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  1. This is different from other games. Very fun. Hope it is a big plug lol. Good job

  2. I hope she walks different with the butt plug in than she does without it. Like a slower more uncomfortable walk.

  3. I dont think buttplug should be necessary. in fact its stupid. LIKE REALLY MAN. they are just cartoon people they dont have shit inside them

    • You do realize it’s OPTIONAL and what OPTIONAL means right? Animo is only even showing us because he wants to do it right if at all so it will be liked by those who turn on the OPTION (see, I can use caps lock too)

    • Buttplug usage in this game would most likely have function to hold cum inside her stomach

  4. you should strongly consider mod support, it always give games much more longevity, makes them more popular and it makes even more sense for an adult game…
    do you plan on supporting mods?

    • Should be possible, but i didn’t dig into mod support a lot (for Unreal Engine).

    • Unless it has gaming cooling or gaming battery, I wouldn’t play a game for desktop on a phone. I’m guessing most games on this phone are ports

  5. i feel like i haven’t been able to find this information so i apologize if i just missed it. what OS’s will this be available for? personally i’d really appreciate it if it was available on android or linux

    • It’s unreal engine, so it’s possible to run it on almost all platforms. But i have no idea now – it should be possible to run it on very powerful Android devices, but definetely not on a regular mobile phone.

  6. Will you be releasing the game as a complete project? Or will you be doing patch updates and expansions in the future? Personally I can’t wait for this game to realease. There is so much potential that I see, and if done right, this game will be 100x better than anything Studiofow is gonna crap out. Don’t rush it though. I would rather wait an extra year for quality, than have a shit game asap.

    • What crap are u talking about? This game will be like Wildlife not Subverse… Not even the same genre. I guess Subverse will be the best, then Wildlife and this.
      This isn’t a competition, you’ll play whatever u want.

      • Hey DC! Glad to see you’re alive and well. Really hope you guys find time to make another Code Valentine. It was the best!

  7. I’d love to see a demo showing off the futa horse dick AND the butt plug at the same time…

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