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  1. pepperoni pizza with pieces of meat and slices of colby jack cheese says:

    every racist deserves a giant cock in their asses

      • fine but i want iHOP 1st and youre paying…then we go out to a quiet place..smoke a blunt…then and only then….i will force sex onto you as requested.you cant talk throughout all this

        • because you are scared of getting insulted for ur tiny little weiner ?

          • you seen my dick,you drooled and said rape me but i said ok but 1st…..stop trying to talk about yourself

  2. More giant shafts destroying holes! Hope you do something with the monsters in the future.

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    • ay sonuna 2 gün kala millet ”eeah eyeter bea sokarım çıkaracağın videoya” demesin diye yapıyor bunları
      yok son sahneler yok cila çekiyorum yok render tuşuna basmak üzereyim…
      senin ben izzeti nefsini sikeyim,amk daha çok video üretse belki takipçileri 2-3 katına çıkacak ama milleti bu şekilde sağmayı hak görüyor kendinde nedense

    • but yet youre confused? you watch tv on black and white settings….yes youre a racist..but you incog black cock search on google…you free ball it on pornhub i bet

  3. So assuming animo just started rendering and no hiccups with the sound, means likely either release during june or july.

  4. On the serious side: who else thinks he is the one who started the whole trend of scat and gore requests?

    • but hate is such a strong word…..and hate is taught soooo whoever taught you is a bitch or you just have no emotion control and just keep it hidden inside like a shy ass pussy

  5. Hello everybody I am Wirek just wanted you all to take a pause and read about how much I love fat long nigger cocks up my ass.

  6. Rofl ya you said it was rendering 10 days ago now your rendering again? What gives man don’t you have morals in your own work ethic. A mans word is the only thing people got and you break it left and right. How do you expect trust from someone living like that. Oh well I’ll wait as usual.

    • Naah he said it was ready to render in the headline and then went on to say it was not because he was polishing bugs’ hairs, whatever that meant.

  7. He said in 2 days… It’s 30th of April in 2 days, gotta make sure he gets the monthly $$$

  8. Lmao, it’s still rendering? Who do you think is gonna buy that shit, animo. Save whatever respect people have left for you and just say that you are going to release it after getting your monthly paycheck, no need to say stupid shit like this

  9. “I will post first results here.. shortly”

    10 long ass days later..”I will post results in..two days!”


    Empty promise Guru. I Obviously Hope he kills himself one day 🥰

  10. Have you ever posted or considered posting a sort of “behind the scenes” video showing the whole process?

    • Problem is, he needs permission from your dumb whore mother, because her video where she was brutally raped by a horse is animo’s source material.

  11. I’ve been coming here for years and at this point I think I’m here for the comments sections more than the porn.

    This place is fuckin wild lol.

    • Sad to inform you he engaged in sex with the horse that was not write receptive that day so he suffered from colon perforation and died.
      Now all you can do is wait for Animo to release BTQ or watch the previous parts.

  12. whites are scared of black and brown people thats why they always run to cops

  13. Oh. Forgot animo was still a thing. Jackerman/biggreen and such had my attention. Nice to know well see something before 2025

  14. after a long ass awaiting like 8 or 9 months
    He is going to put some pictures guyss…hooorayyyy…yeah pictures to compensate the people that have been milked by him soooo damn muchhh

    • The guy is just holding out to get cash
      I bet he’s gonna make another series just to get more coin, then it’s back to square one




  16. I was gonna wait until P5 to masturbate but I didn’t expect to have to wait till I’m 70.

  17. LMAO, i knew it, i predicted this, pics in 2 days, watch this go into June, he literally is dragging this out so much, if you are still paying this guy you are a MORON.

  18. I think not much work has been done on the new episode. All that exists is just a few pictures which will be uploaded after a week or 2. The complete episode to be expected next year. Please stop paying Animo, this is the only way he may hurry up with the release.

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