Update on P4

Just a quick update here – i will start posting some “rendered” shots here soon, on the next week. P4 is pretty much finished, i’m polishing some ending scenes there.

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  1. Tnx animopron you are making the best horse porn in world and this makes me so horny so i will go fuck wirek’s mom one more time to give him another brother cause i know he is gay and he will fuck his brother. I love my boy so much even though he is gay

    • He could just release a shorter version and call it a day. But more is better. His vids are usually longer than 25 min and each part takes time to make.

  2. Can’t wait for all the entitled broke ass man-children to come here crying that people are voluntarily giving their money to Animopron.

  3. Will the cock enlargement scene be at the end of this part or the beginning of the next one?

  4. Well yeah the world is quarantined unless you live in Antarctica,which at your upload and “final stages” speeds i wouldnt rule it out,but hell you got so much free time right now…unless youre a doctor helping to fight the virus

  5. all ya’ll impatient motherfuckers watching this stuff can’t wait for a month or two before getting all your knickers twisted upside down. This ain’t no A.I bullshit. ya’ll be rushing the cook and then turn around and ask “why the fuck is my steak raw”.

  6. I cant wait to beat my meat to this shit homie.
    Got my Chance XL unflared with cumtube ready

  7. Ok for all you, waiting for the release date.
    December for the subscriber, and 2021 February for the public release.

  8. Ok for all you, waiting for the release date.
    December for the subscriber, and 2021 February for the public release.

  9. The most important part here is the voice acting, the soundtrack and the sounds in general! Please give the Interrogator an great voice acting that fits to the scenes, and also an great soundtrack in the background that fits perfectly to the scenes!!!

    (example —> Mahou shoujo Elena!)

  10. Egg Impregnation should be one you do. No one does animation for this stuff as well or as long as you do.

  11. Stop lying!!!At first “there’s only 1 scene left now” and 2 Weeks later” “i polish SOME endings”… and you said “i wont post previews anymore”!

  12. y’know you could’ve made this easier for me by having it announce on November. Would’ve saved a nut for this

  13. Come on man it really shouldn’t take this long I know he’s putting his all into it but his update rate is kinda sus not saying he’s
    Milking for money, but can’t we all agree this is taking a little long

  14. Most ppl update daily not telling aminopron how to do shit but the way aminopron updates is really retarded

  15. I mean he could actually take time to respond to comments like any maker of content would do, again not saying he should change but the way he goes about this is really fuckin dumb if you think about it

  16. There is a problem with delaying and lying about what you are doing with the support. I will not sponsor anymore.

  17. The year is 2050, mankind was all but eradicated, save for the dwindling few. Yet thanks to a proprietary mechanism, the digital world remained untouched, and those left behind moved on with their daily, albeit more quiet, life. Yandere Dev finally finished the game, and released it on the same day as Half Life 3. Animopron finally released Episode 4- part 1.

  18. “HeY GuYs QuIcK UpDaTe”,still editing,should have a gif posted by may 2055,still working on final “edits”,even though we are quarantined I’m still going to milk the fuck out you guys and delay this and whatever i dont finish will be in another part that will take a another life time.cheers

    • Short notice it’s gonna be released April 20th 2020 for the subscribers and july 1st 2020 for non subscribers

  19. You are all pathetic! Instead of whining how long it takes just go outside and fuck a REAL horse like a REAL man!

  20. Me and Wirek makes good sex just like how the horse fucks her I can’t wait for the new video cause Wirek is gonna show me his new moves

  21. AnimoPron well are you a man with your words cause I keep tabs and you said next week when next week is kinda close don’t you think

  22. What up skins I never heard of this shit before but it’s kinda funny but follow me on YouTube upchurch is the name I run the game #RHEC don’t forget to comment on my videos about horse porn I want all my fans to see what y’all have to say maybe you’ll get a shout out this will be too funny I for real wanna see yall comments talk trash talk anything I really don’t care but I wanna see more about horse cocks and dirty talking ight later skins I’ll be reading the comments

  23. looked at the numbers on subscribestar, bruh makes 6 figures a year for this, like what?

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