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  1. Oh jeez I can’t wait for the full release. I was never hyped more than I am right know. And tbh I hope there is also a blowjob/throat fuck scene but even if not it’s already the greatest

  2. Can’t wait until her big titts gets fucked when are we going to see a 45 second video like BTQ3

  3. This will be EPIC!! really can’t wait to see BTQ4 anyone knows when it’ll be out??

  4. Animo when is BTQ4 going to be out because this one is going to be the best one

  5. Please give the Video the Soundtrack it deserves !!! Would take this Porn to a whole new level !!!

  6. Whoa, time for a vaginal horsey love! Hope we see different holes used than in the last part!

    • Why the videos so short gives us so much hype but not relief since we should see longer videos like brutus fucking her big titts

  7. Hey Animo, I really hope you’re saving the best for last by showing us angles with her face revealed.

  8. I’m convinced there is someone out there trying to sabotage Animo. No one want’s to see the camera get fucked.

  9. So many people wanna see some bottom pov stuff.
    Me especially. If people don’t wanna see it, they can bugger off. If people think that animopron isn’t gonna do it, then they clearly haven seen Laura and Horse.

  10. Can’t wait to see the interrogator get a cock straight up her ass… hopefully it will come out her mouth…..

  11. It’s nice but why isn’t it from a 3rd person point of view?

    Or is it restricted only for the supporters?

    • It is the interrogator getting fucked, we have only ever seen here in 1st person. Bet the whole scene is mostly like that.

  12. If he add another horse to fuck as surprise that’s gonna be so awesome. Looks so good, I cant wait to see anal. This gonna be so funny.

  13. those vidz are hot after episode 1 i could get 1 fist in my cunt after the second i did 2 fists in there but after the 3 it got even hotter now i can elbow in ass asswel its amazing but i dont understand why people always seem to care about my pooping issues after a few years

  14. What if…
    …Quiet fucks interrogator with strapon, brutus suprises her and fucks her ATWT. Interrogator will be fucked and can suck brutus off at the same time

  15. It looks really nice already. I bet that many girls around the world will be amazed by the 4th part – surely they will be loving it. And it will be an awesome empathy training for the rest of the viewers, hehehe.

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