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    • If yes, than Animo, pls let her give hit to Brutus, while he fucks the interrogator anal, so it grows inside!!! (no gore, but spread! would really appreciate to see that :D)

    • I hope it is!
      Really make her scream in pain, like; no, no, Brutus wtf are you doing, get out, take it out.

  1. Why are you working on the beginner scenes again? :0
    And what s inside of that purple glass?

  2. I bet that bottle either has horse pills to make brutus Bigger or its a magic potion and Quiet ends up drinking it and grows her own dick the size of brutus’s and gets super horny from the potion lmao.

    Its more then likely just something that gets Brutus going again

    • I dont want futa ew.
      But maybe make Brutus longer and have a (AllTheWayThrough) scene would be cherry on top!

    • This dude needs to do futa for sure, wasting his talent on BS strap ons…That crap cant compete with futa, thats why very few artist would bother with it because its a joke. Lesbians use sex toys like that because they are a bunch of fake ass in denial cunts that want a real dick in them, but instead of fucking a trans girl they rather get fucked with a ridiculous sex toy.

  3. Возможно укол будет в яйца и они раздаются от спермы.
    Брут кончит в горло

  4. Quiet’s booty looks hot in that shot also I hope Quiet has her way with the Interrogator, if that bottle is indeed a potion and makes Quiet grow a dick the size of Brutus’s then Quiet should definitely use it to fuck the interrogator

    • I doubt it would be futa, but if so I dont want her cock to be the size of the damn horses….God when heir that big it looks dumb as hell. Just make it big, but not ridiculously big to where the penetrating is impossible or looks flat out cartoonish.

        • Considering the Place where she has found it, saddle polish is the best guess.
          The leather fetish fans will be pleased.

      • Nigga you’re literally watching an animated horse with a four foot dong bottom out inside some fictional characters I think you’ll be okay you retard

  5. ого супер зелье от бутылка и выпей до полного и пусть член течется от брутса.
    и также пейте зелье лара крофт чтобы было продолжать трахаться несколько дней и пусть течется от анала и в ануса и в рту.

  6. нужно пейте зелье о лары крофт или член от Брутса

  7. People say its a FUTA Potion but come on magic doesn’t belong in this series, sure its silly in some places but a magic potion doesn’t seem to fit here. It’s more then likely horse viagra which will boost Brutus’s performance and size. Can really see Quiet giving the bitch an evil smirk when she realises what it is

    • I totally agree that futanari in this series would look silly. It must be horse Viagra – we all carry it in our pockets or backpacks since it often comes in handy, anyway.

    • No, it will actually make Brutus calm and nice with smaller dick – so small that it will eventually hide inside Brutus’es body. ;-p

  8. So I subscribed to Animo on subscribestar but I never created an account. My bank account has been deducted and I had access to all the posts afterwards. But after I closed the page and went back a couple hours later, I didn’t have access to any posts cuz I basically don’t have any accounts “linked” to the subscription.
    Has anyone else had this problem? How do I fix this?

  9. No futa horse viagra. We need a facial. Give potion to Brutus, he hoses interigator then we have some fun

  10. I have a feeling that this will be the greatest one as of yet (and last).
    I will pay you, my friend. Just for making this. You will be rewarded handsomely by me – personally. Soon, grand.

  11. I think that bottle is a kind of relaxer (popper, maybe), to help the interrogator take the Brutus giant cock balls deep into her guts.

    • But why would she ease things for the interrogator? I mean, it is a revenge after all. Doesnt make much sense that it would be poppers in that bottle. Hoping more for the “Boosting Brutus” suggestion..

  12. Let her nipples leak milk/sperm . All that liquid inside her must start to leak out

  13. Since this is unrealistic, get her pregnant. Maybe an alternate ending. Death from giving birth

    • I just hope you don’t work neither in any dissection room, mortuary, cemetery nor in any burial services, you creep.

  14. We really wait 18days for 2 pictures of nothing lol I feel sorry for the subs its alot of money for 1vid in the long run

  15. Fucking FUTA bullcrap how can you even get turned on by this crap.

    girl with a dick = abomination.

    • Imagine being this much of a pissy pants prude crybabay bitch on a page like this. Get the fuck over yourself, homo, futa is happening, anal is happening, futa is gonna be in the game upcoming, too. Cry more, asshole.

  16. Prediction time how do u think this series will end?

    Will Quiet kill her or just leave her there to be fucked by Brutus when ever he feels like it lol

  17. I have my sources. First scene will have face riding, pussy penetration, creampie, with interrogator forced to hold it in after. Next scene will be double anal with futa growth potion and the cum forced out of her pussy. Last will be double cumshot and interrogator will be submissive.

    Nah I’m just making shit up ya’ll dumb af lmao

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