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  1. Can’t wait for all the people complaining that their horse porn is taking too long 😂

      • You’ve replied to almost every comment with an insult dude. Maybe it’s time you got a life, because you have none obviously.

        • lol feelings hurt??? at least i dont go on a racist rant or crying about milking,i have i life its called toilet time…i take a shit,i talk shit…problem?????…

        • lol hey since you like to follow my comments lets play a game…find all my comments from all his posts

          • ahhh stfu stop crying like pussy go jerk off stop worrying about other people

          • The day I find u I will dig your eyes out and break your fingers and pull ur nails out mayb then ull appreciate life

          • Lol you be able to touch me i’ll beat your bitch ass into the ground,cut your balls off and stick them in your mouth lol call that the egg beater

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          • threats on a horse porn site….if that doesnt scream white america then idk

          • “White america”
            And yet here you are you black retarded sack of shit.

          • Imagine a white person calling another white person a ni**ger online…oh wait….

        • to the anon crying about the other anon commenting,isnt commenting the whole point of the comment section?

    • Not the same engine, not the same perfection too.
      This is a realistic production of material and physic, it’s not as easy as using unity with a ton of assets.

      If you don’t know it, don’t post link like an idiot without understanding a single thing in it exept the rendering time, who’s mean nothing because of what i’ve talking before.

      BTW, if you want to rendering a material using unity, and if you wanna do the same with Voxel, or Unreal, your time rendering will be alot different, but it depend of what you put in it too, quality of texture, of ligthning effect, of effect, of animation and more. (And of course, your config’ is really important too but with that lot of money he took from all the guy who paid for years now, he can easily buy a computer stronger as the nasa’s one.)

      Don’t be this idiot, he pretend too have this longer time working on it because he can do 15k$ every month with his patreon, why would you expect him to do it faster, at his place, i’ll do the same for sure.

      One minute in 2 Days rendering for just cinematic, working in Unity, imagine just how should be impossible to create a game in 3 years then, so now, just thinkin’ about how Ubisoft was spending 2 years of developpement to create Assassin’s creed back then. (Who’s is really longer to rendering and to create because you’ve no assets for begins.)

      • This is cool and all, but I’m pretty sure he’s released those photos before soooo….he’s actually lying out of his asshole

  2. Yyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhh boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    • It’ll take a while. Rendering takes a fuck ton of time and since I believe he said it’s the longest episode yet it’ll take even longer than previous (so months). Animo doesn’t have a render farm (I assume it wouldn’t be worth it) and considering he probably can’t even get his hands on a really new graphics card either it makes a lot of sense how long it’ll take.

  3. Two days to render one minute. BTQ4 was 35.5mins. Then there’s the sound….! August release? Jeez!

  4. I bet sticking that horse cock inside of Ur own asshole will speed things up a whole lot!

  5. Just go get fucked by a real horse and use motion capture! That’ll make the prodcution a lot faster!

  6. This video would be the longest so i expect around 40 min mark and if he does 2 days for 1 min he stil needs 78 days to render so release maybe end of june i geuss but also he puts like a 4 min of end shit like names and stuff so maybe 36 min long but still i geuss end of june start of juli gl everyone

  7. These short vídeos for supporters are in Rule34 from decades ago.
    Confess you’re already done this shit and are milking us

    • You don’t understand, this time it’s ULTRA MEGA HIGH QUALITY RENDERS with different lighting and all bug hairs polished lol. Otherwise, these are just the same renders as those back from August indeed.

    • Kanka ne renderı gözünü seveyim adam aynı postu ağustos 2020 de attı. Hem de tamamen aynısı 2 aynı fotoğraf ile. İnanmıyorsan gir bak paylaşımlarına kanka adam bildiğin milleti sikiyo aq xD

  8. Lol he is showing us the same shots of the video when he started it. Such a liar. I hope someone else starts something like this cause I would definitely stop fucking with you.

  9. come on guys give him some milk for this.
    all that waiting is for nothing if you watch btq4
    see you again in 2022

  10. What a horrible shit PC you have, buddy. 2 days for 1 minute rendering and it’s not even a fcken Avatar. Just, LOL

  11. Como sempre incrível! O seu trabalho é simplesmente incrível! Ao mesmo tempo que me excita eu fico apreciando os detalhes do trabalho plástico. As deformações na anatomia me deixam arrepiado. Vc é incrível demais.

  12. 1 minute = 2 days
    35 minute = 70 days
    15 to 20 days for last finishing
    90 days = 3 months
    so for supporters = first half august
    and here = second half of august

  13. Just think the video is already finished and animococksuckinggayassjewniggerfucktard thinks the best thing to do is piss off his supporters and potential supporters by milking the life out of some cheap ass horse porn that isnt the only shit out there. Like so many others he has got greedy and lazy. Any supporters that stay with him now are just sad little nobodies and i pity them. Best thing to do is cut him off until he starts being honest.

