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Ok, here it is!
Fourth part of BTQ series here!
The longest part so far – all characters were “used” in the action scenes, so it was harder to animate.

Huge thanks to my supporters, who’s making these videos possible!


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527 Responses

  1. Lol this wasn’t even worth the wait. All this delay for barely any dialogue and you can tell you changed voice actresses. Def wasnt that great at all.

    • okay, first off who cares about the dialogue it’s porn. secondly shut the fuck up it’s free and he spent years on this, you have no right to complain

    • I’m just trying to figure out how you managed to watch all of it when, at the time of this comment, the video has only been up for about 25 minutes and it’s a 35 minute video.
      Sounds more like Anon is just a loser who has nothing better to do than complain about free content.

      • Not going to lie though, compared to the other ones? This one was a pretty big disappointment. He’s got a point with his complaints. Besides, animopron was milking us for support money, unnecessarily delaying the wait. I get it, he wants compensation for his work, but he ain’t EA

        • Nigga it ain’t like you actually paid any money so shut your broke ass the fuck up

          • So I did the math. Times = Money right? This guy teased us but kept delaying the actual release date weeks on end. So MATHEMATICALLY we did pay money in the form of time.

          • Ya’ll broke people will say anything to justify complaining about free porn lmao get a life you virgin queer boys

      • Free my ass this nigga getting 20k a month for this shit, the more he delays the more money he makes

    • I have never seen so many people complain so much about not enjoying something that they basically got for free and did not have to watch if they did not like it.

      • Great job Animo congrats… I’m curious to see what idea would be in the next 5th episode.. those holes are wrecked, that 🐎 can’t destroy them in “normal”fucking way is needed something new perv. something like DAP,DPP or fucking head(skull 💀) to stretch those holes to the max., no matter which bitch is ,my opinion, cheers

        • Remember that potion? Maybe Quiet will put too much potion on Brutus’ dick which will make it go to overcharge mode and thus destroying the holes even more and/or his dick…

  2. yeah i do, also to mr smart pants two comments up…. Shush there’s a ton of effort put into this.

    • its probably too many ppl playing the video right now lol im also getting html5 error i guess we gotta wait for the download link, anyways i want to Thank Animopron and anyone else who Contributed in the making of this video Again Thank you so much

    • There is something about this part that made me nut 3 times as hard than usual, also P5?!

  3. I didn’t see more than 5 min cause then “html5: Network error” appears, my net is 100/100 Mb stable so there is some problem with the site, when will be the download links available ?

  4. Yeah, theres some more issuses than too many people trying the same thing. I’m getting an error, which is very peculiar.

  5. I got to watch a little of it but now everytime I click on it it ses somthing can’t be found so I can’t finish watching it

  6. There cant be many people who are here for the 2 am release of fetish porn, how badly optimized is this website if its having a hard time handling a small influx of people…

  7. Gracias amigo por traernos esta parte, no tengo tarjeta de crédito pero cuando la saque te donó!

  8. Iam a little confused didn’t you say part 4 will be the last one? That Iam complaining

      • 50k views in an hour, that’s bang average for a website, and if it can’t handle it then the website is useless

        • Now multiply 2 GBs, on 50 000, during 1 hour. Of course the website is going to have problems…
          I’m uploading a torrent file now, wait.

          • Thank you so much for your incredible work! Naughtymachinima has updated their embedded player to a modern one that supports multiple qualities up to 720p and longer videos; may I humbly suggest that you upload this to your account there as well.

          • You doing good stuff man. Are we going to see some more wrecked wholes?

      • Most likely not… It takes a wgule go make a character model as it is, and two, an ebony chick wouldnt even go with the story. So 100% not. Would be hot tho.

  9. Rule34 is very, very slow to load videos. I’ve been carrying it for a while and I’m still waiting …

  10. Thank you for the hard work Animo! Ignore all the incels constantly complaining about anything they’re pathetic.

  11. LMAO you’re so terrible, failing every deadline. Even when u’re late u manage to be even more late. All that for this result

    • Wow how much of an ass can be? Animo I wanted to ensure a high quality video for FREE and all You had to do is wait 1 more week and jerk off to something else. With 50k ppl suddenly watching 1 video of course it’s gonna be slow as fuck.

      • Bruh think about it. He said he needed audio bites for the FREE release but had already released it to patreon. So what did he release to his paying customers a unfinished product? I’m not saying it’s not great that it’s free but the fact that it seems quite obvious he is trying juice his patrons for money. Also i can’t even watch the video it says HTML not found so it’s not a matter of “50k people watching” at this point but a possible corruption of the video, a poor choice of site or various other factors informing the issue but the matter still remains that the dude said he released the video to his patrons but still claimed it incomplete does that make sense to you?

    • You’re complaining about your delay for free fetish porn… Lmfao actually pathetic

  12. so many ppl watching it even the download speed is slow
    but i can tell its something special

    • it says “To be continued” at the end. If P5 is released it will probably be in about a year or so.

  13. Missed deadline after missed deadline. Excuse after excuse. Now that it’s up, it’s not even watchable. Dude… Come on. You knew the following and views this would pull, so why use a platform that wouldn’t be able to handle it.

    • thats fcking right
      >week delay for public
      >half a week delay
      >delay till near weekend
      >delay till sunday
      >delay till the monday morning

      now rule34video doesn’t work and upload speed on torrent is catastrophically slow

      • “Oh no! My free, quality horse porn that I don’t pay a fucking penny for was delayed like three days!!! NOOO!!!!”” -you faggots crying

        • you call that quality
          well i guess your faggot ass accepts anything
          don’t drag us to your poor taste

  14. The fucking mad lad! And I that was finally happy to be free from the wait of this series! Not really complaining tho… I guess we go back to wait


  16. awesome video as always! Great job man! Don’t worry about some of the angst in the comments, they’re just grumpy because they’ve been waiting for more of your stuff. Keep up the great work, looking forward to the next one

    Also, was there music way way down in the background? It sounded like there was some atmospheric audio down there but I couldn’t quite tell.

