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  1. Nice. Here’s an idea: Claire and Jill from the new resident evil games in a future series ?

      • Every wird you said is wrong. Content is the same but technically, when you look at the graphics, the engine, the performance and the mechanics, it is new game.

        • The graphics are irrelevant, the engine is irrelevant, the performance is literally eye candy, and the mechanics are from Resi 4. No, it’s not a ‘new game,’ it’s a remake of an old game. There’s a reason we’ve been calling them “REmakes” since fucking 2002. Now, kindly get off that high horse of yours before you fall and break your fucking neck.

          • What are you, 12?

            It’s a “””new””” game, not a new property or concept
            like damn, chill the fuck out my guy

  2. Wait… so we’ll get the finished product (the whole animation) this month or next month? I’ve saved up my nut ever since the whole pandemic started so I’m praying it’ll come out this month… lil noodle of mine is suffering

    • lmao at people who actually don’t fap until this is released, get the fuck out you pathetic losers

      • Its called determination and dedication you obviously don’t have it in you i feel sorry for you poor soul

      • he has more self-control and self-discipline than you. If anything, you’re the loser for not being able to hold it in.

      • You should be the last to call anyone a pathetic loser youre on a porn page attempting to talk shit as a anon just like the rest of us….you pathetic loser

      • “Get the fuck out you pathetic losers.”
        You say, in the middle of a GODDAMN PANDEMIC. Let me guess, you’re the type to cough at people as a “joke,” am I right? Go sleep on the railroad you worthless waste of blood.

        • Thats right I will cough on you and all your family you loser. How about you go sleep in a nursing home. Good riddance

          • Guys WTF 🤣🤣 We are on a fucking 3D horse porn page, where a giant horse with a log dick pumps cum inside a woman, let’s agree, we are all loosers

  3. Wow, noticed the strapon lying on the floor. Hopefully it will find some use in P5, maybe even to shove Brutus’ poop down the bitch’s throat!

    • Futa? omg, another gay, why u want girl with real penis, r u gay? want u suck shemale like futa?

      • A girl with a dick fuck another girl has less male than a guy fucking a girl.
        To technically, it should be less gay than watching straight porn.

      • Futa girls still have vaginas and are biologically female with the addition of a penis and/or balls. Shemales are biologically male and thus have no female reproductive organs. Plus, when a futa talks or moans, she sounds like a woman because she is. Shemales usually just sound like a man trying to act feminine.

        • Please stop using “futa” in English. We have our own word for it, the word is “hermaphrodite.” “Futanari” is Japanese, so please, unless you are speaking Japanese, don’t use it.

          • What a pussy ass nigga. We will say futa if we want. For example: your mom is a futa

      • Straight porn is 50% male and 50% female. Futa it a girl with a cock. A futa is 50% male, 50% female. So a futa on a female is then 25% male and 75% female. Watching futa porn is less gay than watching straight porn.

        And technically, futa is supposed to have both a penis and a vagina. So, a futa is 25% male and 75% female. Do the maths!

        • I did the maths. I watch porn with your mom getting fucked by a strapon. 25%male 75%female

        • No one does math when it comes to porn odd ball,you count how many seeds come out your candycorn dick?

          • Im guessing you have a thing for your dad………or does your dad have a thing for you which is it

    • Dont pay for nothing when it comes to this guy,he doesnt push out enough content for even $1

      • Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Have you ever considered that, if there were enough people patronizing the artist, they might be able to focus on their art? That — JUST FUCKING MAYBE — they need to do other things with their time in order to FUCKING FEED THEMSELVES?


          3786 subscribers at 6$ a piece, that’s 19K a month according to SubscribeStar’s website. Yeah, sure he’s starving and eating only a bowl of rice every other day.

        • Dude shut the fuck up do you even know the “artist” that makes these lol is he your brother or some shit? If he puts money in your pocket and pays your bills then cool but fuck you and fuck him lol you for trying to stand up for him and for him putting out delayed work…p.s fuck you

    • At the rate he puts stuff out i rather just watch his lara series on a loop for the next 25 yrs

    • First amino designs the animation and decides how it works and looks, they post images of that on here. Then, when the animation is complete it’s time for a render, which puts out a video in full quality that is watchable/streamable without much effort, the progress of the rendering is also posted on here, what you saw in September was from the design phase and these images are from the rendering phase

      • Btw, rendering at high quality can take hours for a single frame, so days can be spent on rendering a few minutes of video, which is why it takes so long.

        • Doesnt take a whole month now,his 3d work isnt exactly high grade compared to other 3d work out there

          • Nah man 3-4 hours per frame, 24 frames per seconds, 30 mins videos :

            24 frames X 60 secs X 30 Mins = 43 200 frames,
            43 200 X 3 hours = 129 000 hours of rendering

            So he’ll be done in about 5.4K days on these math, so in roughly 15 years

    • I looked back at those, and these are actually different. These new ones are probably finished renders, while the September ones were during the WIP phase

  4. blows my mind how long this videos are drug out, this man milks each one for every dollar he can get lol.

