Atwt bonus release

Here’s the public release of the second bonus, so far without the sound. It should arrive in a week or so.
Check it out!

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  5. is this releasing no sound version for deaf people in the name of public release gonna be a thing from now on ??? :|

  6. Too weak for months of waiting bro. 80% of video are boring. We need more lust and naughty mistress ,her gape at her will .

  7. Beautiful work, man. I’m sorry for my russian fellows, they’re writing some rude stuff here. Ignore them. You’re doing a great job. Thaks for your videos

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  8. I mean, it was REALLY good when it went in her pussy. But then it just ended up as another anal creampie. Great premise, overdone ending…?

  9. Create a 3 min scene, put it in a loop, change the camera view slowly and then… MILK YOU ALL FOR MONTHS!

    • just right in the bullseye, that’s hit. guys, remember LWH ep1 ? it was short, but…. goes straight in, turn you up from first seconds. now he (should say, they) reveal as studio work with no
      maybe, director’ moves are not bad at all, otherwise producer job – just insanely bad, Duim (see above) told everything about.
      and although: this video WAS released as hidden item week ago, NOT only for supporters. so yeah, here’s not Quiet milking horse, that’s Animo milking donaters and watchers, cruel greedy bastard.

  10. Trash. Scene 3 and 5 still the best. Remake Lara and horse or something similar and hot babe.

  11. Pretty good job. Wow. Detailed stretching of anus and good fast action.
    Missing close up of him entering 2nd girl and filling her up missing.
    Could have entered her ass further.

  12. Wow, I can say that I’ve definitely never seen anything like this before…

  13. Good ATWT. I didn’t expect the ending. One scene I thought would be good for an ATWT is in BTQ 5 around 26:00 when Quiet drops to her knees and Brutus pushes deeper, I really thought it would be an ATWT. Then the next pose is also really good, when Brutus lifts Quiet up to the bar table and she holds onto the edge of it to resist the pushes. But I understand that it would be similar to Lara’s bonus.

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  15. Hello Animo, great scene! As others have mentioned there is a lot more potential of ATWT in BTQ which would be great to have. 3 scenes come to mind: one in BTQ 3 when Brutus lifts up Quiet and the interogator drags her down deeper onto his cock after getting kicked at 20:00. Second and third are from BTQ 5 when Brutus fucked the interogator on the table at 19:00 and third when Brutus is too heavy and Quiet falls on all fours at 26:00. Hope these all make it as ATWT and love you work. GL.

  16. Hé mec sérieux t’a vidéo et génial mais franchement je serai toi je ferai une deuxième partie, crois moi ça vaut le coup

  17. Man, More of this Crazy Potion shit in the next Vids!!!!! This is so gooooood to See how it enlarges everything

    • It is their right to complain. They need enjoyment and are wheeled in by false promises and hopes.

    • “free” lol if there wasn’t supporters on his subscriberstar, you would get nothing today. Thanks those who paid to have that “free” stuff today. I can agree on the fact that some complains are just retarded and some are valid but at the end of the day its not “free” and the dude can put a huge paywall and you ‘ll will be here crying it’s not “free” lol

    • It doesn’t mater free or not. It’s about quality of final product. Linux is also free but people report problems, complain and fix it.

  18. excuse me but why the video is broken
    it’s say error and rule34video is down

  19. Good work, shame it was only one way through. 1st time should have been her taking it up the arse and eating her out, one big shove and through ass mouth ass with cum. Then swapped it around like you did, but go all in ridiculous, with the purple fluid bottle leaking from under the seat down onto his cock, the double the length and impale them both, cum all the way out of the mouth of the 2nd one. Thumbs up tho

    • This! Just leave the buttplug, or let it pop out of her mouth from the cum pressure. Either way. I missed to see the second one puking cum all over the place

  20. Man, you making me angry because as I said in one of previous updates about that behaving and after that you post something like this and I must say ”That is absolutely masterpiece, thanks for that!”. Everyone can criticize, just as everyone can praise everything. So I have to be honest and constructive and say it. Good job once again.

  21. Des is ware kunst. Da steht einem der Prügel. Besser wie jedes Viagra. 😂
    Wen das nur annähernd in Realität ginge ich würde sofort meine Schwester zur Verfügung stellen. 😊
    Jetzt wäre nur noch toll wen beide Mädels trächtig würden von brutus. Und ein Fohlen zur welt bringen. 😉

    • Stimmt es gibt nichts geileres als sowas, wie sieht deine Schwester denn aus wäre saugeil ja hehe
      Würd es auch geil finden wenn die Mädels den Hengst derber rannehmen mal den Sack abbinden und bissel peitschen wäre auch Hammer ,)