  17. i just wanna say im sorry for all the ungrateful people getting made at you for free content i wouldn’t blame you if you just stopped after this with the sort of treatment you’re getting. I mean you can’t please everyone, sure, but it’s kind of comical seeing so many people get mad about porn?????????

    anyway thanks for your hard work. a few more hours or so of waiting won’t hurt to see if the problem gets fixed. or even a few more days. whatever. It’s just porn.

      • It’s really funny. Like how are you this upset about free porn? Quality porn at that. Go fucking kill yourself if that’s all you have to bitch about, you penniless fat fucks.

      • I’m just sensible and realize its just porn that I’m not even entitled to because its free

        • Not entitled to? Thanks to us horny bestiality freaks he actually has a large following and earns 20k+ dollars each month. this guy made around 1/4th or 1/5th of a million in the time he was making this. This guy earns more than a surgeon would earn in a goddamn year.
          Animo is just milking his subscribers and his fans(us) and you know it. \
          Now wipe animo’s horse jizz off your face and realise it you moron.

    • Because we are suppose to just be positive about everything and suck someone’s dick out of fear of telling the truth? Just because its porn doesn’t mean it should suck. LOL if half the artist I supported thought like u did, I would have no respect nor faith in their ability to produce what they do. Porn shouldn’t Equate to shittiness. Hell there are erotic novalist that take their work seriously, pornographic artist should do the damn same.

  18. wtf i download this via torrent with upload 150 KB/s and seeding 2 MB/s ????

    • Yeah?? I thoug this will be the last part but at the end of the video there was “to be continued…”

  19. holy fuck you guys really wanted to jerk off huh. I guess imma go tomorrow when I wake up and hopefully everyone is off

  20. gods, one last scene of her doing her own will was perfect, congratulations very good job, worth the wait, hugs from brazil

  21. Can you do something with a horse getting his ass licked by a girl in the future? It would be so cool to see a big horse pushing his asshole against an innocent girl’s face 🤤

  22. We need a live action starting Roxy Raye as Quiet and Proxy Page (dyed black hair) as the handler.

  23. YES! Man, i and many other people love u! Ur animations the best, what i have ever seen before!

  24. @AnimePron
    Thanks for the free amazing quality content, ignore the negativity in here, people are just angry horny. Continued congratulations on completing creative projects, a lot of work and dedication.

  25. So who’s gonna merge the 1080 soundless version with the sound of this :D?

  26. So my boner died some 40 seconds before the cumshot cuz it was boring af. Said I’ll wait for the next one, I mean she already full, might fill her up a little more while skullfucking, that would be dope. 2nd cumshot never came, not even while he was fucking Quiet again. Absolute garbage, all action ends after 14 minutes. I’m honestly pissed I had to wait so long for something so lame…

    • Bro just because you’ve got ED doesn’t mean the rest of us didn’t like it. There were two cumshots in the video, you retard, what the fuck were you watching?

  27. Really enjoyed the first penetration scene, especially when she pissed herself everytime his cock went in. That was amazing. I myself wasn’t a fan of her looking pregnant the rest of the video, but that’s my preference. The blowjob in first person was hot, but from the other camera angles it just looked off, her mouth all warped. The final anal act was pretty damn amazing, especially when he slipped out and made Quiet piss herself.

    Voice acting and sound effects were very decent and a step up from previous parts imho. Overall I enjoyed it, but there definitely was a lack of cum. Just a single creampie that was saved but never used is a little underwhelming.

  28. I posted this before but just in case, Just a recommendation for next episode but maybe a triple anal penetration either one can have the dildo where later into it ya bo lifts up both of the sluts with his cock so we can see their asses getting fucked clearly while they hold up each others legs for a nice view. Of course is was alluded in episode 2 cause the horse is a man of culture but alas it didn’t happened. Hopefully this gets seen and done.

  29. Thank you, I will happy to watch you videos its realy cool and I hope you make more videos.In these reality.I want to be In a dream I want to become a girl from the video so that it is viral and in the future people would have sex with anthropomorphic aliens

  30. it was good but it kinda sucks the interragor didn’t get totally destroyed by brutus.

  31. Jesus fucking Christ, man. Art takes time. I get it. Take all of it you need. I’m happy to wait.
    But for the love of fucking GOD. STOP posting release dates you can’t meet. You’ve had plenty of release experience now but it’s still happening with EVERY SINGLE RELEASE of yours.
    Alright guys, next week.
    Whoops, halfway through the week after.
    Whoops, end of the week.
    Whoops, end of the weekend.
    Whoops, midnight Sunday-Monday.
    Whoops, when I wake up.
    It’s extremely annoying behavior, just fucking post a later release date initially and sit on the finished product if you have to, but please, no more of this cancerous behavior.

    • It`s pretty clear that he`s delaying just so he can milk his patrons as much as he can .

    • LOL he turned off his comments because he knew he was going to get attacked for doing that.

      • Exactly, sure this guy is doing lucifer’s work by providing us with sinful porn but boyyy is he milking his fans and subscribers.

      • They turn off the comments every Subscribestar release to avoid spoilers you fucking retarded nigger

    • It’s out now so why the fuck are you still crying, asshole? It’s free, it’s not cost you a fucking penny that you clearly couldn’t afford anyways.

      • If you read my fucking comment, asshole, you’d exactly see why. I’m not even crying about getting milked or anything, dumb retard.

  32. Nice work as always. I’ll be eagerly waiting for part 5. Ignore all the idiots that are complaining about free stuff.

  33. Longest episode of the series yet nothing happened. Only 1 cumshot. 1 facefuck 1 assfuck without cumshot, boring as fuck. Creator is lazy as fuck breaking release dates by 8 days with the only apology being ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Not worth the time even if it is free.

