BTQ Atwt sound public release!

Here’s the sound version release of BTQ ATWT! There was a lot of small issues while preparing it, but it’s finally here! Also, you can find a 1080p version, if you are my supporter.
Check it out!

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    • As far as I can remember this was supposed to be released ca. last summer (end?). Maybe it’s not worth waiting for it for many months, but I kind of liked it anyway (only WITH SOUND).

  1. I swear to god I heard the fucking choir sing Hallelujah when I acknowledged with my fucking eyeballs that animopron finally publicly released the FUCKING video.

      • yeah! problem!
        these bonuses were cutting room floor concept pieces were created over the entire BTQ series
        all that was needed was final render and sound to be added… 2 clips not even 15 minutes longs does not take 12 months to do

  2. wow the comments are so toxic, great vids animopron dont pay attention to all the haters. you are making quality content and you put alot of work into it. keep on doing what you are doing

    • Yeah, I agree. Why all the anger & negativity? It’s like the commenters have been hurt emotionally & physically. Simply enjoy the content, and carry on.

  3. So is this the end or will there be more? Some people were claiming that there was going to be another bonus with an alternate ending. I hope this is the end because this bestiality porn is really mediocre.

    • this stemmed from his posting to money subs that the 2nd bonus was incomplete and that he MIGHT do something this month… yet another bait and switch to keep from getting hit with ANOTHER ToS viloation on SubscribeStar… which was the REAL reason he paused his page months ago…and he couldnt even do that right as 1000s still got hit with charges

          • Yeah that you are. Because even when I complain about Animo you still have a problem. I think you’re Animo himself.

          • because all you ever do is bitch over 3d beastiality…fucking loser

          • That doesn’t make me a shill or fanboy though. And besides I don’t always bitch about 3D bestialiity. For example me making fun of Animo forgetting to lock the comments. Regardless this is a website where Animo posts bestialiity, so even if I did it’s not wrong. Why is your pussy getting so hot over it?

          • Truth is you got triggered because I called you a cum dump for being white long ago. Stupid cum dump monkey!

          • you dont have to be white to be a failure,look at yourself in the mirror

          • Nobody talked about being a failure. And as far as being failure goes, I’m not the wokester getting outraged by a few words.

          • Well you do that yourself because you’re whining even when I’m complaining against it. What a shill.

          • The guy getting upset at me complaining about a mediocre product by a lying animator is calling me a reshill. Animo shill!

          • Said the Animo shill upset that I speak my mind and attacked Animo’s work.

  4. >the embarrassment never ends
    posted the 1080p to all instead of just money backers
    takes six months to complete commission on a sound filed that used PATCHWORK VA from the previous bonus & BTQ series
    lies to his money backers about status of game… as in it’s no longer mentioned

    >where do we begin
    posts 1080p to all instead of just money backers
    used the same excuse (weather conditions) in delaying both bonus sound files
    put commissioned VA personal real life issues in a public forum WITHOUT consent & care
    blamed his “team” for various delays despite saying repeatedly over his ENTIRE creator career he works SOLO except for sound
    yet another entire YEAR has passed and all money backers got was 16 minutes of clips across 2 releases
    rando anons actually complied a BETTER version of BTQ 1-5 AND bonuses
    guy gets his f-95 fourm thread locked because too many people found how his yearly scams in releases
    continues to post YEARS OLD wips as recent from a game he’s been “working” on for nearly 4 years now
    doesnt even realize (care) that he posts no less than THREE DIFFERENT stories on his blog and money forum regarding actual project completions and reasons for delays (and this was just from the 2 bonuses)

    I could go on but why
    we all pirate this shit and far better stuff at that
    no way 1000s of rando anons are paying this guy (hence why sub counts are HIDDEN now on his money page)

    its sad people buy into this guy and hail him a hero every 6 months to year with a SINGLE release… a guy that promotes NON WORK as work while actual work as GOD SENT

    • It’s not 1080p. You won’t be able to play it or download it in 1080p. It’s just an embedding error.

