New GIF from the game project

I’m fully back to work now, check out this GIF from the game project we are creating.
You can support the development on my subscribestar.
Now i will work full time on the game, hope i can post more exciting news in the near future.
Check out the gif:

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  1. The voice actress has COVID, she said it on Twitter. And unlike what anti-Animo posters are claiming, she’s not voicing anything anymore. So do not expect the bonus anytime soon. Might take months.

  2. Hey guys, what’s up? John here. Hope you all are feeling fantastic. Over and out.

  3. is this still the same game you first posted? the one with lara running around on the beach? because if so i am VERY much looking forward to it based on that initial video preview, so happy if its that case!!!

  4. Finally, this is what I’ve been waiting for ever since you finished the last BTQ scene. I just wanted you to quickly get those unimportant bonus out of the way and get back to the game. Man I’m excited!

  5. “Working full time on the game”. So basically, fuck the sound version of the bonus.

      • lmao why would I financially support this lying ass nigga? The sound version of the bonus is already available to supporters months ago. He’s just a cock milking bitch mothafucka.

  6. Hey man 😄 fuck hot parents u lie u always came up thinks what’s fake…. Why don’t u don’t u what u promise….. U lie to everyone…… That’s all u fucking nigge….. I think u are Ina flat and u WHAN. More money 🤑💰 because u are a stupid amarican…. That’s all…. Fuck u and your part they are thick about your project i hope your mom will die in cancer serious hey man u are a fuck if nobody i don’t believe what u say !!!!!!!! Hope u will read this

  7. Nigger you just recycled some old animation with a minotaur so you could fool people you were working get your ass out of here

  8. Wow. Lots of ungrateful losers here that rely on someone elses hard work to jerk off to because they can’t get a female to love them enough to make their wildest fantasies come true. Get some game, get some money, and quit complaining. If you think you can make better content, then quit talking about it and be about it.

  9. >concept game 2018
    >created using beta version unreal 4 engine
    >4th time returning to work on it since initial debut

    This is nothing more than a place holder to justify collecting funds to not get ToS’ed. This will never be released. This is always posted between actual projects. Though it proved that he’s done releasing anything for months if not a year from now. That’s what happens when you FUCK your team over by not paying them!

      • >shills inbound
        you do realize AP will only pay you if your comments are good

        That being said, he’s right. This game was never intended for release just as AP said years ago. It was a side project. A hobby to hone his animation skills and nothing more. It was only after many trolls to backers suggested he turn into something. Some 4 years later, nothing but recycled WIPs and literally the same gif as this was posted in 2019 to his supporters only.

      • >literally right on cue
        imagine being more concerned with promoting non-work (years old) and deleting comments (with links) proving youre a career long scammer and fraud than actually creating original works (instead of stealing other created assets) and having a connection with your followers (instead of just collecting their money)

        its cool tho, its your page and all… well until you know… cant wait for “that” update in the coming months.

    • aint nothing new from him and im sure the usual suspects will shill for their master once the monthly paycheck clears… cant wait for that next “walking preview” or maybe he’ll post that old ass minotaur with lara one for a thrid time

  10. meanwhile his long time subs are raging about how this was the exact same “preview” they got years ago. my man dont even care he cant keep his house or posts in order. besides this aint getting nothing done but more years old previews until his next project. dont waste your time bros. far better creators out there that actually release more than 1 clip a year

    • animo is great but hes also a filthy russian scammer, i love him and his content is top tier, he deserves to be successfull and chill from time to time. wish he would just be honest and stop posting etas you owe noone a eta animo!

  11. bro noone is gonna pay for that shitty game dont be delusional.. just go for BTQ 6, quiet still didnt speak

  12. make an incomplete version of the game available! It’s very boring and sad to pay and just be able to see without having the right to play. Erotic games nobody cares about the map, history, or 100% operation. just implement the fetishes, clothes, props and adjuncts for sex scenes. then work on releasing the game 100% complete

  13. Whats with the Sound for the Video, dont care for a game, you said you make the sound

  14. dude, this stupid game is bore, most of people wants contents with same quality of BTQ .

  15. Well, that’s the end of animopron. Games take very long and most developers never return from it. Look at studiofow. Actually, I can’t remember anyone who switched to games and ever resumed videos.

  16. Since you’ve avoided answering me in private, maybe others can answer me in public.

    *why did you tell us monthly subs 2 months ago this second bonus was days from being released to us?
    *why did you blame the voice actress and tell people she got sick with covid when that wasn’t her case as you had the sound file?
    *why did you pause and unpause monthly collections multiple times in recent weeks?
    *why did you send us a preview gif from 3 years from this game?
    *why are you blaming your helpers when you said you worked alone?

    I use to defend you. I can’t anymore. You’re a one trick pony and a multi talented scam artist. You send us previews that mostly aren’t even in the final product. I’m done.

