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  1. I think you should use better wording for these posts, because it seemed like it was done and going to be released weeks ago by how it sounded to me and, by the comments, to a lot of other people also.

    • His posts are worded good tho, the confusion is created by general the lack of expertise in his line of work in my opinion

      • I’m gonna go 50/50, it would be nice to have a timetable on how long it’ll take to render. I understand there might be hiccups in the process but how many weeks would help ease the impatience of a lot of people. He’s been doing this long enough to be able to make a ballpark estimation, given all the scenes are in ”final” status and only rendering is left.

        You see comments from people thinking final meaning everything’s done and he’s putting finishing touches and other saying it takes several hours to animate every single frame, which would mean literally years to animate a 30 mins vid. A little estimation would go a long way

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        • You’re absolutely right, but probably Animo wants to milk his supporters as much as possible. I can understand him, i like money too.

    • he hasn’t given an eta he always does that before he does it plus subs get it first so until he says that don’t assume it’s coming out

    • To put it in perspective, professionally animated films that have 24 fps take about 7 hours per frame so I’d say give it a week or two.

  2. Can you please try to produce some anal horse skat videos? Cuz I wanna see the horse shit fuck her too there’s tons of people who’d be into that.

    • Yeah I would love skat in the video too. Cuz the girls use strapon on Brutus and when they pull it out there’s tons of shit that comes out. And the girls swim in it. Tons of people who’s be into it

      • I have some skat videos already. But I wanna horse shit one. Lots of people wanna see it too

  3. Это все конечно хорошо, качество неплохое. Но делать грёбаный ролик на 30 минут в течении года, с учётом того, что все модели УЖЕ ГОТОВЫ, это слишком. Я конечно понимаю, что он тянет специально, потому как деньги то капают, но это банальное неуважение к подписчикам. Благо в интернете стало появляться много подобных проектов. Та кчто пока-пока анимо.

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  4. Hi, I have one question for you. Can you tell me please, what PC specifications you use for 3D animations and graphics? 

  5. Can’t wait see P4!! You’ve done a great job!!
    P.S.: Could you do Tifa Lockhart uwu

  6. Thank god we came out from the interrogator POV view.. not really fancy being f…d by Brutus.. eheheh.. anyway it looks great.. can’t wait.. Thanks so much for your amazing job.

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  8. if you want patrons you need to start being honest about your deadlines and release dates, simple as

    • Nah theres enough dumb people around that will pay him even if he takes one year and a half for full videos

    • He doesn’t have a Patreon account, and it’s not like your broke dick self can pay anything anyways.

    • The degenerates who interested in scat and shit never met real people in their life ever. So don’t worry, they’re safe.
      So keep waiting.

      • Ya we are the superior ones. Go watch some skat videos you will love it. Start with slime or goo videos and the chocolate icecream and then you will like the shit too

  9. I hope you do a scene where the women removes her boots to show her feet. Maybe give the horse (forced) a footjob.

  10. I thought this series was called Breaking the Quiet, not breaking the interrogator. Sure, she is way hotter than Quiet and the scenes will be hot, but the turn of events just doesn’t feel right to me

  11. Haven’t been up to date since ep2.
    WTF?! Don’t humiliate my precious goddess! Blasphemy!

    • I actually don’t like to see it either. No doubt, seeing the interrogator being fucked will be fucking amazing, as she’s way hotter than Quiet, but we spent 3 episodes seeing this story unfold through her perspective and that kind of makes it unsatisfying to see her being degraded and humiliated.

      She is actually the main char. of this story imo., as she has way more character than Quiet who was just a mute fuckdoll.

      I just hope she doesn’t get killed/fucked till eternity or some bs like that. As a character she deserves more and shouldn’t be thrown away.

      • Just stfu and jerk off to it like everyone else will be doing,fuck a story…you gonna sit there with a sippy juice and a dildo and binge watch the whole series like its on netflix?????????????????

        • Why are you so upset about people who want more than just a great animation? What’s wrong about asking for an actual story or a character not to get wasted?

          It’s not like the op was rude or anything, in contrast to you.

      • Seems like there are more fans of the interrogator than I imagined. I get you, but her getting a good amount of fucking is inevitable. Although I agree, that the ending shouldn’t be too bad/humiliating for her.

