but interrnally.. Would be a new porn action.. eheheh.. would be amazing.. the wilder, kinkier and extreme the better.. That’s why we love Animo masterpieces.. Unique fantasies that come through .. in such high quality 3d animation.. love it.. still dreaming for brutus get his prostate deeply stmulate by Quite.. with clear view (pussy people that complain about “kinky staff” they should go watch love island or other vanilla bullshit..). Thanks so much Animo.. we love you

  10. Yeah… Jerking Brutus inside of the interogator is what I was thinking about, too. Now if she could even pull that cock deeper…and there is your ATWT (just from the other side).

  11. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the fact that all of these disgusting scat lovers aren’t ruining yet another post with their shameless begging.

    Ausserdem betreibt der Typ übelste Abzocke
    Der Scheiss ist bestimmt schon seit wochen fertig

  13. I hope we see Quiet use the Strapon, sure having Brutus give the Interrogator a taste of her own medicine is perfect but I think Quiet should get some personal revenge herself.

    You know show the interrogator how to really fuck a woman, with Quiet’s parasites and abilities she can defo fuck her fast and hard with the strapon as Brutus continues to work the interrogator’s mouth, maybe this scene could be prepping for that. Quiet could be getting her loose for some personal fucking.

  14. Hey, is there any way people can make requests to Animo for like 1-2 minute bonus scenes? I’d play $50-$100 to have a certain 2 minute special scene done. Do I need to support him on Subscribestar or something like that? Could you guys let me know?

    Also, Animo, if you see this, drop me an email. I have a request for you

      • First you wanted an ATWT action, then you expected a fart version and you are willing to pay for some awful shit now. So that’s the way you’ve come to this crappy idea… What an interesting case of a deviation development into sheer insanity. You better stop that crap before it’s too late!

          • Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad to hear that from you, Marcus, but just take a look what david said about “the brown stuff”. My previous post was addressed to him mainly.

  15. Please make a part where Brutus blows his biggest load yet into quiets pussy then quiet has a really intense squirting orgasm

  16. Oh yeah! Who needs a dildo when you’ve got two arms!!!! Use ’em if you got ’em!

  17. I have a bad feeling about this. use the hand dig out the shit eh. thats stinky but its fake so. no one can smell it

  18. Make that bitch puke the cum out of her mouth while she shits baseball’s out of her prolapsed loose asshole

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