  34. part 1 – 2 – 3 was definitely better, and can you say ,why this woman’s body was suddenly sagging. only beautiful after 28 minutes . thank you a lot of effort

  35. Holy fucking shit!!!!! U got Chinese subtitles in the video??!!!!
    Damn!!!! you really taking care of the global animoporn lovers
    Nice work man!!! Love you!

  36. Ngl, a little disappointed that there’s only 1 cumshot. Yeah I know that you were using more animation in this one, but it just felt..lackluster. Maybe part 2s gonna prove me wrong.

    • A legenda em pt-br está disponível pra baixar pelo torrent, não sei se também tá disponível no google drive ou no mega, mas talvez também esteja.

    • “BTQ_4_720p.rar” file from “Mega” web service already has the “.\BTQ_4_720p\BTQ_4_720p.pt-BR.srt” subtitles included.

  37. Didnt watched it but it is amazing you doing all this work for free to complaining freeloaders. What 3d software are you using?

    • Using the word “freeloader” when your out right kissing ass. I wouldn’t pay this guy shit for all the delaying he does, none of the other animators I know of does that, Add on top of the fact this was complete failure. At least the other one had Quiet getting dicked hard with a strap on, this one didnt have any of that. It was just the horse on loop doing her in the mouth 60% of the damn time followed by a weak ass fist scene.

      • i am doing 3d modeling and animating too. so i know how much time is behind that work.
        you would spend hundreds or thousands of hours for free to complaining people ?

      • Imagine writing all this to justify being a broke crybaby bitch. Get a job, fat boy.

  38. Really good ngl pretty disappointed we didt get to see other girl get it in the ass it’s what I was waiting for welp maybe next year

  39. Thanks for the release, I liked a lot, I just found two little things odd, but isn’t like they are important, it’s just my opinion.
    When the mistress was tied up and brutus was doing his thing around 09:30, the low camera angle was weird because it showed her pussy beeing streched so far out of her body that the vagina model was deforming in a weird way… I don’t know, I though it was weird. Also the mistress baloon belly was too flacid in my opinion, but other than that, there is nothing else to me to complain, amazing job, great work, thanks again for the release XD

  40. Dude just wanna say thanks SO FRICKIN MUCH for all them vids!! You’re literally the ONLY creator out there producing videos this long and detailed (especially regarding fluids).

    Maybe we can get something different for the next series? I’m thinking Ahri or D.va with a giant dog or werewolf, mainly cause i haven’t seen any animations (at least ones longer than five minutes) with those two.

    Can we change the setting too? Probably something tender/sensual/loving, a complete 180 to BTQ (you know, candles and rose petals with sensual blowjobs, rimjobs and vanilla sex); which gradually degrades into a rough, sweaty fuckfest with extreme knotting in all three holes!?!!

    Hell, why not spice stuff up and use TWO girls or TWO beasts while you’re at it? No limits to 3D porn but your imagination and your computer’s processing power (both of which seem to be EXTREMELY high)!
    ANYhoo… keep up the good work Animo!
    Will be keeping my eyes peeled for your future works!!

  41. 2 questions.
    1. You said this is last part but it says to be continued.
    2. After this you will focus on a game. But as it says to be continued, whats next?

  42. Please release pr please it’s humble request to you 🙏 please please please please please please please please please please please please please please 😭 and make more parts 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 #BIGFANS

  43. Could we please have a version without the farting noises? They are pretty fucking gross.

  44. i’m glad it finally got released but i’ll be honest it was nothing new or special in anyway, all the criticism is valid, this was a weak entry felt like a rehash, this is part 4 btw, i thought there was going to be a conclusion, don’t get me wrong the quality and production was top notch and a lot of effort went into it no doubt but still it felt lacking and i thought i was the only one who felt that way but going through the comment section i realized a lot of you feel the same way, that to be continued was like WTF? and those who are defending it by saying its free and we shouldn’t complain can get fucked by Brutus. i just feel bad for the supporters.

  45. First of all thank you for another part of BTQ. Nevertheless, I still have two questions: 1. At the end of part 3, the horse sperm pours out of the bucket, the sperm evaporates on her and suddenly she has unexpected powers to free herself, I hope this clears up in part 4, but did not her horse sperm powers, or is she maybe a demon? Thanks for an answer.

  46. Any way to get the 1080p version without a credit card, paypal maybe? subscribestar only takes credit cards

  47. The animations are crazily detailed. That guy could make his own mainstream animation movie.
    And I disagree that “this is just more of the same”. We’ve got a vaginal creampie!

    Couldn’t help but smile at the thought of some broad recording that in her basement, though. “Oh, it’s too big, get it out!”

    • “BTQ_4_720p.rar” file from “Mega” web service already has the “.\BTQ_4_720p\BTQ_4_720p.pt-BR.srt” subtitles included.

  48. People on here insulting people just for commenting negatively about it, get over it. Not everyone has to kiss ass and post a positive comments. I swear you assholes act like the bitches from Twitter, always attacking people for no damn reason. This was a serious disappointment, and people do have a right to address this regardless if it’s free or they paid for it. I swear the people talking shit act like Antifa. Act tough in Blue States but wont show the fuck up in Red States were people are everyone is armed.

  49. Listen man, I’m sorry, but I don’t need a degree in 3D Animation to know that “using all the characters” doesn’t add to the animation time. You’ve been using all the characters since part 1, yet you’ve taken progressively longer and longer each time despite no increase in quality nor quantity. Liquid simulations take time to render, this I know, but you only have one liquid simulation per video practically, which doesn’t make them a good excuse for the increases in wait time. There’s been no obvious increase in quality, so that shouldn’t add to the time either, and if you were animating frame by frame then I’d be inclined to believe that the extra five minutes would have added dramatically, but you’re using a 3d physics engine that doesn’t require frame by frame input.

