Update on BTQ 5 release date

Ok, so i’m planning to release a version for supporters around next weekend (10-11 July). It’s not a 100% chance, but this is what i’m aiming for now.
Public release is 1 week later.

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          • By the example of Japan, I beg to differ xD
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      • Indeed looks like he is very angry at the political elite not without reason

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  2. >survey says…. nOpE
    what happened to end of June release?
    when will the “audio issues” excuse be used?
    will the supporters version not have an audio track like ep4 until public release?
    when will you post some “need a bit more rendering before I can release public” after releasing paid version like you did with EP 3 and 4?
    can you explain why you posted about “starting to render” both in feb and may?

    im telling y’all this aint dropping until august as that was the plan all along. i wonder how I know that…

    • cuz u know nothing faggot, like all the stupid and motherfcker talking about animo milking supporter, who even care of that if those arent paying ? like what, 6$ isnt even a the price of a good pizza, all the greedy sht should shut up as they know nothing about animation or the time to render, how big movie like marvel or idk what do so fast ? easy, they use way more pc than that or litteraly a render farm lol, and atm i think animo only got 2-3 pc for that

      • Yeah and look at the quality, it is way more detailed then every marvel movie. And also the length, it is way longer then every marvel movie. That is a total valid comparison……At list the main charakter doesn’t die because of a snip. She probably would only die because of to much horse cock up her body…so the plot is at least better as some marvel movies…

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    • I think that would be for survival reasons revolving around grass. Maybe to detect snakes a bit easier or something of the like.

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    I love that!

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    • you must be an inbred nigger next weekend is july 10 (Saturday) july 11 (Sunday). kys before you comment dumb shit on any more posts fucking faggot

  6. I’m gonna go ahead and say, yeah right. You’ve been stringing along your supporters for the last few years now…and I don’t blame you because you are making 30k a month. I bet, 100%, that the episode has been done for months and you release small tid-bits to make it seem like you are still working on it when in-reality its been done already and you’ve turned into a cash cow. Again, don’t blame you with how much money you make off of it because your videos are one-of-a-kind, but stop with the bullshit lol

  7. This is why I don’t came here…. First u said “yeah this week and this date etc and after then u lie……, Full crap of shit all u do is gave small video for payed….. And who’s really need to see is one more week…. Then fuck yourself…..” A paid supporter u lost !!!!!! Bye….

    • That’s why I stopped supporting back on EP-2. He milks the hell out of his supporters and then releases the video after almost a year wait. As an animator myself, I know it doesn’t take that long. It does take time, sure, but when you’ve already got the models and resources…it’s just the matter of actually “animating”. Tops…3 months if he’s doing it full-time…as he should making almost 100k a year

        • Good point, guess I was low-balling how much he actually makes and rips people off. And before anyone says, yeah well he releases content for free! Sure, because if he didn’t he’d have ZERO fanbase lol plus people would just download his stuff and release it somewhere else.

          • He has made 1/4 million this year alone since this part of this episode started.

      • As an animator you would know that being able to milk this much cash is a fucking miracle no shit he’s gonna milk it. You’d have to be a dumb-fuck retard not to if you were in this position

    • Good job, you did the right thing, if more people were smart like you, he wouldnt be so scummy and full of shit

    • pretty sure you arent a nigger but youre as dumb as a white person hookes on meth or heron

  8. I am stunned by the amount of hate in the comments section. Thank you for making amazing videos! I know that’s it’s a long and difficult process to animate things. I hope that you are feeling ok and not overworking!

      • Actually, the majority of his country men hated their president that party for turning them into pests and silencing them so that outsider can’t hear them.

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    • One thing that everyone else here will agree on is your so called “gods” are pathetic beings.

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  10. let’s post it again

    >survey says…. nOpE
    what happened to end of June release?
    when will the “audio issues” excuse be used?
    will the supporters version not have an audio track like ep4 until public release?
    when will you post some “need a bit more rendering before I can release public” after releasing paid version like you did with EP 3 and 4?
    can you explain why you posted about “starting to render” both in feb and may?

    im telling y’all this aint dropping until august as that was the plan all along. i wonder how I know that…

    • >when will you post some “need a bit more rendering before I can release public” after releasing paid version like you did with EP 3 and 4?
      Damn he really did that huh

      • You’ve got to chill man. He might be milking indeed but this isn’t worth that many resentful comments. If you’re not so gullible as to give him money then good for you, but if others are willing to pay for whatever little extra they get – well, that’s their choice.

  11. you guys need to stop asking animo for quiet ep she not that pretty anyway. i never like her

    • I found you at last. Had me worried as I hadn’t seen your comment straight away.

  12. thanks for all the work animo, have you considered making any VR videos? from what i know all the extra effort required would be to render for a second eye and with the quality of your usual animations they would come out very well!