    • Das hört sich extrem geil an! 😍 Ich glaube ich würde den ganzen Tag lang, Frauen von Pferden ficken lassen, bis der Schwanz sie komplett durchdrungen hat. 😉

      • Wer interesse hat über perverse Dinge zu schreiben oder mehr meldet euch bei mir: Insta: s_nikki_h

  22. Kinda disappointed about the fact that it goes from mouth to ass and not the opposite, but still a good video, thanks mate (too short, of course)

  23. I think it’s your best job, a pity that it is not longer.
    I hope you continuance to make bonuses like this one. Even another end that looks like this bonus.
    Frankly you did a good job, I can not wait to see the video with the sound. Could you lengthen it? Or make it last? Why not a finish also in his pussy?
    Too good job. I love what you did

  24. im going to snort a line of xtasy and take 4 shots of Hennessey and Patron and just jerk a hard one off to this and chase it with a nice smoke 🚬

  25. Kinda sad how much focus is on the interogator. Wish they were more dominant and it was focussed more on Quiet actually being interrogated. Still great quality and a great vid tho. Keep it up

  26. While the whole ordeal should’ve honestly killed her near instantly at this point, it was rather erotic, wasn’t expecting the mistress to join in the other end, Human Centipede style, it was fun to watch, can’t wait to watch it with sound.

  27. Great stuff!
    Also you got to love this lowlife comments every time, great meme by now.

  28. Thanks for the release!
    That was quality atwt content, wich is a rare thing.

  29. I like it. Best fucking “all way through” I’ve ever seen and that’s saying something.

    It’s funny though to think about. The GI tract from mouth to anus is 9m long (30ft). So that horse’s cock would have to be at least 9.5-10m long in order to go all the way through and out the anus and back into another woman’s ass. And that’s not even considering the twists and turns along the way. And hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

    • Yeah realistically impaling her like that, all her inner organs should’ve been twisted and torn, turned into a mush leaking out of her asshole. Same goes for her trachea and lungs, when there is no diafragm to contain it the horse will just rip them apart from her rib cage, also muscles that hold her lower jaw will be teared off and it would be left hanging just like that, holded by nothing but a little piece of severed flesh. That would very painful and excruciating death.

  30. Very poor. Weakest vid from all the LWH And BTQ series. Wont ever understand why is anybody paying to see this week earlier than the rest of the world and then has to wait for sound anyway. 乁( •_• )ㄏ

    • Agreed. Animo is a nigger thats a known fact. The real problem is these kids sucking animos tits for low effort shit.

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  32. >paused collecting subs money
    >thinks this will make his pending lawsuit go away

    guy has been profiting for 7 plus years from stolen/copyrighted cg models and their likenesses
    it’s about time he got what’s coming to him from fucking over his trolls, followers and backers

    • it is odd after all this time, now he decides to pause collecting people’s money. maybe that lawsuit rumor has merit though if it is true, he’s done

    • he hasn’t posted anything since that post to his subs. i cant remember him ever stopping payments in all the years though. maybe that lawsuit this was true after all since a few did mention it a while back.

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  35. Well nicely done..
    What’s next one wonders.
    Cock flare while cum or precum.
    More double fuck when ATWT?

  36. Sa fait deja 8/9 jours quand tu dit une semaine essaye de tenir tes engagements !

  37. >cease and desist much?
    FFS bro! I tried telling you lowkey in a direct message via a one shot monthly sub. On here and even various r34 sites you post to. You dismissed them all but I get why. You’ve been at this for nearly 8 years publicly anyway and have no doubt gotten thousands of shit messages. Still, did you think profiting from someone else’s cg model’s and using stolen assets all that time wouldn’t make people notice with the tens of millions of views over the years? I told ya “certain Japanese developer” was alerted and was considering action… guess they finally got bored enough to pursue a small time creator since you’ve stopped monthly collections.

    • even if this 4 chan-reddit theory is true, stopping monthlies while still having said plans posted is stupid. Plus if “they” had been watching for 7 some years, they also know he’s being charging 1000s 6 bucks a month all that time. That’s peanuts to any video game company like Konami or who ever owns MGS or even the Lara Croft now

    • Who cares bitch, let him milk the soft gullible cum brains, as long as the comments stay on. Who tf comes here expecting new things anyway. Wake up.

    • >think time chamber from DBZ
      Except we’re all in one experiencing time at a fifth of AP time. Sound will be out in May-be

  38. 1/3 wasted on that ball. more closeups. half the action you cannot see. I wish he had better lighting, movement realism like Vaira Chronicles.

    otherwise unique content. well done but slow releases.

  39. You should do kuroino episode 3 remastered uncensored bro😋 Literally would be the best ever!!

    • I mean he could, oooooooooooor he could continue milking his subscribers eh?