    I don’t think people would be so mad with long wait times if you provided proof of what every delay is rather than posting another still frame or gif that you can make in no time at all every single time you post just to let people know you’re still alive.

    • There is a lot of liquids simulation in this latest animation. i don’t want to put in too many spoilers but the first scene with the bottle is both the filling and the emptying fir instance. and there we are just a few minutes in.
      Also compare the Laura videos with this one and there is a substantial difference in amount of props, hair and textures, as well as a second actress.
      I agree with you that setting deadlines and consistently failing to meet them is bad form, but unless you are a supporter, he is providing this service for free.
      I am personally not a supporter because of the deadlines and Animopron being too anal focused for me. However i do appreciate his free content.

    • Each of your points shows that you don’t know nothing about animating, true.

      • Make more parts breaking the quiet please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏animoporn and please reply once

      • Idk why you even read, let alone reply to, these retarded ass comments. So many morons that think this is the same as making some shitty 20fps Flash animation or something.

  50. First release to supporters: no sound. Freebies: “WAIT TWO MORE WEEKS TO HAVE A GOOD SOUND”. Well…. bullshit!! More of same. Looping scenes with no real action. PUT THIS HORSE TO CUM. You must hire Micheal Bay to have some action here.

  51. Finally some pussy action. I am guessing the finale will be anal as it usually is with you, however i think there is room for one more shot in her womb.
    Perhaps after Brutus comes in her ass the potion breaks on his cock and he is instantly hard and in a frenzy and jams in again hard but hits the butt plug instead and jams that into her womb, fucking her hard. As he fucks her hard the cum in her intestines is pushed out with every thrust from her ass, mouth and nose. Finally he comes in her womb again, inflating her bigger than ever.
    As she empties the buttplug gets stuck in her opening. Quiet sticks a hand or better two hands up her ass and pushes it from the inside. it shoots out and the cum overflows first the one bucket and then a second. Ending shot of the butt plug on the floor with the 20 inches band that was on Brutus’s plug around it, this has somehow happened inside the interrogator. Fade out and to ben continued…

  52. Please make a version with blood. Brutus’s cock should’ve been red after raping the interrogator.

  53. LOVED it, especially when Quiet started to push back and fuck Brutus herself, that was amazing! Pls consider Horsecock Futa in your future, it combines all that is best in terms of degenerated porn.

  54. This shit is pretty good. i wonder if u cud put it in an animation portfolio.

  55. I still love “Lara” series more than this. I know graphics has been improved A LOT but it comes with a cost! After more than a Fucking year you got bunch of looped animations! Who cares for that fluid simulation if there is just one Cumshot! I miss lara with those X-RAY, ATWT,multi Cumshot… Low graphic with powerful Fetish/fantasy not high quality and boring!

  56. Thank you for your work.
    Would you be willing to do an Egg Laying one or Wolf/Dog one next?

  57. What if he deleted the video from the site to postpone the release even more so he could get even more money, but using some shitty excuse as always so people wont get suspicious? Lol

  58. huge thanks for you. For real, and i swaer that you are the best animator I have ever seen.

  59. Amazing! Now the finale a lesbian/bestiality ending :3 Sr my english is very bad xD

  60. Thank you for all your hard work, Animo.
    Sorry about the “delightful” folk who feel entitled to complain endlessly about something they’re getting for free.

    • I mean, we have the right to complain. Just because it`s free, it doesn`t mean that it`s immune to criticism.

      • Yes. But “The hair clips through the shoulders” is criticism. “The bulge doesn’t seem to be in the right place” is criticism. Even “I had hoped it would be more intense by this episode” is criticism.

        Variants on “You’re a terrible person”, comments in ignorance about how long creating a work “should” take, assumptions about the crass motives or intentions of someone who is, again, providing something that took a lot of time and effort, for FREE, for which they are offered insults… That’s just complaining.

        And they still have the “right” to do that… But they’re saying way more about the kind of people *they* are than about the work or its creator. And in as much as that caustic, attention-seeking, trollish nonsense serves to demotivate and dissuade people from offering up their carefully crafted work, for free, they’re the bane of everyone’s existence and need to take a long hard look in a mirror.

      • Yeah but it really takes away from any stupid complaints you have when it’s fucking free you jackass.

  61. I like how half of comments are just normal toxic comments you usually see here where the other half is as exited as nasa when Neil Armstrong and his crew landed on the moon

  62. So, a Part 5 is coming? Nice. With the tables turned and now Quiet with the horse of the Mistress, I think this series have potential again, specially with the new playthings, like the potion, and the idea about Quiet restoring forces with the semen. Is funnier than the Part No. 3. I would like to think the horse have more potions in the bag, more playtoys, or something else.

  63. Are you really under the impression that after all this time, with much reusable stuff, these videos would take a year to make?
    I don’t think so, look at how much of the animation is repeated in all videos, with different angles.
    1. The stuff is good
    2. It doesn’t take that much to do this
    2. He’s milking patrons

    • Are you under the impression that this was a clever comment? We all know that it doesn’t take him a whole year to make these videos alone. It takes this long because he is simultaniously developing a game. which he told us right before he started making part 4, along with showing us some pre-alpha footage

    • Dude, I bet Animo has a Life beyond creating free porn for everyone. If you like, you can dedicate your life to this task. But it seems like you wont accomplish nothing more than wanking and complaining…

    • 1. They don’t utilize Patreon, you retard
      2. Subscribers are all voulenteers, nobody is forced to pay anything
      3. You clearly know absolutely nothing about this type of animation
      4. Kill yourself, homo

  64. Just out of curiosity, why aren’t you also uploading it to pornhub? They have better servers and it’ll land there sooner or later anyway.

    • Because sex with animal is illegal in many country (even if it’s not real).

  65. I personally don’t think that it should have so many parts, and I think you might be beating a dead horse with this one (pun intended).

