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  1. When does breaking the quiet part 4 come out because these post are making want to see the full video

  2. Is something missing (as in, an object net present/rendering) in the first image? It doesn’t look like a recessed horse penis it just looks like part of the model is missing.

    • The violet lotion apparently was for bruises so no “animal rescue” would ever complain that someone was beating the horse. While Quiet was putting the lotion on Brutus’s thigh the horse was getting really calm and nice, and his dick naturally disappeared inside his body. It’s just the way mother nature works.

      • Oh my god lmao XD. I was drinking beer and i almost gave my moniter a complete shower when i was reading this

  3. I knew it quiet liked being raped by that horse cock look at the second rendering must be licking those balls.

    • She’s hogged quite enough, it’s other girl’s turn. I love seeing female villains get it in animations/hentais. That’s my shit!

  4. Dreaming for a deep horse prostate massage.. without gloves.. Quite licking the prostate liquid.. and putting back her arm.. even with her sexy foot in pantyhose.. to make the stallion erection over the limit hard.. or/and empty its cock while it’s inside the interrogator ass or mouth…

    • I read the comments, but i don’t have time to answer all the questions here.

    • Animopron is there going to a deepthroat scene because everyone wants to be a deepthroat scene

  5. I hope she will fist the horse’s ass and gather some poo to stick it up the interrogator’s bulging uiterus. Please Animo, make it happen!

  6. Please make a part with deepthroat to the balls with the interrogator Animo, pleaaaase 😭😭

    • Well, AnimoPron just gave a great piece of news “About 70%, probably.” (above) so do the math on your own, but remember that the universe is expanding with increasing speed.

      • but this info is irelevant cause u cant say it will be in February or Jun when he have 70% cause 25% to 30% can take longest time than 50% to 70% etc. I dont want to know release day or week.. I just want know release month.

        • This year or the next one or another… Who cares, right?
          But on the other hand you are perfectly right – it’s just the way of the world… in the expanding universe. Dark matter and dark energy messes all the calculations, I guess.

  7. Maybe this vital contains spike growth elixir so Brutus will grow spikes out of his cock and rip the interrogators ass apart. That would be one nice revenge for all the abuse she put Quiet through!

  8. I’m just hoping we finally get to see a pussy creampie, or two, suddenly hearing that the horse might knock up the bitch that’s been torturing poor Quiet would be hot~ >:3

  9. Would be interesting if she gave the horse some of that potion and it grew a second dick… hrm… that would be torture that she would enjoy.

  10. Anyone notice? Where did all the bottles go from the shelf on the back wall?

  11. For what I´ve read in a different site where this kind of “Art” is disussed (and regarding the making of this video) the potion acts as a sexua booster, and is to be given to the horse when penetrating the Interrogator.. it will make his monster dick even thicker and longer… creating a cunt dilaction effec,. that will probably be interesting to watch…

  12. Next video 2 horses at the same time…….Maybe Brutus have a son. Both can double team……Like father, like son

  13. 1st lvl gay: Pls Animo, let Quiet grow a futa cock.
    2nd lvl gay: Pls Animo, let Brutus get a prostate massage.
    GTFO you gay fags.

    • Nothing is gay about that you idiot. It’s called extreme fetishes. We are all human,We all have our own kinks. Mine is power.

    • I think youre trapped in the closet yourself you sissy ass “daddy touched me” cockersucker “GtFo YoU GaY fAgS”

    • But yet…you sit there and jerk off to a horse dick dude.who is the gay fag now and dude above with the comment WHOA

  14. Animo there aren’t a lot of people here saying how you’re doing a great job and I feel that is kinda sad, so:
    You’re doing a great job Animo! Really like your stuff, very high quality, very excited for the next release, keep going

  15. сделайте расширять в анусе и вагину и вставляй в пробку у лара крофт с брутса

  16. Now… If the lotion would make the horse dick bigger, there could be possibility of ATWT. And even I would love to see one where Quiet sits on the interogators face again and Brutus fucks her cunt ATWT the interogator.

    • It goes ATWT interogator and than in Quiets ass by accident, where it grows to insane size.

      • That would be funny as hell if Brutus penetrated Quiet by accident, however by what we have seen it would seem Quiet has grown fond of Brutus’s cock. Wouldnt be surprised if she has one more round with him lol

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