  13. So official release would be 17th or 18th, atlesst thats the goal. Awesome, cannot wait, its gonna be another level from previous work i bet!

  14. I can remember everyone’s frustration when Animo posted Quiet rimming Brutus. Poor Wirek was so upset he posted a manual on how to cut the unwanted fragments from the vid xD

    • I wasn’t upset, I just didn’t like that part and I did post some guidance as to what to do with the crappy rimming (of Brutus’s anus) part and that’s all. So what? What’s your point now?

        • Even if you said that with some kind of irony, then I’d take it literally anyway and I just should say: Thank you kindly.

        • Such a statement requires at least some basic courage at this quite toxic forum.

          • I can’t agree more than add this: the only thing more toxic than right myah is your mom who poisoned this world by birthing you instead of killing herself while pregnant

          • oh you mean the same situation your mom was in…yeaahh you guys were both mistakes

  15. Sounds awesome, love your work. Guess July will really go off with a bang.

  16. Hey guys,
    Last seggs with Brutus did burst my stomach unfortunately. This means I have to put the release off until I heal. The problems with sound are incoming as well. See you all in autumn!

  17. BTQ 4 was released very fast, I guess it is an strategy to make a cash cow out of it…
    Argumentation and excuses are the illness of modern society…

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  18. Ooooooooh maaaaan! I can’t waaaaaait! More horse porn! My favorite kind of porn! Keep’em cuuuuumin’ animo, cuz I sure am!!!

  19. you have enough money to hire a team of animators, a render farm, 50 high end computers, yet you still act like you’re a one man band in a garage struggling to finish this oh so hard video… im astounded anyone still gives you cash

  20. Okay, “IT IS NOT A 100% CHANCE” for in time, but I’m sure IT IS A 100% CHANCE for more delay

  21. Public release at the same date if you know how to use google.
    Plenty of people release it, no matter how often it’s taken down.

    • cant even spell correctly.i guess all those skull fucks to your head are starting to affect your already dead brain..you poor soul

        • i forgot how uneducated your kind are…sorry some of us are smarter…so stfu cuckhold bitch

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          • it got you to use your other half of the brain you tend to have shut off didnt it…..i train bitches like you,its kind of a hobby

    • I’ve spent my money wisely by supporting him. I’ve got the disposable income to do so. So I say, why not? Horse porn is awesome! Worth every penny.

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  23. Get milked fucking dumb asses who give this bitch money lmao u deserve all those delays i hope he only releases this shit in 2022 so u bitches get milked even harder

    • But here you are mad because there isnt a video yet,go get a hobby inbred white boy

    • I support this guy and quite honestly I’m satisfied with what he has put out. No complaints here. You should consider donating to his cause.

  24. This place has definitely the worst types of fans and people. Most of you pathetic sad cave men aren’t even fans or like his content. You cancerous plebs are only here just to be racist racist talk shit about his videos and work. And yet you pathetic cunts are waiting in line to suck him off when he’s finished with the videos.

    • Bruh stop tryna sound like a saint you goddamn German.
      This comment section is one of the most legendary I’ve ever come across.
      We can say whatever we want here

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    • Yes, you described me perfectly accurately. I am proud of who I am and I will embrace who I am for as long as I live. Horse porn is what keeps me sane and satisfied. By the way I love waiting in line to suck people off, brings me loads of joy. I hope I’m next.🤞

    • Not true. Most of the people here are very well adjusted and have a good head on their shoulders. I would think twice before making such judgments. We are all good people over here 👍

      • Right,maybe some people come here to release anger,maybe someone had a rough day or a week and just wants to tell someone off…its therapy without the sessions

  25. great, Lara and horse are incredible but Quiet and horse uff, the work and detail are fabulous 😃👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  26. Well then the eRs around the world are about to get an increase in lost items in the wrong places

  27. great content but after the years some 3d porn creators are many levels better in motion design, modeling and lighting = realism.
    If I would earn that much money from supporters I would up my game with professional help. AND delivery times
    But keep it going.

    • Hey can you recommend some other similar videos for the rest of us who are waiting? I fucking live for horse porn!

    • Bet you wouldn’t say that to a group of African American Footballers! Or maybe you would cuz you’re probably a masochist.

          • i call bullshit..make a video doing it in front of black people not your pussy white pill popping neighbors

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  29. White people are like powdered donuts..they look sweet but deep down would love to choke you

  30. This comment section has become boring. Remember the good old times when you could get a hilarious outrage by requesting something gross in the animation? Or the great campaign of Wirek impersonation, or the debates whether anal sex with a horse was gay or not? Now it just boiled down to people calling each other niggers which isn’t half as fun Maybe things will change when Animo moves on to the next projects I sure hope they will.