        What about an ending, where it is revealed that it all was just a porn shoot? I think it would be hilarious and fitting at the same time. Imagine Both “actresses” complimenting each other about the performance – and of course Brutus too

        • Way to kill the scene, there is nothing hotter than a Villain being being humiliated and left to rot.

          • I have to politely disagree.

            I like my villains victorious, which sadly rarely happens.

        • Yeah, suggested that myself in the comments to a previous post, and I’d like to see it. I found Lara with Horse way more enthralling maybe because it was her wondering “how far could she go” with no external pressure or being forced to. Being a porn would make this more wholesome

      • Lol, true.

        She doesn’t even have a name, but I can still relate more to her than Quiet even after playing MGS V XD

      • I totally agree.
        Let’s hope Animo won’t be too cruel and at least get her out of this alive.
        Broken, but alive nonetheless.

      • Definitely.
        Too good of a character (and Animo’s first own?) to be just wasted for cheap shock value.

        Hope that the ending will be something along the line of Snake entering the scene, seeing a cum drenched interrogator, wondering why it took Quiet so long to get this recruitment mission done.

        *The Interrogator has been recruited and brought to mother base*

      • You’re a fucking pussy and shouldn’t even bother watching. What a horrible bunch of ideas you’ve just spewed.

  12. Dear mr, or mrs. Animo, i would not like to be 80 years old before this video is released or before this series is finished. thank you. Oh and btw, with all the milking, how come there’s none for the cereal?? lmfao

  13. You’d think will all the money this guy is making. He’d set up a secondary more powerful machine for rendering. Not even Blender doesn’t takes this long

  14. I would really love to see a pic of the actual rendering loading box. That way we could actually see the amount left and time/percentage relationship. It would really help for clarity and let us understand the process. Taking a screen clip isn’t hard at all too, takes like 10 seconds to do.

  15. Guys video is already out and animopron is basically miliking you. Shame on you dickhead

  16. Every faggit spammin torrent but none of them dare to put a link here… Shameful behavior.

      • Yeah the horse was the same as the other 3 parts….but the part 4 was a continuation so he had to keep it the same.

      • since it’s out and you guys already found it and saw, explain what happens in the video…

        • dude its seriously out there. the video starts with brief flashback of the ending of p3. They fight. interrogator gets beat up by quiet. quiet slams interrogator onto wood table with brutus whining in the background. interrogator gets strapped down. quiet pushes table toward brutus. various brutus penetrating interrogator scenes. quiet says a bunch of degrading shit like…’how do you like it now bitch?’ and ‘your pussy likes that big cock?’ ‘how’s that pussy feeling’. brutus comes a bunch of times in and on the interrogator.
          sorry skat folks. theres not scat in the video. also theres no prolapse for those fans out there. and sadly no ATWT either.
          torrent btq p4. your welcome

          • yeah. i’ll hold you to your comment when the video releases and see if it even matches what is said in the ACTUAL video

    • all these folks spamming that it’s out already yet they here commenting lmfao

      • not sure why they are back here. maybe they are enjoy watching us being miserable at not being able to jack off to it

        • We all know they’re already lying cause quarantine is getting to them, and then when the truth comes out, they gonna be like “Can’t believe y’all believed us.” lol

    • they said it would get taken down. lmfao.. someone posted the supporter clip on pornhub and then post that link here and it’s still here, they just right out lying at this moment.

  17. Damn the ending was dark. Animo really made the interrogator pay.
    To all u guys bitching about u cant find it…just do a simple google search and you will find it.

    • you mean when quiet get married to Lara?!
      Nice ceremony -perheps too much flowers.

  18. The ending scene was cliche, oh well at least we got to see Quiet eat the horse’s ass. Her face was brown afterward too. Yummy.

    • Now I know you’re baiting, animo told me there was no shit anywhere in the video and that they’d never do shit porn.

      • yeah he’s making shit up literally. i saw it and can confirm there’s no scat in it at all. no all the way through either hopefully theres a bonus version later with that. the ending was just meh. interrogator got thoroughly fucked and quiet leaves the room with brutus still pounding her

        • you mean when quiet get married to Lara?! all shit break loose. Maybe the ponytail was too much.
          Nice ceremony -perheps too much flowers.

  19. there is just an video for supporters – nothing more. It hase about 4 minutes -it is on pornhub.
    youre welcome.

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