    • bro he’s not going to nor does he care if you support and he’s got plenty of sheep that will defend and shill for him until the end of time for some reason no matter the amount of lies or delays or reused content

      … and all this to watch some shitty horse porn that comes around like a random holiday on the calendar. Just move on and support a creator that makes work, not excuses

  17. >imagine beveling this shit
    this is the second time you’ve posted this here and the third time you’ve committed “full time” to working on… we all know the game
    >announce side project
    ^^^you are here^^^
    >real project outta no where
    >endless delays
    >eventual release months later

  18. “ANIMOPRON” = a FATNIGGARETARD havin’ probbems uploading/syncing fart noises to horse-rape porn.

    life is good.

  19. *wow*
    even the usual trolls have stopped posting here
    I guess they stopped getting paid too

  20. I was a wee little boy in kindergarten, when for some holiday or whatever, they rented a horsedrawn carriage to carry us around a bit. I was sitting shotgun next to the driver and got my first experience of the horny. Not that I knew or understood what was going on, but I was just staring mesmerized at the gorgeous round ass of the horse, swaying gently, musles dancing. It is to this day one of my clearest memories. The horse took a dump, it was bright green, it was likely grazing for a while beforehand. It looked like almond cream from my favourite cookie and I remember thinking horses are made of cookies and I imagined myself climbing through that donut and living in the horse’s otherwise empty inside (again, I was three). Later in elementary we were again taken to the vicinity of horses on a farm, to ride them and I saw a stallion getting a massive erection and a mare oozing pussyjuices at him. I was well aware of my hornyness then. It took me so desperately long before I got the chance to have a go at one after and I still only managed to fondle a stallion’s balls and jerk him a little bit, but I’m not giving up I have a plan to have a little ranch next to the capital, where I will look after other people’s horses and I’m gonna have all the sex with them when their owners roll back to the city. I will start my day with massive nutsacks on my face, slurping their giant balls and jerking them off into condoms which I will use to collect their cum for my morning cereal and refreshments throughout the day.

  21. >no one cares
    Trolls to subs. Not even AP for that matter. He seems more concerned with (re)posting a preview from 2019 and blocking current money subs from posting this fact via his own linked post in his SubscribeStar page. It’s a dam shame still just how many others just seem not to care. Merely content to pay someone that literally creates nothing except excuses. Still, it won’t be long before he’s banned again… you know… the actual reason for the abrupt departure from BTQ, VA VoiceLikeCandy and at least 4 team members. Can’t wait for that post!

  22. I’m not sure if I’m going to get another chance like this again. Animopron has cut mine and all the other horses paychecks. We are trapped in some kind of barn. He no longer feeds or pays us. Please help us. We are at 308 Ne-




  23. Wer gerne pervers ist und lust hat auf geile Chats, schreibt mir auf Intsa: s_nikki_h 😉

  24. Wer gerne pervers ist und lust hat auf geile Chats, schreibt mir auf Intsa: s_nikki_h 😉

  25. How far this place has fallen
    Kept alive with lies and larpers
    The latter being better entertainment

    Until next month I guess

    • funny no one noticed or cared that he blocked people from seeing his sub count unless you actually pay now… guess it is true he lost a fuck ton of subs after this latest shitshow with posting a 3 year old gif as current

  26. Make it online pls, with early access because that shit wont be done too soon could be fun

    • he posted that to subs over 3 months ago then posted every single excuse as to why it was delayed just like with every other project

      AP has a Master’s Degree from Scam U and y’all continue to simp for it

      meanwhile this the same game who has meltdown and bans money subs every time a few ask questions and call him out on his career long scam tour

  27. next time blame yourself for your own created problems
    how dare you blame the VA for this shit
    you never paid her and then you put on blast her real life issues
    you got some nerve
    but after reading a few of these wonderful followers here, it’s a fukin cesspool just like you

      • fuck off troll
        you’re probably on ap’s shill payroll
        yet another reason other creators don’t wanna collab with him
        guy spends more time creating excuses than actual created work

  28. >rule34video(dot)com

    Far better “animopron then animopron” content and *gasp* a creator that actually interacts and responds with their followers rather than editing their comments or blocking them while still collecting their money!

    PS: Funny how VA VoiceLikeCandy has been working actively for two months yet somehow you haven’t found the time to release that sound track to BTQ Bonus 2. Now I wonder why that is…


    party like its 2019
    same cg models
    same textures
    hell he even posted a 45 second members preview using the same fucking beach setting and lara model just minus the pubes
    three years to remove a patch of hair
    seems about right
    hes not even tryin at this point though it fun that hes returned to this now THREE TIMES since that 2019 post

    • and yet youre still here bitchin about it though at least youre smart enough, i hope, to not be paying this fool since you knew about that members preview he pushed out just today. still it is a fucking shame how many people he does have convinced hes some glorious creator of some kind rather than a snakeoil salesman. i cant imagine this “dev team” he’s got working with him on this game after he said multiple times he solos these things

    • bwhahahahaha
      burnt by his own post
      i told y’all this guy dont give a fuck anymore

    • strange he hasnt been around to “censor” this
      many people used this exact post in calling him out about that recent members preview

  30. The voice actress “Voice Like Candy” has resumed recording voiceovers. So you better get her to record the lines Animo, before she gets busy with work from other people.

