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  1. Okay whoa whoa whoa whoa last post was the “final renders” but he’s just getting to the sex scenes!?

      • Could’ve been a bit more transparent about what he meant by being done with rendering

        • Or you could be a lot less retarded about it. It was clear to the res of the class, keep up.

    • If you have some basic knowledge about rendering then animoprons message is very clear. If you dont have a clue, then maybe ask before doing a statement?

      • He must be rendering on a potato pc because I do cgi and this is basicly the same shit and it renders in under 3 hours for a 30 min video so he’s just bullshiting like he did with p3 that shit was leaked like 3 weeks before he finally finished “rendering”

        • Rendering time is not my point. My point is that its not very “strange” that we are seeing pictures from the same scene that we saw months back. Some does not seem to understand that its not like a movie where you can just go out and “record” something and then post the video. You have to first create the material, then to “finalize” you have to render it. Many (like “Duck” above here) doesnt understand that “final renders” differ from the preview pictures that was posted during the scene creation process.

        • Bruv I don’t know what monster of a pc you’re running because 30 minute of this quality CAN NOT be rendered in under 30 minutes, not without a massive render farm. Also, can’t you see the amount of fluid simulation is taking place here. If you truly were doing cgi you’d know it takes a lot more time that you are saying.

    • Final: the scenes won’t be changed anymore
      Render: this is the progress what makes the raw work format to playable movie (mp4 or mkv) format.

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  3. You are a fucking shitty artist not because youre work is bad but you dont care for the people who support you despite you milking them.

    • What makes you think that ? Animations take a long time to make and his animations are much more better than others, they are more fluent, more realistic liquid animations, no loops, better graphics, etc, of course it takes a lot considering he is just 1 guy working on it. Still, if you’re not a supporter you have no right to complain

      • Obviously he doesnt have a good track record with personal relationsions, he got banned from Patreon for that same type of activity. I get hes talented but what gets me pissed is that people arent getting what they’re paying for.

    • Man don’t you understand? If those people wanna pay him It’s his problem, he’s just creating these animations, people pay spontaneously, he’s not forcing anyone… Omg what’s wrong with you

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  4. Guys its leaked out already! Check Spankbang Its been out for days, hes been lying to us.

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  5. You guys really should calm down.Yeah he really takes some time to release it but only because he wants to do it properly

  6. It seems people are misinterpreting what he means when he writes Final.
    It is not, this is the last thing I need to do, it just means, hey look at another scene from how it’ll look when it’s finished.
    If he is still rendering, it means it’ll be another long while.

  7. It’s time to put this to bed and move on to something new. The POV is meh. BTQ has been going for what, two years now? Maybe more?

    • From what i could find oct 2017 was release of P1 so let’s say he milks another 2-3 month on the rendering phase that’ll be almost 3 years, and i think in a post in Feb he say he wanted to ”split” P4, so maybe a P5 ? If so that’ll probably be 3.5 years total on the same project.

  8. These folks just want something out real quick, and then complain cause the quality is SUPER bad. lmfao.. and you wonder why it takes producers SUCH a long time to make ONE movie,, they want it to be good and to their liking… if y’all some some cheap free shit, go look up some old 240 or barely 360 quality porn lol

        • That makes 0 sense. Perhaps dude is good at what he already does, why would he start making movies, ffs. Don’t like NBA player? Join NBA. Don’t like prices at the mall? Go and make a mall of your own. What a fucking tool.

          • the point is.. if you want to see this stuff for free and have them come out quicker, then maybe just find some bad quality shit to watch lol.. it’s not a movie, yes. BUT the scripts(computer term) and shit involved takes a lot of time to configure and get it right…

  9. Just wait guys. He hasn’t said yet that his voice actor has some problem, his site went down, his vga got blasted, he’s fucking retarded and a lot… I see some of you coming to bark against me… You know I’ve been seeing this guy for a long time…

  10. Reading all these comments i feel really sorry for Animo.
    Thank you so much for releasing very high quality content for free, despite what some people comment

      • What? Because I appreciate someone making something really good for free? If you don’t like her shit then fuck off. It’s free, expectations for free stuff should be rock bottom, yet what animo releases is incredibly high quality. Sure she could release hundreds of hour long videos of two boxes with blocky dicks bouncing off eachother if that’s what you want, but i doubt it is. Quality takes time, and for a lone person with this as probably a side thing, it’s quite impressive.
        If you think you can do better then go for it, I’m sure you’ll make more money than the millions everyone seems to think animal rakes in every month.
        Have you never had anyone say they liked and appreciated something you did? It’s really motivating and nice to hear. I’m sure you know how shitty it feels when someone talks trash about something you’ve spent a really long time making however, think about that next time you comment, you’re making in this case Animo probably feel real down for giving you high quality porn for free.
        If you want to complain go subscribe to her subscribestar and then you might have some right to complain, as a free user you can’t complain however… It’s fucking free… And if you complain about it not being fair to subscribers, I’m sure if they felt that way, there wouldn’t be any…

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          • Very constructive, how about you try posting some real counterpoints instead of shitty insults

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        • He is not making it for free, though. It is basically crowdfunded, he is getting paid a fuck ton. The irony is that the more people pay the longer he will keep milking it. time=more money for him. If you think for a second animopron isnt intentionally milking this out of greed you are sadly one of the reasons his releases takes so long. He relies on people like you to keep paying him and supporting him. In the real world you have deadlines and in most cases people will stop paying/supporting you if you dont deliver within a reasonable amount of time. But because this is some degenerate fetish niche thing certain type of people will pay him nomatter what, hence keep adding to the issue.

