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    • Can’t https://fakenudes.media be BLOCKED from ALWAYS!!! posting this shit EVERYTIME Animopron adds a new GIF or pic? Also, THANK YOU Animopron for all your hard work and great 3D animations. I’m a big fan of Lara’s escapades with the horse, but horsey ruined her bum hole not her pussy, so HOPEFULLY the Interrogator’s pussy will take all the punishment and not her arse hole. Does Quiet collect the rest of the horse cum from her ass and pour it over herself? Quick question Animo, how much longer will BTQ4 take to finish? 1 month, 2 or 3 months? I’m getting a BIT anxious and excited for the premier. ( I want to wank to it )

  1. Please have a scene where Quiet is rimming Brutus and he shits all in her mouth and her face and then makes the interogater eat it in POV that would be amazing

    • yyyyeah, but not as amazing as the potion making Brutus ejaculate tiny spaceships that after buzzing around a little in formation they enter the interrogator’s cavities then PEW PEW PEW they blow her up from the inside SPLOOOOORT

    • If you like horse shit that much, then EAT SHIT on your own. That’s just very disgusting for most of people and not sexy at all.

          • Looks more like the bar has been highly surpassed and we need a new word to distinguish everyday perverts from the new gold standard. Any propositions?

      • You seem to be so romantic when talking about horse sex. Have you taken a horse penis up your butt yourself?

      • WAH WAH WAH i don’t like thing that you like so therefore i’m mad at you WAH WAH how DARE you not have the same taste!? WAH WAH WAH

      • i like how your last sentence just discribes all kinks, including this entire site

        • Well, that might be theoretically true in general to completely straight and kink-free people if there are any in the world at all. But your statement is totally wrong concerning the viewers of this particular fetish presented here – my previous reference “most of people” (here!).
          So if you’re offended by the content available here, then leave the site immediately for your own sake.

    • WHY!!!? This is NOT a scat fetish community. But more than that, IT’S GROSS!!!

      • I mean Animo has done a lot of piss stuff but yeah you’re a pussy and OP is a disgusting degenerate fucktard you two should be getting along, faggot

      • Isn’t any unmoderated comment section in the web some kind of scat fetish community? Where can we talk shit nowadays without regretting it instantly?

        • You know we can see your email, right? And it’s tied to your Nexus Mods account lol

          • Apparently it wasn’t obvious enough. May you also check my new email adress?

    • Love it.. yes.. rimming, brutus shit.. a very hardcore kinky version.. would be outstanding..

  2. Breaking the Quiet was apparently successful and she seems to love it now. That is very sexy. Bring one more or even three more horses to the party (two for each girl) and the grand finale orgy.

  3. Spoilers from patereon:

    It’s a dick-growth (and possibly ass-growth?) potion

    Cum inflation, pov pussy fucking, possibly some anal for the interrogator after Quiet gets Brutus hard again

  4. I knew she fell in love with Brutus bet she has one more round with him then takes Brutus with her and leaves the interrogator to die

  5. Starting to find this series boring, the only reason I liked it originally was because of how rough the lesbian stuff was but the horse shit I could do without. And if animal sex is the primary focus then I def wont be stickin around after this one is over and done with. Much rather this animator just did regular stuff anyways. Animals suck. Half the people on here act like their really into real animal sex too.

    • why the hell you are here then.. go and masturbate with your vanilla bullshit

    • I would go get fucked by a horse right now if I knew I wouldnt like die from it

    • Was it REALLY news to you that Animos work might contain beastiality? Based on his previous work i mean? You just “aw nice, some lesbian 3d porn!” Well newsflash, 95% of all other people that is here likes the content as-is. So why dont you fuck off to google and search for lesbian porn while we stay here?

  6. It’s very unusual and quite interesting that you expected regular stuff from hentai anime creator… especially after seeing older videos in here like “Ellie In Chains”, “Lara With Horse 1”, “LWH 2” and 3 previous parts of “BTQ”. None of them is regular stuff, you know. Well, that’s hilarious what you said and it is you who is weird here in fact.

    You should also know that there’s plenty of regular porn on the internet already – either real or animated.
    BTW… watching a crime movie doesn’t imply that one is a criminal just like watching a space sci-fi doesn’t make you an astronaut.

    • It was obviously a reply to the post above of one:
      2020-01-22 at 10:03

    • keep both files (video and subtitle) in the same folder. your video player should recognize the subtitles

        • Just in case it’s not obvious to you somehow…
          Read the manual of your video player – chapters on supported formats of subtitle files and maybe some specific naming convention of those subtitle files.
          If your video player has a limited functionality in that matter, then the given subtitle format should be converted (on your own) to another one that is actually supported. Search more help on forums dedicated to such IT problems or ask your system administrator for some assistance.

  7. Quite is so sexly close to Brutus anus.. really really hope she is gonna give him a nice deep and dirty prostate massage.. using her face, hands, feet and make the stallion dick even bigger.. also stimulate the horse prostate when he will mount the interrogator.. the deeper and kinkier the better.. quite gorgeous face burried inside the lucky horse ass.. and even her hands in…

  8. I really hope you decide to make Quiet topless at least when this releases. Would be really hot to see her boobs the entire time as she鈥檚 dominating the dominator.

  9. I also liked the rough lesbian sex of the BTQ1 better then the whole horse sex thing. And that was what brought me here.

    And to all you guys who say, that there is enough other stuff I could watch etc.
    You are just wrong. There is no other english voiced, well animated, very rough lesbian porn I know of.

    The Interogater stretching quiets holes was just epic.

    • Then im sad to aay that you are here on false persumtions. If you looked up animoprons previous work its pretty damn clear that the main focus is not lesbian porn… I understand that you want that but I dont understand how you would have those expectations?

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  11. Hi very good job! i hope your new vid P4 also has some Deepthroat Scenes!. thx i follow.

  12. I wish there would another horse. Giant draft horse with muscles and cock so big that he dwarfs Brutus, or mare in such style.

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