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      • For your next video project, please make the girl/girls act more cock-hungry, like Lara used to – make them act slutty and actually want it. Personally the Quiet rape-y videos don’t do it much for me, despite looking great.

        • I disagree, the rapey:ness is one of the Quality of Life sort of things which makes it much more interesting!

        • Make them wont it make them beg for it I love it when girls fight it at first but then give in to it and begin to enjoy being raped.

      • Do you think you can make an X-Ray Vaginal creampie scene? Kind of like the X-Ray version of Lara X Horse, just not the anal?

      • will blowjob? and blowjob cumshot?
        És talán a rész hosszabb lesz, mint általában?

      • will blowjob? and blowjob cumshot?
        And maybe the part will be longer than usual?

  1. let me guess more anal bullshit requested by the supporter. thats all you do listen to your damn supporter. I get it they are your supporter you got to listen to them. to much anal bullshit from quiet and not this women whoever she is is going to get anal as well. I know your supporter very well most of them are gay. and since they couldnt request gay porn because most of the people seeing this are straight. they had no choice but to see futa going at it on some girl

    • Maybe you should become a supporter so Animo would listen to you, too. Besides, if more people want anal than vaginal then surely it’s fair for the video to mainly be anal, right?

    • You’re so fucking dumb to listen to. Become a supporter and look for yourself. Almost everything you’ve said is wrong and his subscribestar will prove it.

    • Whats your problem dude?? First of all, we had enough pussy scenes in the other parts ! Next, why should he listen to some random dudes that just dont like anal but don’t support him aswell and give a shit about the people that pays his bills??? Makes no sense either…
      Than for the next, i like the anal too but NOT because i would be gay XD
      Anal is an normal fetish for straight people male AND female!

      Call me gay when i like seeing a horse fucking a woman in the ass, and ALL people are gay, that like to watch a men fucking a girl – like in normal porn too XD
      Btw. watching porns and fap to them is pretty much 80% different to real life, so no matter how much sex you get in real life, you will fap to porns too, and on porns you have pretty much other fetishes than in real life – or sometimes the same fetishes, but mostly not – that you would maybe never do in real life…

    • So, why don’t fuck off already if you don’t like it?
      BTW pretty sure you’re gay as fuck yourself.

    • so I must be bisexual, because I love to see anal, mainly because it is not so common, but I also like to see traditional porn, do not come to talk about gender without understanding about it, because gender is not as simple as saying that something black or white .

    • Jeeze, when they made you, they looked at ‘retarded’, but then decided they wanted worse, didnt they?

    • Dude… This is why I hate all this anal stuff. It’s fucked up. Why can’t we all just enjoy normal vaginal sex between a horse and a girl like god intended?

    • always these retards in the comments asking for shit almost no one wants, like shit and piss and gore. keep your niche to yourself, horses are already plenty extreme

  2. I really like this pussy fucking and this big fat horse cock almost slamming my face. Oh, it’s getting juicy! It looks really nice already. I bet that many women around the world will be amazed by the 4th part – surely they will be loving it and dreaming of it. This is a very interesting perspective. And it will be an awesome empathy training for the rest of the viewers, hehehe. So let’s not be selfish here – women wanna have some fun too.

    • I hope you know what you are getting yourself into. Non of this ‘almost’ slamming my face nonsense. That cock is probably gonna go down your throat as well. Here’s hoping you ladies can handle it😉

  3. Since this is unrealistic, make her get pregnant by the horse. Maybe an alternate ending. Next video, a woman take 2 horses at the same time

  4. Looking forward to it.. but the original Lara series I thought was better. the progression from the initial scenes as she experimented were great.. Also, as others have said, this is a little “rapey”, much prefer the first series where she wanted it herself.

  5. I have seen all the videos and I think the Fantastic but it would be something new if the horse would do something to her body. could lick as an example her breasts or suck on it and lick her pussy what that would be something new times something inrerssant

  6. Final scene could be Quiet and the Interogater sitting together on a bench in a park at a playground watching their two horse-man hybrid babys playing in front of a beautyful sunset…

    While the two could chat about the good old times and how they first met.

  7. Alright here’s an idea: Interrogator is forced to hold all of the cum in her pussy (with something idk)…then Quiet grabs the two baseballs and buttplug as her huge Dire Wolf comes in.

  8. continued…First she shoves the baseballs up the Interrogator’s ass and the the wolf mount the Interrogator and goes anal. It pours cum in her with a huge knot…before the wolf pulls out, Quiet gets ready to put the buttplug in. Now Quiet gets either the wolf or horse ready for an oral scene with the Interrogator full (almost bursting) with cum. ;P

    • No one else likes these ideas? Its kinda in depth. I kinda like the idea. Whos with me!?

  9. я хотели чтобы киску кончил + вставьте пробку и чтобы она заполнена в животик чтобы было тащили в ротик в сперму. И любое вставка.

  10. People complaining it’s rapey I love it, it’s pretty rare to see rape/y horse porn. It’s nice to see the struggle. There is so much vanilla things out there. Loved the all-the-way-through in the Lara series. I hope you do that here too if there is anal in this. Would be awesome to see revenge from Quiet.
    Amazing work, hope for more reluctance/struggle.

  11. I think the rapey theme is what makes the video. In the end Quiet should work over the interrigator with some belly punches, tit punches,knees to her crotch,etc. for what the interrigator did to her.

  12. Perhaps you could render BTQ4 in 360 and 180 VR? Would love a thing like that. My pussy would fucking throb at that.

  13. Animo they should both enjoy being fucked by a horse cock,just like Lara did.

    • This is a domination series, so if he would make them enjoy this, it would be really disappointing and just bullshit to watch…
      In my opinion, most porns that ends with the girl turns to enjoy and like this stuff – worst with a smile to that after a restrained face… – are sometimes very nice at the beginning, but bullshit at the end, and EVERYTIME this happens, i instantly turn of this porn and watch annother one, or skip through to see, if this continues… and if it does i would give the porn a dislike for that, even if its good in the beginning wich would be very sad…

        • *I dont mean restrained face but more like this hentai girls here:

          “Bondage hentai with huge boobs brutally double fucked by monsters”
          “Ghetto hentai Elf brutally gangbang fucked by bandits in the dungeon”

          I really like the first one! Specially in the beginning scenes!

          • Btw. Animo, pls repair your comment section, cause i tried 8 times writing this second reply, and got site refresh, didn’t load, double comment detected etc. for NO FUCKING REASON XD

  14. Just Perfect!
    The only thing left there is an visible huge bulge from Brutus cock!

  15. I hope this ends with Quiet riding out on Brutus with the bitch tits down bellyriding below.

  16. Can you host the images on a 2nd site as well? Hate this sign up process at imgur requiring a phone number

  17. Heheh… Just look for a music video (or lyrics) of “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper (1983) – this is hilarious in context of AnimoPron’s animations. If you used to like that song by any chance in the past then it won’t sound the same any more from now on.

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