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  1. can you please edit the already existing and upcoming piss scenes so that does not look like sperm, make it a little yellow instead. (pls also let the stallion piss)

  2. That’s hilarious how Quiet is dragging the horse by the penis.
    I can’t help laughing Also can’t shake the feeling she’s holding the dick like it is some kind of weapon. xD

    • of course why make another character when you can recycle the previous one. thats how you cut corner LOL thats how lazy people do it. any body does it. even the home game system did it why not porn video. you already see animopron game that was lara croft

  3. I’m curious to see how you will give her face fucking in POV… strange

  4. put a condom on a horse’s penis and when he’s finished, get a full condom of sperm from his pussy

  5. I really hope MC enjoys it eventually, it’d be great to go back to the Lara style. Maybe in the next episode they could both fight over who gets to fuck the horse? More strapon DP?

    Can’t wait on this or the game, but I’ll be patient.

  6. Really hope this POV is going to stop as soon as possible.. being in the shoes of the girl that take the horse c…k is not exactly exciting.. the other way around infact..

  7. I hope theres not many POV scenes at part 4, or at least you render a third person view too

    • Many girls will surely love it. Have you thought about that? I bet you haven’t because you appear to be so pitifully selfish here – women wanna have some fun too… just like in an old song “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper (1983).
      And it will be an awesome empathy training for the rest of the viewers, hehehe.

      • makes fuck all sense. Let’s make a POV for guys then, or maybe not, since POV all across is fucking shit.

  8. will blowjob? and blowjob cumshot?
    And maybe the part will be longer than usual?

  9. Would someone kindly leak the latest video preview on rule34 or elsewhere?
    These jpegs are so boring it makes me hope that at least the vid isn’t.

  10. I hope this leads to some all the way through action with the interrogator. That bitch needs it from stem to stern, either from the mouth to the ass, or vice versa.

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