  66. You did a real great work!
    And you get better and better !
    I´m waiting now for part 5
    Greetings from Dirty Old Germany

  67. Yaay finally I love the voice of quiet in this one, Idk why
    Great work, I’m hyped for the next one!

  68. The one who translated the subtitles into Russian – messed up with the file: Aegisub swears at the position with copyright at the end, and the video player swears at two positions with missing commas in the time cutoffs. Those who have a problem with subtitles – edit the file in Notepad.

  69. excellent scene congratulations on your work, I’m looking forward to the next episode. thanks for the caption pr / br, hugs all good

  70. Best part – Quiet rimming the horses asshole! Any alpha male would enjoy this. Keep up the good work Animopron!

  71. For the next video, an idea for consideration would be to integrate pee. Maybe have Quiet pee into the bottle and make mistress drink it, or vice versa, or integrate horse pee. Also, would be good to see the scene convert from a competition between the 2 girls into a realization that they both need brutus so they need to share, aka 3some. And they need to drink all of Brutus fluids.

  72. Not as much wrecked wholes as i hoped and no real prolapse but it is still pretty hot. Monumental work either way!

  73. Come on man I’m a big fan of your work, your 3d animations are the best, but when you released the part 3 you said that this gonna be the last episode. How much I’m gonna have to wait to see the end? Am I going to wait a whole fucking year with my dick on my hand to see the part 5? I don’t even know if I will survive this fucking corona vírus…

  74. SOMEONE’S know it’s gmail I’d
    Does anyone know please hlep I want to talk to him please

  75. Outastanding masterpies as always.. this episode was amazing.. Great rendering and graphic, Quite steal the scene despite she’s not under the focus.. Seeing the character face make a big difference, aslo she got sexier body then interrogator.. quite has stunning ass,legs and feet.. she slimmer.. Scen wise.. when Quite lick Brutus ass to make him hornier that was absolute teasing masterpice..would be amazing indulge more, getting deeper in brutus prostate.. the way Quite moves/sashay and tease the stallion.. when she bend over showing Brutus her ass and slapping it…Or in the finale when she stick the giant stud inside her… the way Quite moan during the entire scene (except for her own anal cause she come out with hentay voice which is boring).
    sounds in general except for the anal scen voice of quite are amazing. Everything else is absolute beauty and porn masterpiece..
    Thanks so much for your long hard work.. bilions of children wont born cause of that.. Love it.. love you men.. You are a true amazing artist

  76. Watched it yesterday night and I have to say I’m impressed! It’s more realistic than ever yet can break the border of reality. The voice acting is perfect, the fart sounds are a bit much for me but fine. I missed the second cumshot too and no idea how this will end in the final part see you next year!

    • That will probably be in PART 5 remember this new video was spilt into two parts and she has the vile in her handgun pouch so she will defo be using it again

  77. Compared to the other, this one was disappointing. Missed the anal play, gape and prolapses he did before.
    Now, as i complained I’ll have to support him.

  78. Absolutely awesome, amazing effort.
    I thought it was last one but guess not, wonder what’s next, I’m hoping his twin wanders in as I’d love to see either of the girls getting spit roasted.
    Seriously good talent

  79. For the love of god. Please tell me this is the final BTQ movie. Lara with Horse 2 was so much better.

  80. Man, you’re simple awesome
    please keep doing you good job!!
    thank you a lot for share with us

  81. Hi Animepron. whats plan with next project? milf with big boobs? with a horse or tell us a bot about your next project, btw thanks for awesome BTQ!

  82. I am really missing the creativity here. The “Story” overall made no sence, i mean, just let it be 2 bored girls and one horse. It was just annoying and not authentic to constantly hear the “investigator” or what you call it.
    And except the ending, it wasn’t worth the time u wasted for it.

  83. What’s the fucking point of being a subscriber if non-subscribers get the finished product at the same time as loyal subscribers?


    • You get more W.I.P.s and the video in 1080p
      I don’t see the problem here. Also, you probably aren’t ever a suscriber.

    • So why don’t you just post it on his supporter page ?, he read this comment here.

  84. not worth the wait or money at all
    “the longest one”? yeah it is but it has the least scenes
    how is it possible, simple strech one scene to 8 fucking minutes
    really obvious he’s milking this shit

    • You didn’t pay a penny lmfao “not worth the money” shut the fuck up lol

      • list cuck
        i doesn’t matter if i payed for it or not its about him delaying and milking patreon for a half assed work
        and btw i do pay for it so shove it up yours cunt

  85. Everyone shouldn’t complain that it’s free. We should admire the enthusiasm and technology of aminopron.

  86. Holy shit that is fucking AMAZING!
    I personally really, really loved the PoV parts, just wish we could’ve seen Quiet’s point of view when she was rubbing her face in Brutus’s balls and rimming him.
    I can’t wait for the next part, hope we don’t have to wait too long for it.

  87. Can someone explain why there was so much delay if an already completely finished version had already been released?

    • he needed to add sound. but for some reason, every single one of his releases has problems every single time, and even after, what, 8 full releases? he still doesnt see them coming and sets impossible dates for himself, resulting in 5 delays rather than just give himself more time in the first place and not blueball everyone 5 times over

    • Bro it was like a week shut the fuck up and fap, it’s out now so why the hell are you crying like a little baby

      • I doubt that they’re a female, but girls absolutely do watch this shit, never met one of those insane horse girls? Well, you probably haven’t, but still.

        • These are actresses. Regardless of weather girls watch porn or not it won’t matter to us. Just pay no imploance.

  88. So many crying morons in this thread.

    1. Animo has a life, unlike most of you dickless shitlords
    2. You know literally nothing about animation on this scale, especially done by one person
    3. All subscribers are volunteers, this porn is entirely free
    4. You didn’t pay a penny, so nobody cares about your worthless suggestions or opinions

    • “35 Minutes RAW Material”
      Literally the Last 2 Minutes are “thank u my Money slaves”
      “Sry i have to delay it. The Last 2 Minutes are so hard to Animate”
      Quite getting fcked in the Most boring way ever.

