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      • yoo animo love your butthole animations and these bitches are hot af great job man!!

      • Thanks. Its a shame this comment section has so many toxic people.. yeah we all a little wierd for watching this stuff. But we like it. That’s why we keep coming back. Why is everyone trying to start fights. Just shut up. Enjoy your walk. And move on

      • I really wonder though, what makes you take so long? I dont want to nag or anything, but im curious. I create SFW commissions on a pretty high level, and it takes me maybe a month to make 20 ish minutes + 2 days rendering on a 2060 super + I5 10600k

        • Maybe post a link, gif, something so a comparison can be made? Also, keep in mind that he also has to render fluids, hair, whatever other particle(s) that require physics calculations, and also a voice actress. I have no clue about 3d animation on such a high level, but i’d say that thinking about the poses, maybe writing some sort of script, organising the workflow, as well as keeping in contact with the actress, is quite time consuming. Though, if i had to guess, I’d say it would take max 6, maybe even 7 months, tops. It’s taking a ridiculous amount of time already..

          • I cant just post commissions without the permission of the owner, since I was only contracted to create them and as such its not my own property in the end. I didnt work with voiceactors yet, but I know some personally and they say it takes max. 2 months to get a voicetrack right, even with nsfw material.
            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV-GXz_noJI <- this video might help you understand the process behind animations, it looks like a lot but some of these things can be done in under a day.

        • Maybe because that’s how you make a living, wheras this site (in spite of generating *some* income) is more of a hobby, so the work is done in spare time?

  1. 4 minutes in a week. Plus corrections and rerenderings. So probably 2 months. I wonder if it isn’t worth booking a render farm but it is probably part of the scheme to make people wait and desperate.
    I would say still extraordinary content but could get some quality upgrades for realism.

  2. And here I was anticipating yet another end of May release date (it has been a tradition for multiple years at this point).

  3. I’m slightly amused by the fact that it looks like Brutus’ dong is magnetically attracted her her butt in the last instant. If that wasn’t intentional, keep it. If it was, good job. Either way, the magnetic penis is entertaining on a loop.

  4. You may buy new computer. The current you have is slow. Stop it, buy new one and then WOW, in under 2 hours will be ready!

  5. Avatar pepperoni pizza with pieces of meat and slices of colby jack cheese says:

    the homeland needs chocolate!

  6. Damn wait what? I guess you have already posted this a few months ago? People aren’t fool my guy, the stuff you make is good, but c’mon this is just milking your supporters now.

    • Maybe because he render it from the beginn to the end? That was one of the first scenes. But it is a little bit different if you mean the second post from August 2020

      • Tbh, it doesn’t seems different to me. Maybe I’m not too good with finding the difference in the lighting and textures. But it seemed same to me, that’s why i commented. I could be wrong

      • Nah, the scene in BTQ4 was a bit different. So it might be from BTQ5 but reposted

      • Maybe because he render it from the beginn to the end? That was one of the first scenes

  7. like whats the point of these meaningless updates you’re better off staying silent and receive money from supporters than just teasing with pics and gifs just rubbing salt in a wound at this point just release it when its ready and stop being a tease. we all want this video badly its not like you gotta prove something anymore ur on part 5 already.

  8. So, animo probably done all of the parts and now just milking all of that kids who pays for 2 jpegs and gif in 2 month))) good scheme. Maybe I just need to find a freelancer who could render for me in month and I will start posting pics for half year long and one gif with strongly fcked timings just in the name of milking, LOL)

  9. It looks gorgeous!!
    Think about Rey from Star Wars for the next animation. I’d love to the watch that feminazi whore being fucked by a horse

  10. Hope there’s an All The Way Through scene or at least a bonus scene. Wouldn’t mind the wait

  11. he is doing his best to trick you guys with this because his monthly milk got reduced. now he know that we are already pissed off.

    • Who knows, maybe if the subscribers start dying off at high rates, he’ll actually release the videos faster in exchange for more.

      We can control his production time if you think about it, just have to reward his fast work, punish his milking scheme.

  12. Hey dude i just wanted to say that your animations are really good, hope you keep doing what you’re doing.

  13. According to all comments from the first episode until now i must say most of u guys are not mature yet to be allowed to look at porn…and i can tell u a secret, in a few years u gonna get hair growing at ya balls so dont be scared when u see that!

  14. Everybody unsub this bitch, the video is already done, he just wanna milk all you money!!

  15. so… do you render it on i3 + GeForce GTX 660 ? so how long it will take? a month to render 16 minutes?

  16. Render 1 min per day!
    Congrats Subscribers! He will leech your money in the next 2 months!

  17. Am only here for the comments. You are a fucking awesome and very pissed off community. I love it

  18. So how is this different from the BTQ5 previews that were published in mega many months ago?

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