Update on atwt release

There’s some personal difficulties right now, so the release is gonna be delayed for a few more days. It should be released on this week though (for supporters)

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  1. Bwhahahahaha
    Release date of April 1st
    Called this months ago
    He’s not even trying to hide his ways anymore

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        • Why would they love micropenises? Anyway, have fun starving when the sanctions kick in and you realize that the Russian GDP is the same as Australias lol.

          • yeah that aint happening bitch. Russia is the largest wheat producer in the world, so we wont be starving thats for sure. wait until Putin decide to stop selling gas to Europe and how everyone will freeze their ass off there lol. not to say all your sanctions are actuallyvweak af, sometimes I think that you push them just so pigs in Ukraine would stop whining and asking for help lmao

  2. inb4 Animopron gets drafted, gets killed, and we never get to coom to his degenerate porn again.

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    because that’s what every supporter here is
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        • lmao look at yourself hobo you dont even have 6$ to support the guy, thats what actually laughable.

          • Meh I have $5 in my pocket. But in your pocket is your dildo for your ass and a mouth condom so u can suck off faggits to earn $1. Now THATs laughable

  4. >Israel cyber attack
    >Suddenly animo and all his supporters are gone

  5. Amazing that EVERY delay post comes at the middle of the month… like it’s planned or that’s when SubscribeStar pays out or something…nah… that can’t be it

  6. This stops when you people stop supporting him in all forms. From trolling to money. The guy clearly scams and has been for years. Just ask the only site left that hosts his trash. Stop supporting content creators that do this. Plenty of better and more reliable creators out there. Until then, I’m happy to continue to pirate and steal all his content. The guy is a joke.

      • lmao can you fucking read? we’re going to pirate this shit because he doesn’t deserve a dime.

        • lmao 8magine being such a broke retard like yourself, talking shit about a creator and still coming for his content time after time like a good little doggy. bark more chihuahua you entertain me

          • so you are the man with the man titty who let animo suckle your milk from.

      • There aren’t. Would people rather no one make this and it comes to a halt entirely? Retards.

    • Honestly we should let him keep doing it just for the comments here alone. If people are dumb enough to let him ferociously suckle teet than thats their mental problem.

    • Nah bro. 1 year break whilst braindead cunts keep pulling out their wallet and paying him more.

  7. i suck at english, so i dont understand.
    what personal difficulties prevent a computer from keep Rendering?

    • I caught him playing teemo support today, looks like couldnt hold it animore 😢 But he promised me to continue working on the horse documentary soon 🤗

  8. How unexpected… not! I was thinking Animo would make some excuse. Been giving this guy the benefit of the doubt for a long while, choosing to not believe people who have commented about his behavior. Fuck him! First it was stomanch poison, now personal problems. After this last piece of Quiet porn, I’m unsubscribing. You said months ago you were almost done with this bonus!

  9. >lmao look at yourself hobo you dont even have 6$ to support the guy, thats what actually laughable.
    Animocucks are something else

    • be this guy in thinking supporting a scamming content maker is good for business

  10. No fucking surprise. “I just need a bit more time” aka give me more money.

    What a fucking scam. Hope he shoots his family dead and jumps in acid

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  11. Can anyone point me in the direction of some more good ass animated porn preferably Lara croft.

  12. amazing the amount of shills-trolls bitching about truth-trolls about calling out AP about his endless parade of excuses and self-caused delays for every single video… meanwhile this cycle is going on FIVE FUCKING YEARS NOW with no end in sight


    >you were today years old when you realized that the entire Brutus saga is a giant troll with AP being the horse and his subs/followers being the girl… and none of you see nothing wrong with that

  13. Who’s worse?

    person that funds a creator that openly scams them each & every month
    person that defends said endless scams while supporting him with said money
    person that do yet does so for free or for the lolz
    person that calls out said scams to deaf ears and limp dicks

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        • yes, your mom vs college football team. legend says she was able to take 6 dicks at once

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          • Well at least she enjoyed it. You can only imagine having it.

        • Im watching wildeer studio, he is really good and he is posting when he said he will post it.
          Also dukes have qualities but he hasnt fantasy I think because this is just casual sex and I dont like these too huge asses, but his creation is realy realistic. I have 2 or 3 more but I cant remember their name right now, so I hope I helped you.

          • I already knew wildeer studio..he is great!…I’m your opinion about dukes and the to huge fat asses:-(….Could you tell me please about the other 2 or 3 more names, thank you so much!!

          • – 3DXPassion have some crazy stuff, but not that good in animation, because everything is short animation played over and over again
            – Affect3D hase really beatyful graphics and animation etc, but it is just casual sex with some futas

            But if you have good imagination and want see some crazy stuff with good graphics and its no problem that is just a pics use e-hentai.org and search in category ”MISC” or ”Western”. In comics are for me best creators SleepyGimp or LockMaster because Im with BDSM soul inside. But if you search for example bdsm here there is lot of creators who making some crazy and beautyful stuff.

  14. Animo, I must say it… How many do you get from supporters hm? Do you think thats okay to behave like this to people who sending you money? Like It will be released second week on January, actualy second week… 1st February it will be released! Oh thats just some renders and again and again and again.
    If you want to be ”good one” there is two ptions for you.
    1) If you know you are slow, it is okay, some people want it soon but we are not creators so we can just shut the fuck up. But if you know you are slow, just say it in first update ”hey guys I have much time to creating this it will be in April.” And people will be little sad because of April but they will be very happy in April because they come here and it will be there. If you will be beahving like this people will come back there every week and will be sad, next week angry, next week they will laugh and next week? They wiil not be there anymore and will think you are an idiot. So choose your way. Specialy for these who sending you their hard earned money. Thanks
    2) Is quit but I dont want you to quit because you are great creator, so please choose first option.
    Bye man

    • you see, normal people would do what you just said. The problem though, is that Animo is russian

      • Animo behaved like this far before russia attack ukraine, so I dont think that is the reason why he behaving like this, but if he is russian that is question. Where you find that he is russian?

  15. Take your time, you should delay it more each time someone makes a hate comment lol.

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