      ‘why do U complain… Its free’
      Well First of all He isnt doing it for free. He gets a Shit load of Money every month thats why He is doing it.

      ‘well at least He does Something Like that for U perverts’
      There are at least 200 ppl who are much Better and actually really for free and dont need 1 year for 1 Shitty Episode.

      ‘well you are Just Jealous because He is Able to do Stuff Like this and U not’
      Well hello. Im in my 20’s and i’ve worked with many mobile Game Publisher together. The Money animogreed earns isnt even remotely Close.

      But good Luck at getting cucked by him for another Few years

        • Yes this is correct. So what I suggest is delete your pledge and delete your opinion here and stop existing anywhere near him his page, his video and anywhere he is paying for the domain to host it.

    • i feel for your generation
      it’s 2020. there is vastly better 3D quality porn than here
      his paid supporters are mostly hypes / rando name gens
      he doesn’t work alone on most projects
      all delays are to string along until another cycle of payment is received from his dying supporters
      this place peaked around lara horse ep3 and has been a downward trend since
      most comments are anons bitching about release dates and nothing else
      i stopped paying him after lara horse ep 2 after i and many others figured out his business formula

      hype release / useless poll / drop a looped gif or picture from near finished product / j-j-oin my club and get more pics guys / claim it’s not done / oops editing error / need more time for sound guys / but you said it was gonna be done “this weekend”/ lol real life one man show g-g-guys / rando issue / 3 weeks later another teaser clip from the cum scene/ angry paid supporter posts screens to subRs stating work been done for weeks / milk support for a bit more money / finally release weeks or months old completed work as new / instantly pirated and uploaded to various hentai sites and chans / SAME FUCKING CLIPS FROM MONTHS AGO / public idiots too stupid to find the paid version bitch about their free one / o-o-ok guys this week promise / oops i forgot / still not done / but released the paid one two weeks ago how is it not done / releases public version weeks later after a compressed delay cycle / many cases the FREE one is vastly better quality than given to his paid supporters / h–h-holy shit 4chan/reddit anon wasn’t lying, it’ the same shit from 3 months ago when he said it wasn’t done

      • Where is all this “vastly better” 3d porn for free? Someone else above you also said there was at least 200 people producing better animations than Animo for free. Please give me some referrals! I haven’t found anything better than his stuff yet, but then I don’t really know where to look.

  89. Just some guidance ONLY for those of you who’d like to cut any given fragment out of BTQ4 and get rid of it without any transcoding, e.g. the nasty rimming of Brutus’s shitty anus at 0:19:29-0:20:27 – as I already announced it in January ( https://animopron.com/2020/01/27/3-new-renders-3/ ).
    Few assumptions first:
    1. All the following commands are performed in a “Command Prompt” window under MS Windows (even as old as “XP”) in the folder path “d:\FFmpeg” for simplicity.
    2. Download and install/unpack/unzip/build the “FFmpeg” command tool (a kind of freeware) in a version not older than “N-71959-g9253cc4 (…) built with gcc 4.9.2” (May 2015) to the folder mentioned above.
    3. Download the AnimoPron’s BTQ4 from the “Mega” web service (“BTQ_4_720p.rar” 2.56GB; as I did with Google Chrome for this guidance) and put the file named “BTQ_4_720p.mp4” into the same folder mentioned above. The BTQ4 file details are as follows:
    File size: 2736439853 bytes;
    Duration: 00:35:30.22, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 10276 kb/s
    Stream #0:0(eng): Video: h264 (Main) (avc1 / 0x31637661), yuv420p(tv), 1280×720 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], 9953 kb/s, 50 fps, 50 tbr, 50k tbn, 100 tbc (default)
    Stream #0:1(eng): Audio: aac (LC) (mp4a / 0x6134706D), 48000 Hz, stereo, fltp, 317 kb/s (default)
    4. There should be enough free space on the disk for data processing – 3,5x the file size at least.
    5. Your discretion is strongly advised! If you’re following my instructions (or anybody else’s, including my impostors!), then you’re doing it at your own risk.

    1. Start/open a “Command Prompt” window and type there:
    cd /d D:\FFmpeg
    …and the command prompt should be showing now:
    2. Check if it matches the assumptions no. 2, 3 and 4 by typing:
    dir “BTQ_4_720p.mp4”
    …for the file size and free disk space and…
    bin\ffmpeg.exe -i “BTQ_4_720p.mp4”
    …for all the other data worth checking to be sure of satisfying results.
    3. Get the starting (“BTQ4_inout_1.mp4”) and the ending (“BTQ4_inout_2.mp4”) part (without any transcoding) excluding the removed fragment with:
    bin\ffmpeg.exe -i “BTQ_4_720p.mp4” -to 0:19:29.340 -c copy “BTQ4_inout_1.mp4” -ss 0:20:26.720 -c copy “BTQ4_inout_2.mp4”
    4. Prepare the text file (“BTQ4_list.txt”) for lossless joining process with these 3 commands:
    echo # “bin\ffmpeg.exe” -f concat -safe 0 -i “BTQ4_list.txt” -c copy “Breaking The Quiet 4 – Animopron (EDITED).mp4″>”BTQ4_list.txt”
    echo file ‘BTQ4_inout_1.mp4’>>”BTQ4_list.txt”
    echo file ‘BTQ4_inout_2.mp4’>>”BTQ4_list.txt”
    …and check its contents visually…
    type “BTQ4_list.txt”
    5. Get the final result by lossless joining with:
    bin\ffmpeg.exe -f concat -safe 0 -i “BTQ4_list.txt” -c copy “Breaking The Quiet 4 – Animopron (EDITED).mp4”
    …and check the file “Breaking The Quiet 4 – Animopron (EDITED).mp4” in any video player especially around the starting time point of the just removed fragment.
    6. If you’re satisfied with the result, then remove the no longer needed files with these commands:
    del BTQ4_inout_1.mp4 BTQ4_inout_2.mp4
    del BTQ4_list.txt BTQ4_frames.txt
    …and optionally replace the original BTQ4 file with the edited one…
    del “BTQ_4_720p.mp4”
    ren “Breaking The Quiet 4 – Animopron (EDITED).mp4” “BTQ_4_720p.mp4”
    7. If you’re not satisfied with the result, then use the note no. 7 or 5 and repeat the process adjusting any of points to your particular needs.

