I will post something for public here soon. I also posted couple more previews for supporters.
About BTQ 5 – i will start working on the next month.

100 Responses

  1. Please have Quiet and the Interrogator become friendly. Quiet needs to fuck her with the strapon and share brutus

  2. There need to be a lesbian moment with them. Have Quiet play with The Interrogator’s tits and just grope her until the interrogator starts to love the attention. Pure lesbian action with them sharing Brutus

    • When 2 girls share real man’s dick (even an animal one) it can’t be “pure lesbian action”

  3. We want lesbian sex between Quiet and Interrogator. Please add in a threesome with the horse as well.

  4. Coulda sworn you said part 4 would be the last part, but hey I ain’t complainin

    • I hope the last episode they worship his cock entirety and takes the strap on and sounds brutus’ urethra. Sharing loads and loads making it a competition to see who can make Brutus cum the most

  5. 69, spanking, strapon just everything lesbian then near the end have them play with Brutus together. Perfect way to end the series

    • I’d like to see that (I bet it would be amazing), but two horses with two girls would take two years (or even more) to be published, I guess, since it’s far more complicated to animate with AnimoPron’s quality – so I wouldn’t count on it.

  6. Since this is unrealistic, have an Alternate ending with both women ending up pregnant 9 months later

  7. Quiet and The Interrogator need to start sharing Brutus, tit fucking, deep throating and taking turns fucking while the other gropes the girl getting fucked. And please add Lesbian action, let’s them have a moment with each other

  8. It ends with me getting sick of these whores and going out for some horse poontang after calling animal rights on their asses.

  9. If anyone knows about the poll votes for Part 5 can u please share them so we have an idea of what to expect

    • Ya and then take a shit too and interogator and quite can both be force to swallow it all and when brutud get up the girls will be all covered in brown so hot

        • Don’t worry. Any crappy moments like that can be losslessly removed and thrown into trash where they belong. So it’s just a waste of AnimoPron’s talent and time from my point of view.

          • Ooohh look here everyone, Wirek knows how to use a fucking video codec

  10. Current Line for BTQep5 Final Full Public Release Date
    50:1 September 2020
    15:1 October 2020
    1:1 November 2020
    9:5 December 2020
    9:1 January 2021
    100:1 February 2021 and beyond
    (winnings based on a 10 dollar bet)
    (2 bets are allowed)

    Bonus Bet:
    “Shill-Delays” regarding intended then later retracted release date
    O/U is 2
    (winnings are 1 to 1 – what you bet, you win)
    (can only bet one time)

      • If his work was any good, you wouldn’t get ridiculous anon posts like that odds thing. He doesn’t give two fucks his support other than money. It’s always a delay and another delay and tease picture then a sound issues. This has been the same format since lara v horse ep 2 some years ago! he purposely delays work to collect more money. you faggots cant understand that

  11. Quiet fucking the interrogator on the table missionary position going full hardcore, while Brutus is fucking Quiet in the ass at the same time

  12. They give elixir of superpower hardon to Brutus, then Quiet start to lick interrogator’s ass. After that Brutus penetrate Quiet’s ass and his dick comes out of interrogators mouth )))


  14. Give the superpower to the girls, be the DICKGIRL the one of them – she fucks BRUTUS and BRUTUS fucks the other girl in the ass all the way through… Please do an xray version (from episode 4 and 5! ). At the end the girls fists BRUTUS ass and his cock. Please. Some blood from the ass will be good too…

  15. Giving birth to a little pony (after 9 months) – BRUTUS fucks the girl in the ass while she giving a birth. After this fuck the girl with 2 stallions. In the end the little pony boy sucks the BRUTUS dick all the way through while the girls fists the pony in the ass…

  16. I just wanna see animo make Futa on Futa porn rather then all this shit it’s just the same shit at this point

    • Nah, male on futa. And none of that “dick but no balls” or with a pussy hidden underneath shit. Nobody does male on futa, always the reverse.

      Also you’re a gay faggot

  17. Maybe make a Futa version of the interrogator with a massive dick get fucked by the horse would be a nice change up and something sexy and new

    • He could do a bonus episode where Quiet drinks the potion and grows one, then fucks the Interrogator

      • Or Brutus, and then it turns out Brutus had a very tight asshole so the more she fucks him, the more poop drops on the floor and then she feeds it to the interrogator, proceeding to shove it down her throat work Brutus’ cock. That would be romantic though I will post the instructions to cut it out with FFmpeg for the pussies soon

  18. It would be awesome if the Interrogator was on her hands and knees on the table with Quiet licking her pussy and Brutus comes in and fucks Quiet, his rod goes all the way through her and out her mouth and into the Interrogator and he fucks them both. I’m sure the position can also make him bigger in length for that

  19. -Quiet fucking the interrogator with the strapon while Brutus fucks Quiet in the ass.

    -The Interrogator getting her pussy eaten out on a table by Quiet and Brutus fucks Quiet all the way through and Brutus fucks the Interrogator at the same time.

    -Quiet and the Interrogator fighting over turns with Brutus.

    -PART 5 just a lesbian episode until Brutus comes in and finishes them off

    I hope Animo is considering stuff like this.

  20. Is there an estimated time that part 5 will be finished? Also if u don’t mind me suggesting this could you please have more of the mistress action with Brutus those parts are always my favorite especially with her being on in the table in part 4. Thank you for your time reading this.

  21. bring in the femboys, they need love too. that tiny dick of theirs compared a horses cock…

  22. Any chance could have two horses at same time for final or a a extra long dildo for spit roast ending

  23. Would like to see both holes full and bunged up with dildos, and the saddle being put underneath the horse and whoever tied underneath as they ride off getting fucked with every step

  24. Would love to see both Quiet and the Interrogator get fucked at the same time, have the potion make Brutus’s cock bigger in length and got all the way through either Quiet’s or the Interrogator’s mouth and have him fuck the other girl

  25. We gonna see some Shotas soon? Let them fuck the interrogator because Quiet goes and brings one to fuck her while she watches and eats his ass.

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