    • You brainless maggot, the video IS finished. That’s why he’s rendering it. Do you people think?

      • Im sorry but can you explain how could you render an animation movie that is already finished. I didint know that was possible

        • Simple, you finish the animated video. then you render the scenes for public consumption. Without rendering the scenes look like Playstation 2 graphics. Here is a question for you, what do you render without an animated video to render?

  14. this is unfortunately the same post from 2020-08-21…… basically word for word….

  15. So with rendering and getting sound done, probably means it’ll be finished in like late june or sometime in july, won’t it?

  16. Yeah yeah, same old story. Gonna hear it’s rendering for a month. Then he will be adding sounds for another month, and then some ‘unexpected’ delays for another 3 months. See you in September

  17. Yeah you lost my support just ended my subscription, like its getting ridiculous anyone that tries to justify this is just a hypnotized horse cock finatic I’m all about business and making money but it’s reaching 9 months now, take it from a fellow programmer, we’ll played.

  18. Ps there’s about 61 gifs from the actual support page that basically make up the entire video floating around the internet for everyone that doesn’t want to be milked

  19. Fuck kikes
    Fuck niggers
    Fuck soifags
    Fuck animo
    And most importantly
    Fuck anyone who comes here for Masturbating and not shitposting

  20. Hell ya! The potion is making the horse cock so big and then when brutus shoves it in the pussy it tears apart and rips. Maybe brutus will go so deep and crush all the guts inside too

  21. Already posted this same shit in august 2020
    Probably will take this fag like 3 whole months to render the video with his cruddy ass pc
    Then another 4 months cuz you didn’t fucking work on the audio while rendering the miserable thing.
    If you support his patreon you are being sucked dry like the Jewish niggerleech he is.

    • No, he changed the brightness, you dont see ?
      I dont know if u know anything about 3D animation, but changing the brightness of a picture takes approximatly 7 month.

      • Yeah true, I’m sorry, I just also figured it out that it takes 3 months to render 1 frame! Crazy right?

    • Well he takes 40k per month from his supporters on subscribestar.. of course he’s gonna take it easy. I bet he already finished it just testing our patience. I’m sure if he could use like a thousand of his supporters, His ass will got on fire and Release this shit immidietly

  22. According to all comments from the first episode until now i must say most of u guys are not mature yet to be allowed to look at porn…and i can tell u a secret, in a few years u gonna get hair growing at ya balls so dont be scared when u see that!

    • Wirek, when you are you going to stop namefagging? You’re the only guy on here who is retarded enough to do that, so stop pretending you’re someone else.

  23. this is why i wont give you a penny
    1 year and still wasting time next thing it will be next month and we will be waiting for audio lol
    fucking scam hope fbi kicks your door in and arrests you

  24. yea calculating things up this past month….this mfker reallly do be bullshitn…GUess ima keep smoken that white devil with my piiiipe

  25. I feel that if it is really taking this long then Animo is not compositing his renders and is just. Rendering the whole scene every shot

  26. This seems like a place of class and culture.

    Any of you know of a good torrent site that has farm porn?

    • if you have to ask that then your searching skills suck.go find that shit on your own

  27. Anyone know some similar videos??? (Extreme, Stomach bulge, horses or giant penis)

  28. How long does it take till uploading the part? In the mean while i sure for some horsedick and let him fuck my holes till im pregnant from a horsebaby……..

    • Literally, do anything else than trying to form a coherent English sentence again. Speak sign language idc, I never want to read what you pass off as Engrish again.

  29. fuickin annoying asspussy. once u release it u should kill yourself. or maybe already now. faggit

  30. I dont want to be negative but I’m pretty sure your last episode didint take that long, this took more than 9 months already and you should have already finished, Preparing to Release.. not just begin to render. Seriously Man, Are you taking us for fools?

    • In all honesty, yes I am, because no matter what I post and how often, my supporter count goes up and higher, go figure. I reckon at this point I could be releasing monthly two line text updates and get away with that as people start paying after viewing Lara with Horse lol.

  31. Guesses thread.
    Post when you think it’s going to be released.

    Honestly, i say about end of may, perhaps even first week of june for non-supporters

    • I guess it will be the last week of July or the first week of August as with the parts 3 and 4 he started “rendering” at the end of March and released at the beginning of June. Taking into account that it’s already May and he just started “rendering”, July is more likely this time. Add his statement that P5 is the longest of all, and it goes later to the end of the month. Recall that he is obviously dragging, and you might get anywhere in August through September because of the so-called unexpected problems with his PC, voice actresses and, well, dunno, the black rioting in Johannesburg.

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  33. i don’t get why people are either racist or just upset in these comments, idk if its some unspoken language or trend here, but honestly from what i read everytime this guy post something is he’s a lair that milks his supporters. idc how long rendering takes but this is hilarious to see a bunch of people who wanna see quiet get fucked by a horse this badly (me included) but i knew this guy was on some bullshit when i realized this lazy fuck used the same quiet from both woman or in the animation.

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