  31. OK. He 99% will not end it on this weekend. Then he end it for supporters for the next weekend, but not final result (there will be some problems). Then 2-3 weeks to end the public release. Don’t wait for a release earlier than mid-August.

  32. OMG I never commented on animo’s blog but this has to be the longest troll ever. It’s obvious . This can’t be real. I’m sorry for his supporters XD

  33. It’s funny watching trolls waste their lives. Then again, I’m reading through it all for kicks, so who am I to judge?

  34. Hey all, what’s your favorite food? (Serious answers only) Thanks in advance. Y’all are wonderful. Much love ✌️

  35. can we just all take a step back to understand AP really posted here
    >planning to release a version for supporters
    meaning there is an idea for it to happen.it could or could not happen. just like EP4 of BTQ was exactly the same for both paid and leech alike (with the public actually having an audio track unlike the released paid one 2 weeks prior)
    >around next weekend
    meaning yet again another uncertain time frame as with EVERY other release just to bait trolls and supporters alike
    >not 100% chance
    the only true thing AP has ever posted here
    >public release is a 1 week later
    all your base are belong to us grammar aside… 1 week later from when? eternity? does anyone really think this is coming soon? we haven’t even gotten to token “final rendering” / audio “issues” or just nothing for days/weeks after posting a timeline only to drop suddenly to lackluster fanfare.

    the only way this is gonna change, but lets face it, it will never, is to simply stop supporting AP in any fashion. this while bombarding with APs own misinformation posts both on here and on his paid supporter forum (posting pics/gifs not in the final product despite saying there are, posting multiple “i’m starting to render” posts, obvious hiring of shills and bots to promote work both here and on the chans/reddit around release dates, not using fan polls/ideas or listening to paid supporters despite pledging too)

    finally and most damning i wish I could understand…right after ep4 dropped, he claimed over 25,000 paid subs. now just around 7,500. what the fuck happened!? my guess is that AP included all unique IPs from both his paid supporters and blog visitors as “paid” subs

    • epic off the charts autistic rant thats way outta line… but is spot on. cant wait to see your next one for the upcoming post about some rando delay by sunday or monday when ap posts it. and you forgot to say he stated it would be done and released by the end of june too. thats another blown deadline

    • But it’s not the 11th yet, and besides he said it wasn’t a 100% chance. Which with him must mean it’s going to be an announcement of a further delay no earlier than the Sunday evening.

    • I am pretty sure he is from middle europe. Maybe even Germany, due to his choice of words. Referring to “10th somewhere”.

  36. It is hilarious how some deranged pieces of scum are hating here and the only reason why they are doing this is because they are asshurt that they do not get their free horseporn a bit earlier. You spout so much shit about animo but in the end you will still sit down in fron of his work and jerk your little smegma infested peckers like the little lonely virgins you are. You are pathetic wastes of life and you know it. I really hope Animo reads the commens and for ever single one that insults him delays his work for at least another week.

  37. Hi I’m new here this place is kind a cool like your free to say anything. Can’t wait for the new 5th instalment of Horse porn.

    word has it in the supporter’s forum, AP posted it’s gonna be at least another week for the paid release and… you guessed it! “Maybe” a week or two behind that will be the public one

    • your poor ass aint gonna see shit till the end of the month, supporters will have it in about a week

        • Lel, so you’ve just paid to see nothing but a video with no sound that will be leaked the same day anyways. You must be really gullible man

        • Nice, do not forget to share your name with Animo, you know for the camera screen of supporters, so i can jerk off at it

  39. 10% chance remaining, not looking good for his supporters, my prediction:
    supporters receive their vid end of next week

  40. Fucking animo is a joke just like the fake democracy in USA which is a corporation that full of nigger and white asshole.You love your country but your country only loves your money.Wake up guys, and never trust BBC or CNN.

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  42. Today I got frustrated over the amount of shitposting in the comments so I deleted all the files related to P5. That is, I’m starting the whole episode over so don’t expect anything for another year. See you in autumn 2022 assholes.

    P.S. Starting today, I’m only posting prevews for my subscribers, so consider supporting me via subscribestar (links in the menu on top of page)

    • and for everyone who has supported you so far they have to pay another year? it’s not fair so

    • Holy shit, this place is full dumb du du ass motherfuckers, this is not Animo!!!!!!. Brotherly advice, get out there and do bitches who into some freaking shit matches whats in your brains, or you know what consider buying some sex dolls from fucking Japan and unleash your bloody shit on it.

  43. Alright, with the last guy so blatantly impersonating me I decided I will take a year break living off the money all the subs so generously paid me over the last three years. To my faithful supporters: please keep up the cash flow or it will be another 3 years of waiting and you do not want that.

    • your fake ur self moron you dont own same ip as real anime downer quit pretending

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