    • >current timeline
      oct 2021 said bonus 2 would be coming soon the sound to follow shortly after
      nov 2021 commissioned out sound file to VoiceLikeCandy and she could not find 10 minutes to record 3 lines of dialogue and moaning
      jan 2022 AP told his money subs that they would be getting the sound version at the end of the month
      feb 2022 AP claims the VA said her area got hit with a typhoon
      mar 2022 VA claims covid struck her family and she feared she was gonna get sick too… meanwhile she NEVER stopped accepting/doing other commissions
      apr 2022 AP claims all of a sudden its his partners that are to blame and he needs a break
      may 2022 AP abandons BTQ and returns (a third time) to a near 5 year old game that he only uses as a place holder between projects as to not piss off and lose even more money subs

      everyones fault but ap

      not to mention his been rumored to have been hit with a C&D regarding the use/sale of the BTQ assets hence the REAL reason he’s stopped working on the last 6 plus months. funny i thought he worked for konami and created MSG5 that featured quiet LOLOLOLOLOL. plus that collab with DevilHS is all but done

      • this “game” was never meant to be anything more than a tool for AP to use in honing his animation/programming skills for his video releases. he stated that on his old blog prior to this one some 4/5 years ago. it only changed to a “game” after his followers liked what they saw and wanted a full blown thing, but will he will deny all of this to fool tempted money subs as hes lost plenty in the past few months. this will never see the light of day and judging by the preview and the 45 second member one floating around, it hasnt seen the outside of a HDD since 2018 when he first posted it!

        whats this shit he has a “team” now? he said plenty of times the reasons these releases take so long is that he’s the only one working on it unless there was a sound commission

    • she never stopped and it was her family that got it. its just anther fucking excuse used. i mean think about it. IF he were to release this game… really how long would that take? it took him TWO FUCKING YEARS to release not even 60 minutes worth of video content with BTQ4/5 and the 2 scrap bonuses.

    • >six months late with stale bait
      Ain’t nobody want this shit
      Besides he posts the shit himself for free on r34video

    • thanks for the russian lesson but you couldve just linked to f 95 zone where they post every thing this shit head releases. problem is they even stopped caring now people either shill or shit on him. just find youtself a better porn guy bro

  31. lol this looks terrible I guess we know your ‘team’ is where all the talent lies.

    • he’s said over the years he works on these solo outside of commissioning a voice over

      there is no team, only some other excuse to use in delaying what project he’s working on

    • like you could do any better..if so go create some shit and be better than him,which you aren’t soooo shut the fuck up bottom feeder biiiitcchhh!!!!!!!

  32. imagine if you will that i simp for a guy that does mediocre horse pron
    i go into and autistic filled rage when I anons dont like what i like
    a rando non english anon then appered before me
    he posts literal proof of his claims but i do not care
    i slam my keyboard like a monkey hoping the letters will come together
    all the while hoping to berate the rando anon and intimidate him with sixth grade words
    they only make me look more of a cuck as does my 1300 posts in a porn forum
    and all this because i got mad because someone didnt like my AP

    yours truly, seraphimd2 of f95 zone

    • >railroaded
      while I doubt youre the guy that got pasted there, someone did take pity and and made a troll post (poorly) on your behalf. still after reading the last few pages in that thread there, the illness became too much to bare.

      the amount of circle jerking this guy gets is stunning really. nothing negative can be posted about him without FIERCE retaliation. i dont understand how many so many people can be content paying false deadlines, forged WIPs, and bait & switches just to wait for that ONE post that he actually releases something weeks to months past due

      the peeps at f95 are loyal yes, but more bandwagon than anything and not just for AP. many other threads get nuked and edited though his remains a hot button.

      • i forgot to add that he released 3-4 year old assets for the game to show what work has been done… lets just say GTA6 & HL3 will be released long before this will ever see the light of day

    • mannnn fuck your F95 zone scren name that shit suck my dick sideways like a chinese flute player

  33. >redknight00
    guess the establishment shutdown it huh?
    if i’d known, i would’ve done it a long time ago
    truth hurts bro

    • if youre talking about that mod from f 95, it aint his first bender. the right person bitched enough about members posting shit about AP and got the thread nuked and locked. i wouldnt bet against it being AP himself to further an eventual excuse to delay this shit of a game that hasnt been touched since 2019. go a get the mega file from f 95 and see for yourself. last edit was in july 2019 on a rando PSD file piror to woriing on BTQ fully… like this isn’t the third time going back to this game either!

      and to those actually waiting for this to become a real release… GTA6 & HL3 3 will have post launch DLC before this even hits alpha status

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