          With the amount of money people are throwing at him, I highly doubt this is a “side thing”.
          These are relatively short animations with relatively little complexity. This is not industry standard quality. So we are talking about a guy that should be pushing out these relatively quick when he is getting paid that much for it. But then again, theres nothing/no laws/no rules stopping him from “milking” naive people as long as he wants to, so he is not in the “wrong” of doing that. But pretending its not happening is just naive, at best.

          Yes postive and encouraging feedback is great to get as a creator. But equally important is constructive critisism. The lack of transparency and communication with the community especially regarding these issues warrants the amount of backlash he is getting.
          He used to get alot of positive feedback, before his projects turned into what they are now.
          There is a reason he is not adressing this, he very is aware of what he is doing. But as long as naive people keeps stuffing money in his pockets why should he?
          Free users or not, people are mostly complaining about how he is milking this, and how he is (intentionally) dragging this out because of greed. People will always call greed bullshit out, free or not.
          I usually just peek in here to read all the rage comments and chuckle over Animoprons “final renders” update after update. This guy has been doing this for years and years. Rigging and animating these 3 characters is/should be a walk in the park for him.

          • He is not forcing a SINGLE SOUL to pay him. People pay him because the fucking want to.

      • Let’s pretend for a second that Animal is actually milking supporters and just sitting on the final product waiting.
        While Amino might get 20k before tax and cuts and software subscriptions, people are only paying $6 per month, no one is getting milked for more than $6 per month. Yes it’s a dick move to sit on a finished product and wait for more money, but I highly doubt that’s what’s happening here

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        • no worries bro, others just want shit for free…. i bet they are the ones to search the net for a free version of some movie that JUST came out instead of going to pay and see it in theaters like a normal person who respects people’s hard work. yes if the movie was crap(when you heard from others how crappy it was) then by all means, go and look for a free version on the net, BUT if the movie was decent, or really good, be a good person and go PAY to see it, or wait for it to become available on netflix and some streaming site for free… If you think Animo is “Milking” folks, then stop supporting the creator, and go create your own shit. like 6 bucks a month from each subscriber isn’t all that, and Y’all claiming/ acting like he has like over 5000 subs to be milking them for 20k. These folks won’t even know if they got something good until they lost it.

      • How much of that 20k is coming from you faggot? That’s what I thought. Stfu and gtfo

        • 0 fuckin dollars 0 fuckin pennys cuz im not a fuckin retard like you that gives money to a man that literally gets more money than a surgeon or some other top of they pyramid high wage job while doing nothing pretty much all day.
          For instance, lets say getting more people to animate with him is out of question, he could rent render servers and get the whole video rendered in 2-3 days, with the amount of money he gets, thats completely possible, but that would mean no delays and more work for him, why would he increase the amount of effort he puts in if theres retards like you that will give him money regardless?? 😂😂

  11. Keep cursing at him and he’ll stop releasing videos. Besides, why are you here anyway?

    • Whos this ‘us’…speak for yourself im not catching that MADE IN CHINA bullshit

      • you will catch it eventually… Everyone owns something made in china, this disease is just something from there that will get us also

        • So just because something is made in China means corona will be on it? How stupid can you possibly be. And oh, people in China almost doesn’t have the virus anymore. It is actually worse to buy stuff that’s made in for example USA, Spain or Italy.

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  12. With comments like these, it’s no wonder he takes his sweet time getting these ready. y’all a bunch of ingrates.

  13. All these leeches complaining about Animo milking supporters when they haven’t paid a single cent. Quit concern trolling you fucking bottom feeders. Why don’t you useless scum go and jack off to Eeyore or something. Eat a steaming pile of shit faggots

    • Or maybe they have at one point and stopped because he takes a 8months to a year for a vid

    • Or maybe these people really do or did at one point support this guy,ever thought of that before taking your emotional anger out as a random online you fatherless pussy

    • Who would be stupid to complain and give money at the same time? Go on, you fuckin sheep and keep giving this man money, stupid bitches like you are the reason he takes almost a year to make a video, he doesnt need to speed up when theres people that will throw him money regardless if hes working or sitting on money doing nothing

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      • we’ll be LONG dead before this one is release i think…. while all of humanity is dying, and animo is on their death bed: “I’ll finally be releasing BTQ part 4” then they just pass away lmfao

  15. At this point i feel like he scrolls through all these comments,laughs and just says “you guys want to keep crying..ok cool” and just waits,updates here and there and teases with these shots.rendering has to be done he is just milking it beyond already,like theres no milk left its just a dry jerk at this point (i know i said some shit to trigger people so before you respond..fuck you,i dont care for responses,smd )

  16. When can we jump to next project? I think people will eventually getting tired of the Quiet series. We need some new girls!

  17. Considering he started to work on P3 in September 2019, the public release date for P4 is somewhere around June. P2 was released in mid 2018. P3 was released in June 2019. P4 will be released on June 2020. Also P5 will be released in June 2021 or maybe early 2021 depending on how many scenes he does.

    Animo, it’s really easy to check how much time you’ve spent on the previous works and let people know how long they will have to wait for the next release. They only reason you’re not saying it, because it probably gives you less money, as people tend to be impatient and wouldn’t want to pay you for a year before they get another video. The reason you’re not getting my money for your great work, is that you’re not giving exact delivery timeline. Suit yourself, I’m happy with the free content.

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  20. How to save $50: Stop giving this lazy bitch money for the next 8 months, when hes close to releasing P5 you can go back paying the subscription for your early acces or whatever benefits you get for paying (thats $48 i just rounded it before someone comments)

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  22. jesus fuck, and next it’ll be 3 more renders and then another 2 weeks before anything

  23. Okay the Comment section is actually more interesting than the reason we are all here. I hope it’s done soon.

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