  40. man this guy still projectin that “i work alone act”? bwhahahahah!!1!!!1!11 he gonna be when the 5-0 comes around. he hasnt changed his MO in years. still stringin trolls and loyalists along with that BS and these months long projects that dont even take a quarter of the time he claims even with his dino-rig. even the comments been slackin the past few releases. all just to get that monthly bread from unknowin anons that need to be spoon fed their pron rather than do a 10 second search to find far better. meanwhile his loyalist gettin shut down if they complain while the trolls arent allowed to complain. shills workin OT protecting him on various forums all of a sudden for some reasons. maybe that lawsuit shit is real. or maybe somethin to do with that collab with devil. doubt it since he got copyright struck
    cant complain if ya dont pay
    you simp for a scammer if ya pay
    use original creations or at least a vpn if you plan on chargin f ya dont

  41. Ope, here we are a week later folks. Not like you can’t make the fart noises with your mouths…you stupid fucking retards.
    But on a more real note, I think animopron is the definition of a spur with cuck energy.
    I hope he gets raped to death and somehow bees ares involveds inside of him.
    Praise unto God
    Praise help
    Eat my ass

  42. >update 2
    short update- im doing fine, im slowly returning back to work currently
    Sound for Atwt bonus is almost finished, i will post a release date soon
    PS. I hard some problems about a few people charged for subscription, while my page is on pause-sorry for this, i wrote message to the support already, hope they fix it asap

    im back actively delaying projects AND now charging for them again
    VA still hasnt given me a date and has no time to make a 10 minute moan track with 2 sentences of 3rd grade dialogue
    i wrote support about charges so go talk to them and not me
    (SubStar backers ALL have different monthly charge dates so if the 10 day pause wasnt in your end/start cycle, YOU STILL GOT CHARGED)

    SiLlY aP… like he doesnt know this after 7 years
    amazing simps still support him monetarily
    meanwhile people are asking about the next project
    and I quote… “we’ll see”

    • >SubStar backers ALL have different monthly charge dates
      exactly BUT this is known to AP and ALL creators alike. they are paid out once a month on a set date. he knew exactly what he was doing. m’fer self-white knighting and “pausing” payments but only a rando few banking on bulk of subs not even noticing the pause since he releases shit content once every 6 months now if that so they know to check in every month or so

      the best way to make him STOP this practice is to stop supporting him with money. too many simps for horse cock though these days

  43. I started watching One Piece after the no sound version was released, finished watching One Piece today and the sound version isn’t even released yet.

  44. Release the rest of the DLC Animo, or it’ll be YOU with a baseball up your ass, buddy!

  45. Someone know any similar video or artist? (Possibly, not a piece of shit like animo) “Big green” for exemple

  46. I swear to god this is just a fine fucking place for trolling, new ppl comin in expecting AP to being a decent human being and being surprised that (surprise surprise) they aren’t, and there are the trolls who already know the fact just gaslighting newcommers that AP isn’t the fucking scumbag that they are, cause you can’t fucking convince me that there are ppl braindead enough to think otherwise.

  47. Whats gonna happen sooner? The sound version or Metal Gear Rising Revengeance 2?

  48. I’ll be honest, I’ve been keeping up with this for a while and I feel it’s missing what I originally started watching these for. The bulging! The deformation from having such a fucking massive cock shoved into their holes. I feel like there’s an empty void in the girls torsos that only bulges out when filled with cum. I wanna see hips getting stretched apart, throats looking like their about to rip open, kinda like The Borders Of the Tomb Raider, but even more extreme.
    I would like to see holes ruined after taking cocks that massive. Permanently gaped open.

  49. lol, this dude is an absolute tosser, and any ‘patrons’ are total mugs. Honestly, releasing half-assed shit like this without audio after massive delays is a total joke, considering the funding you’ve had. You are yesterday’s news, Animopron. Congrats on your 15 minutes. Hope your enjoyed it.

  50. Comin’ up on 3 weeks now. I’m not even upset it’s late, I’d just like an update. Setting a date and missing it isn’t terrible. Setting a date, missing it and staying silent is fuckin’ shitty.

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  52. Looking for some form of testicle scat inflation like, hetero anal leading to her shittng and popping his testicles or just filling them, ive seen a few things but let’s get this degen train chugging along

  53. >never ending excuses
    now he posted that his commissioned VA family got Coivd so she can’t work
    so much for the sound already being done
    so much for finding a whole ten minutes to record some moaning and three sentences of dialogue
    oh and he un-paused his collecting which most members didnt even know took place as every member gets charged on their sign-up day as he only gets paid on a set monthly date
    its amazing the amount of excuses and (self-caused) delays you simps allow
    stop supporting this guy both monetarily and other and he stops, it’s that simple

  54. What comes next ? A endurance challenge to BTQ would be nice. It wouldn’t take that much time and would be nice content.

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