    1. This is just an example until AnimoPron decides to release their own nice version without any crappy moments like this one mentioned here.
    2. This whole process is lossless (without any transcoding) for both streams (video and audio) so it should be almost as fast as simple file copying.
    3. The available SRT files with subtitles won’t match after cutting any fragment out of the original MP4 file – edit any of the SRT files with any text editor on your own if you need subtitles in a language that is already available.
    4. I’ve double checked it and it works for me just fine. If it doesn’t work for you, then it’s because of your fault most probably. Basically your problems are not my problems.
    5. If you have any problems or any further questions, then search the internet for working solutions or satisfying answers.
    6. I shall not upload my modified version anywhere because my upload bandwidth is even more shitty than the crappy moment removed in this guidance. I’m sure all the judgemental experts that are present here can do it correctly step by step by their own.
    7. If you want to perform this procedure on a different file (e.g. Full HD available for subscribers), then you’ll just have to adjust the time points related to certain video frames obtained with the command:
    bin\ffprobe.exe -hide_banner -select_streams v -show_entries frame=key_frame,pkt_pts_time,pkt_dts_time,pkt_size,pict_type -of csv=nk=0:p=0 -sexagesimal -read_intervals 0:19:24%0:20:32 “BTQ_4_720p.mp4″ >”BTQ4_frames.txt”
    …shifting the starting point ca. -5s and the ending point ca. +5s in this command to get the resulting TXT file (take a look into it!) with some margins and flexibility of choices.
    8. I shall reply ONLY KINDLY and only to some of the polite comments – excluding all the haters, impostors or comments “ad personam” or with unconstructive/destructive criticism etc. which I shall NOT RESPOND AT ALL and just ignore entirely like I’ve already been doing for last 2 or 3 months successfully.

    • Just skip ahead you retarded faggot, why the fuck did you write all of this lmao get a life homo

      • Because I am a gigantic man-baby fat boy that loves horse porn almost as much as eating shit/rimjobs. I live in my mother’s basement and do nothing but act like a total piece of shit on the internet.

  90. Nice work, liked the anatomic details of the pussy while being eaten. Some more gapes would be fine. In the first part at the beginning when the pussy opened was superb.

  91. Thank U AnimoPron!
    Your video are always so high quality and have fun to watch.

    But after all this LARA and QUIET, my suggestion is maybe you can find some guy to make a really good script, that will let your masterpiece more hot and epic.

  92. Hey if you said this is the final part then why to be continued in the last? Is there going to be another part? If yes then how long? 1yr?

    • He said before that this part would be divided into two parts (basically part “5” will be the last one)

  93. Shit porn. why was the pov female when most people who watch it are male?

    Im unsubscribing from the patreon.

  94. It’s weird. The parts get longer and longer, yet there is less and less happening per episode.

  95. I am curious. What’s next after this? Are those two going to make up or something? I would love to see the main character have an antidote for quiet so they can talk,and !maybe have a little bit of some lesbian kissing action. Idk. But if it goes for season 2 of the series I’m all for it. Just one request. Can you make Episode 5 where she unties her? Just a request

    • Also. If part two does happen… Do you think you can make quiet be nice to her?

    • I would love to see them sharing brutus willingly. Maybe some double penetration, have Quiet fuck the interrogator’s ass with the strapon while laying on the table and have brutus fuck her pussy

  96. Everyone type #aminopornmakepart5
    Everyone type then amino replies

  97. Top shelf mate. Watching quiet trying to take it to the hilt makes me wanna rape my anus with huge dildos. Im trying to make it bloom.

  98. For anyone bitching, know this what he has done and achieved is amazing, he has serious skill and talent this kind of animation or rendering is very difficult and time consuming not 5 mins work, I applaud your skill and honestly knowing the time you would have spent let alone the hardware in your computer to do it is paint me impressed well done sir and deepest thanks

    • I would love to see his twin wander in with cock that’s 30 inches which much larger head see quiet swallow 20 inches then have 30 inches forced into her ass balls deep. I’ve done it with two mini horses and the thought of those studs doing it to quiet has me planning to find 2 ponies to try myself not too big I risk getting hurt but definitely big enough to be stretch

  99. Please next scene to be : they gave the all of the magic potion to the horse to drink it , and the horse become twice his size with super massive long cock or maybe two and acting super horny angry and wild. (fury mod) and become their master. Sex scene to be fucking both girls wearing them on his long cock like shish kebab spiting their bodies in half, going all the way through the first girl and fucking the second girl (Quiet) deep in the womb , first girl is facing Quet pussy while the horse cock is exiting her mouth and entering (Quiet ) womb, the horse and cumming many times in both girls in the same time with the biggest loads ever. Almost explode their wombs from the massive stream of cum, and instantly impregnate them, and also would love to see Xray version for this. and for the 4th part also.

  100. Thank you for the great work, just some ideas for the future: Would like to see more total views of the nice girls, some gapes with anatomic details, and when pain turns into lust into a shivering orgasm. Big anal plug and vaginal horse penetration oder fist / horsecock dp. Horse laying on back and the girl riding / reverse cowgirl, or a cock pumping to bigger sizes, …

  101. a part 5 is nice and all, but what about the game he wanted to make is it canceld or is he still planning on doing it?