    • This is why he was banned from Patreon. He was taking the donation money – then milking you stupid cucks for 8 months at a time as people keep giving him more money and just sitting on the video letting he money roll in and posting stupid old screenshots

      • I looked back at the “old screenshots” these were supposed to be the exact same as, and these are actually different. These new ones are probably finished renders, while the September ones were during the WIP phase

        • Yeah so 7 months of cucking money from people for a 10 minute animation like a retard.

        • U been commenting this on every post man
          U either animo himself or a bitch ass fanboy

          • How do you even know thats the same person?? You track his ip? I mean its scary enough both of your parents named you anonymous..hhmmmmmmmmmmmm

      • No, it’s because Patreon has a hard policy against clear and indisputable acts of beastiality. Animo specializes in horse porn. Grow the fuck up.

  5. He doesnt deserve our loyalty, weve given him everything and he gives us scraps

  6. And then in another 2 weeks 3 frames. And so until all the frames from the movie are over

  7. Please have Quiet fuck her with the strapon, doggy with hairpulling as she pounds her into oblivion. Let Quiet have some personal payback

    • Let Quite fuck Brutus in the ass while he fuck interrogator. Also Brutus can shit all over the strapon

  8. We need to go on strike for this abuse of money milking no more money for animopron

    • Nigga it aint like your broke dick ass is paying him anything anyways, shut the fuck up and fap

      • Stfu nigga. You didnt pay him anything either. So stfu and fap to your mom eating Brutus’ shit

        • i dont get this type of reply. the 2nd comment isnt complaining about money shit, so why get on his ass about money shit? lmao

          • The 2nd guy did complain about money. He said the guy was broke

      • Your use of curse words is totally out of order..broke dick ass,the fuck…sounds like your code name on minecraft or xbox.go pop your back pimples bitch,and stop finding cheap ways to drop the N word online,before i pegg you again during breakfast

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          • I’ll shit on your moms chest and smack it with a tennis racket

  9. And I’m still wondering if there ever will be any news about the game he wanted to make…

    • Lol oh god i forgot about that game,you might as well just forget about that until one day maybe like 7 yrs from now you check on his site and boom there it is.this man cant even put out a short 5 min video due to screen shots and renders lord knows how many screen shots and renders it will take to make a complete game

  10. I hope one day a big fart bubble pops up out of your cereal bowl and everything splashes everywhere…render that for 3 months

  11. Bruh u post same pics from before and call it new I feel bad for ur subs you a true scam artist

    • You mean the September ones? I looked back at those, and these are actually different. These new ones are probably finished renders, while the September ones were during the WIP phase

    • U,ur,you…holy shit dude stay in school your brain doesnt process grammar,spelling,english correctly

  12. 3734 subscribers @ $6 per month
    =$262,872 a year
    christ this is higher than ceo salary.

    • You should have seen him when he was cucking patreon. he was making about $5k a month.

      • Now you see why he milks people for months. The animation is already done. He is just sitting on it right now. Why do you think he never shows you a screenshot of the progress bar?

        • Blame on the stupid ass people that pay this man anything at this speed, if he had like less than 1k a month i would support but anything over that, with the speed which he delivers stuff, hes just milking money outta these idiots

      • lol i remember people raging getting called cucks… the cucks kept defending him even if he kept saying it was near complete and pushing the date back for months.. and when it finally released, it was subpar and voice acting was monotone af, learned to never trust amino after that… ill check the site here and there and when it’s complete cool, but hell no not waiting on it

  13. Sup guys? I am back.
    I missed my mother fucking fucker son wirek!

  14. Holy shit, that’s a great idea filling cum interregator’s boots and forcing to drink cum

    • With cum that drips out of Brutus’ arsehole and its lightbrown in color cos it got mixed with cum

  15. Hm, so it’s done after P4 huh.
    Maybe ya can do an Porn with Feet Fetish, like giving the horse a footjob. Would Love it.

  16. At least half you closet fag boy autistic reylos qualify to be my personal “quivering asshole peanut snapping bitch” and the rest of you should have burned down with the remains of Stalingrad. I hope santa gives you aids and the ol reach around. Now squeal piggies, SQUEAL.

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  17. Can we reach 300 comment in this post?
    Should do some useful stuff instead of shitposting

  18. Imagine animo caught the virus and he’s hanging on to a machine,but then the machine transforms and fucks him in the ass every night and slowly cuts off the oxygen until he’s on the verge of a blackout then the machine releases in him and releases him…

  19. Meu cupade esse vídeo tem q ter no mínimo 1 hora de putaria locura, arregaçar a doidinha que ó demora da porra

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