    • yeah he did the VA wrong by putting her real life shit out there. i think that was the real reason for such a delay this time. she was commissioned in nov 21 and she even posted a picture from the 2nd bonus. no way it took 8 months to record 10 minutes sound track. she blocks people instantly from her twit if you poste about AP or horse stuff

    • other projects take far longer than this. Look at affect3d. They are almost 2 years in. They want everything polished to another level that they can’t achieve. So I celebrate every time a „movie“ comes out because I know every creator nowadays needs THAT much time to render and fix all clipping stuff. Enjoy content and move on.

      • meanwhile here we have second horse dick clipping from the air under the bench in the middle of the frame…yeah, polishing, perfection

  5. I am still waiting for a bonus with Quiet stuffing interrogator’uterus with horse poo.

    • maybe because people have discovered that grass growing is more exciting than waiting 6+ months for a 10 minute clip of unused assets from BTQ 1-5 OR his legit supporters are finally getting around to cancelling their pledges after 1oos paid over 70 bucks in a years time to get 15 minutes of videos that readily available to get elsewhere for free and from creators that actually you know create stuff rather than just post about “maybes” and “delays”

      • he also pissed off subs with that whole pause/unpause fiasco and then blamed subscribe star for charging 1000s of subs their monthlies. some of them said he paused it several times and reactivated just before collection time only to pause after again

  6. funny how you never run out of excuses to delay projects no matter the scope but never find that same energy to actually release stuff in a timely manner. no wonder why so many have blatantly pirated this shit on the chans, reddit and elsewhere.looking foward to your next release in 2023 or 24 at this rate. another bloated video with multiple loops from dutch and overhead angles seen over and over. at least fuckin’ try to give a shit my dude

    • AP simply uses the excuses sparingly and as often as possible. They are extremly efficient in excuses, but not very effective.

  7. This bonus is fucking exciting.
    I hope you already have something else in mind because your work is incredible.

  8. It’s been 2 months since you’ve updated us about that game. Isn’t it about time to (re)post a 3 year old WIP as current? Or have you abandoned it altogether again (for the third time)? Gotta keep those members happy now!

    • >workupload

      It seems he’s moved on from posting 3 year old WIPs and now failing back on lifting assets from the latest Tomb Raider PC games. Damn shame that he cant use a decent nude patch. Just another excuse to prolong this project until he starts his real project. This ain’t getting any kind of playable release outside of small vids and gifs

      • Don’t act like others who actually complain, it isn’t gonna work. Tomb Raider games don’t look like that.

          • Says the guy who replies within a few hours of me replying. Like I don’t know you’re endlessly stalking this page.

  9. Isn’t it clear that Animo has made enough money from BTQ to retire happily? That artist is surely done for, it’s been time to move on for a long while. Actually most people from the comments section did.

    Also, слава Україні та смерть руснявим свинособакам! Все руснявые свинособаки, кто это читает, сделайте миру одолжение и пойдите выбросьтесь из окна!

  10. By the way, has anyone notice how since P4 the interrogator started saying more and more retarded things? On the other hand, Animo and VA might know better from their experience what one says when fucked by a horse.

    Также напоминаю, что руснявые свинособаки – куски говна, способные только дрочить и ныть, что им не хватает бесплатного порно. Если какая-нибудь руснявая свинособака это читает, советую ей объесться насмерть собственным говном.

  11. Did you know? The comments from late February projected this release into April.

  12. I’m sorry brother, do you know how to make a video of a woman cleaning the horse’s stall while bending down, the horse is filled with the desire to desire her, then the horse forcefully inserts his penis without the woman’s knowledge, then continues to insert it into her anus, it will be very cool

  13. This is not in the released videos section , but these kind of things should be the most important! This is GREAT!!!

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