Problems with website

Ok, we’ve got some problems with the website for a 2 days.
I decided to “clean” it up completely, for security reasons (server was compromised, so it was safer just to reinstall everything).

Anyway, it’s fine working now. The P3 public release should be in this weekend.

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  1. I’m excited…how convenient it’s at the end of the month eh? Collect one more month, why not right?

    • To the idiot above: It’s already released for the paying crowd, som stop being a dumb fuck and harassing Animo.

      I fucking hate guys like you!

      • He really should stop setting expected release dates though, as this problem has happened in the past. Or just set an extremely late one, as nobody would mind a release earlier than planned. Only entitled people would get mad about a delay, but a delay and a delay and a delay and a delay? Just say that it’s done when it’s done and avoid any problems.

        • Yeah, you’re right. It’s happened with every single release now. He sets a release date, and then delays it at least 3 times. I don’t mind waiting, but seeing this happen again and again gets frustrating, especially since it should be a very easy lesson to learn.

  2. For this guy, that asked for my list of favourite Deep Penetration Porns, sorry had no Internet for 10 Days and then Animo locked the Comment section so i couldnt post it
    Here my list:
    (i will post my most favourites in about 1-2 Hours)
    HardCore Hentai Belly Bulge – Part 1 Hentai Kagakuna Yatsura,
    Gakuenno IkenieVol.1,
    Koakuma Kanojo,
    Shin-sei Yariman Gakuen – 01,
    Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo Wa Hakudaku Ni Somaru,
    Hikiko_Baku Ane Vol.1,
    Majuu Jouka Shoujo UteaVol.1,
    Mahou Shoujo Erena 01,
    Rance 01 Hikari o Motomete – 1 – 3 + Bonus,
    Magical girl AI,
    Kowaku no Toki,
    Dropout Hentai,
    Gyakuten Majo Saiban Vol.1,
    Space Pirate Sarah,
    inyouchuu shoku,
    Princess Knight Catue,
    Hell’s Knight Ingrid Hentai Games Onihole – Rock Candy,
    Zone girl,
    Anythinggoes – Tumblr,
    Girl’s Academy,
    Dark Elf,
    Dungeon 1 – 3 – Caryo,
    Animal Pleasure,
    Gmeen – Various Gifs collection,
    Knockout – Monstiongra,
    (Purple Horned lady),
    Dendo Collection,
    Hero Demon Quest,
    Fairy Fighting,
    Manaworld Comics

    I will post more lists the next hours/days

  3. The Quiet videos are missing from the released videos tab right now, when will they be back?

    • BTQ 1 : magnet:?xt=urn:btih:C38335F6EEF70F2073FC7D5A2E9B0DE745EEB6F5
      BTQ 2 : magnet:?xt=urn:btih:DE15F5E430D803C4C9275718299691F9638C3F14

  4. glad the website is back up
    I remember earlier I came in it asked me to fill in a bunch of information I didn’t
    know what that was about so I just exited and now it’s fixed

  5. Can’t wait for the next part. Have you ever thought about making a video where instead of a horse you have a pack of wolves or just one massive Dire wolf or about the size of the ancient Bone Crushers? Be interesting to see what you could do for that.

  6. Again no vaginal creampie? Awwww…. The bottle scene was really nice, though

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