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  1. I like how in part 3 she said “I will never let Brutus fuck me in the ass like that”
    We’ll see about that

  2. “It must be a special feeling having his monster cock moving inside you.”
    I guess she’ll find out if it’s special or not lol

  3. Hey animo, is the whole animation going to be in a first person point of view?

  4. omfg this looks so hot plz release the new episode asap
    love it already
    but please more squirt scenes :3

  5. Well I can hardly wait to seeing part 4 of “Breaking The Quiet”. The quality is overwhelming. They should transmit it on TV channels like Animal Planet or National Geographic Wild (after midnight, of course) with a title like “Proper ways of collecting stallion sperm for horse breeding” or something similar, heheh.
    It looks really nice already. I bet that many girls around the world will be amazed by the 4th part – surely they will be loving it and dreaming of it. And it will be an awesome empathy training for the rest of the viewers, hehehe. So let’s not be selfish here – girls wanna have some fun too.
    I would love to see a double-fuck by two horses (pussy-mouth, pussy-ass in boxing-like position etc.) for the interrogator or Quiet, or even for both of them (at the same time by four horses?!?). Now that would be a nice surprise for both of them and an insane end for the whole story.

  6. Hopefully, due to her being voiced, we get some good moaning and screams. Quiet’s moaning sounded too much like stock sound clips. It wasn’t synced to the action and didn’t sound concerned enough (sounded more like regular sex moans and not raped-by-a-horse moans) her moans and screams should be a mix of pleasure, fear, pain and despair.

  7. This looks PERFEKT !!! Pls let her “groan” much, cause its too much DICK for her!
    Would appreciate it, if the entire video looks this perfect, specially at the going in part of Brutus, it just needs a little more shadowing to show a huge bulge!!! The bigger the better !
    I specially like the part, that she has still her boots on

  8. We need an much better voice or much more intense voice for interrogator but please don’t let her talk much, or upload an version with much talking like dirty talk and a version much much more less talking, like the with fart versions and without fart versions!

    • Have you visited the “My released videos” page here? Search for “fart” word there if you care.

  9. I am sorry I can’t turn off my ad blocker while you make millions from donations. Until you disclose how much you make from your patreon’s accounts, I am not turning off shits. In fact, I will just put more apps to turn off anything remotely consider advertisements in this site. Some people just always WANT, WANT and WANT!!!

  10. Do you think Quiet will p00p herself upon Lara while Brutus is fucking her?
    That would be awasome

  11. I think it will be kewl if the horse impregnates the interagator and she will burst out some baby centaurz

  12. Pls add more lesbian-threesome stuff. Something like creampie eating or double working on horse dick. Thk you

  13. Pls add more lesbian-threesome stuff. Something like creampie eating or double working on horse dick. Thk you

  14. more than ever, but still relevant for the 3 first episode, getting a VR version of the episode is so very much relevant ! These are actually in my knowledge the best quality animation on long format 3D porn, I would be amazing on a VR !

  15. You can add another horse to fuck her. As a surprise. That’s gonna be awesome. Think about it two horses fucking her At the same time.

  16. After this and the game is done…the next should be a dog with a huge knot, or egg laying, or alien breeding/impregnating, etc. Give us something new please.

  17. I love your works Animo i was thinking about another idea may be Quiet can use some drugs on Brutus to make him angry and bigger and she could put back his collar of 20 inches and when she injects the drugs in Brutus the cock could break the collar and another thing I wish she could be filled with much sperm is possible so use all the plugs possible and X-ray if you can I know it is a lot to work but I know you can do that

  18. finally vaginal again…
    getting sick of this gay anal shit.

    hope we see some cervix prolapse.

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