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  1. The interagator needs her big titts fucked and her mouth needs to get deepthroated by brutus and quiet

  2. So, looks like the 4 part will be in pov mode..
    It’s kinda strange, but, lemme see that masterpiece

    • Well to be fair, we’ve seen everything through the interrogator’s POV, so it’s a consistent mechanic of the series.

  3. Is there any way we can get like a short 5 min clip of something in VR? I DO NOT WANT IT IN POV THO that would be a fucking nightmare for me haha

  4. Ummm…I really hope we get to see her face because if this will be entirely PoV this will me make me limp faster than a person who’s leg got run over by a vehicle.

    • The whole series was almost exclusively from the POV of the interrogator.
      There were a few short seconds here and there from a non-diegetic POV, sometimes also showing the interrogator.
      But so far animopron has been careful with not showing her face at least.
      So I imagine we might get some seconds here and there where we can see the interrogator’s body from a different POV, but we probably won’t be seeing her face.
      Except if animopron wants do to a surprising face reveal at the very end or something.^^

  5. Please give Interrogator some resistance at being fucked !!! It just looks better, if its a little bit more realistic and goes slowly instead of fast like on Quiet!
    Should take minimum around 30-60 seconds, to get in with the tip and than annother 30-60 seconds to get the rest in!
    I would also appreciate it, if you let Quiet fist her ass shoulder deep and than pull it out and fist her throat shoulder deep directly after anal shoulder deep fisting !!!

  6. Please add some perfect fitting background music like in some great animes.
    It will make this videos 10x better if you have great instrumental background music like in taimanin asagi or mahou shoujo erena !!!

  7. Atwt with quiet sucking it from the other end plz

    Also Brutus needs to fill that womb

  8. Hello. I wanted to ask. When will the new post come out, based on this material?

  9. forget the pussy! Pussy is too good for her! Tables have turned and she needs to be properly humiliated. Her anus devasted by Brutus, dap by Quiet and her throat wrecked! Balls slapping on her face then cum filled from both end on different occasions by Brutus. Then in the end, left alone with her and Brutus to continue on and on ;;;

  10. The interragator deserves her to be cum fountained by brutus and fucks her big titts

  11. Please tell me this is a joke and you are not doing pov the whole time. This looks like fucking trash.

    • You don’t need a face to be animated in order to see it.
      But I don’t need to see it either. That’s just my personal preference though (or more like: I don’t mind either way).

  12. I wonder what the dialog will be now. If you go by Canon Quiet can not talk. So she will go to work on the interrogator without any talking.

    So the only dialog will be the Interogater trying to talk her way out of the situation.

  13. When is their going to be anorher gif for BTQ4 i wanna see her big titts fucked or at lesst standing and shaking her big titts

  14. When is the next gif and the gif should have the interagator being fucked or some titts action

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