    • If you don’t like any scene that is already present in the video, then you can losslessly remove it by yourself with free “FFmpeg” tool – my guidance (as to what to do with it) is up there in this page. My example is related to a different part so you would have to adapt it to your particular needs. Have fun!

  102. Its funny how quiet got fucked for 3 episodes straight and only thing i found hot in those episodes was the interogator and then finally when interogator gets fucked only hot thing are last 5minutes where quiet gets fucked…

  103. Can i make a request? Maybe have Quiet and the interrogator become friendly and sharing brutus while kissing and roaming each others bodies as they take turns. Maybe some Strapon action with Quiet wearing it and fucking the interrogator for a while before Brutus joins in. Maybe have Quiet do doggy style on the interrogator while Brutus fucks Quiet in the ass at the same time

  104. word on the net is the finale is gonna drop December next year after eighteen months of “delays” disguised as rendering/sound/updating computer issues as with EVERY other video. i still can’t believe he fucked his paid supporters dropping an incomplete video just to give out the free finished one two weeks later. so happy i left this guy during lara v horse. quality is great but just it doesn’t excuse the shill exploiting his supporters constantly

    • So much complaining about BTQ Episodes and still everybody is watching it punctually to the realease date. Apparently the stuff is that good, that even the haters can’t stop watching it. If this isn’t a good rating, what else?

      • Apparently you didn’t understand my post. His work is of high quality, his business practice not so much. He obvious stings his paid support along month to month with bare-bone content. Only when does their complaints grow louder, or support is cancelled, does he do anything worth while. You’d be surprised to know BTQ 4 has been done for close to two months now, but like with every other release he’s done. It’s the same thing each and every time.

        • TL:DR edit

          AP has brought into his own hype and releases larger looped scenes as many smaller ones to string along his fans for money.


          Perhaps I should be clear, this was my post here as well. Search the word “generation”, or find the comment from 2020-06-21 at 10:00

          I was a paid supporter during the Lara v Horse saga. I left around eps 2 and 3. I was getting updates early and releases relativity on time. Also, that was years ago when this place wasn’t 90% freeloaders unable to do a simple search on the subRs and chans to find his work that had been leaked weeks prior to a full public one. This blog is mainly for randos and unpaid to complain about months, or a year, between release dates with nothing more than a gif, or a still, to get them by. My issue was with being a paid supporter and getting hardly anything more over the years.

          Most of his work comes from 4-5 main scenes which are then looped from 2-3 different angles and put together. All in the name of run time. It’s taken from any anime out there during an action scene. A punch viewed from 3 angles is still one punch. He does it for minutes at a time. Thats not work, thats laziness. People have called him out in the past and have been largely ignored. Some litter comments here, but most have moved on to far better places. He makes his work and the production to that of a marvel or disney production but with the team of just him… so wrong.

          The videos you see aren’t just his. He does recieve outside help. He does string his supporters along. He does cancel release date after release date. This formula has been used for every release since Lara v horse ep 1 and has just gotten worse with each new clip. The posts are here in the blog. Go look. Not ONE on time release or issue with something each and every time. This latest one is something new however. Never has the paid support gotten an inferior quality over the public release. It must’ve been the end of a cycle to collect another month’s pay from his supporters.

    • Maybe it’s cuz I’m new, but is there a specific reason why AP can’t put these out in an mp4 format for those on mobile devices who can’t open .rar files?

  105. Not a single original idea in this one. It’s all recycled shit from the previous episodes. You’re not even trying anymore.

  106. Thank you for actually reading what I wrote.

    I wish others would wake up and see what he’s been doing for years. It’s only gotten worse as time goes on. His (somewhat his) work was never the issue. It was how that work was presented and then delivered to both supporters and non-paid alike. This was the first time the paid support got a lesser version than the randos that flock to this site every 6-8 months for a new release twenty five minute looped piece that is no more than ten minutes of actually action. Sadly, it wont be the last.

    I’m also happy to see a few of his current supporters leak finished products up to a month prior to full paid release to free release. It only reinforces the fact that he purposely delays his uploads just to squeeze out another monthly support check. Lastly, those numbers you see of support and those names… most aren’t even with or real at this point. My name was still in the videos through the end of Lara Horse with Ep4. I left during the production of Ep2. It’s just another tactic

      • Then I guess you can’t read, or understand, what I’ve typed in several replies here. I have paid. I was a supporter at one time. As for your sub-human choice of words, perhaps you should spend less time rioting, and more time in a book!

  107. None of the downloads seem to work… this is what I get from each download site:

    MEGA: “Unfortunately, Safari has an insufficient buffer to decrypt data in the browser, please install the MEGA desktop app to download large files (or use Chrome)”

    Google: “Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time. Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.”

    Rule34video.com: “. . .”

    Only the torrent download works… about 200 seeders. I am going to seed for a few weeks… to help others who are unable to download from MEGA, Google or Rule34Video.

  108. Disappointed. The sex scene at pt1 was way hotter then this. And the monologue killed it completely. Lets imagine if Animo used the resources to revive Lara with horse…

  109. Besy part of the series so far, loved the reveal that quiet is actually into getting destroyed by Brutus.

  110. I’d like to comment a constructive criticism:
    I’m a very big fan of the BTQ series. I think this is one of the most well animated porn you can find (if you know any similar pls leave a reply). I love the design of the characters, I like the close view of their genitals but it laks a good script. As I read abowe, other users have commented too that the first part was very sexy with the elbow deep fist, and I even liked the girl sitting in the baseball, and I don’t even mind the big horse cock, but things get to exagerated when for ex. Quiet is fucked by the horse and the horse dildo at once, I think this is a bit unnecessary. I think you should focus more on the view for ex. in part 4 we barely see the other girls pussy when she’s fucked and filled which is sad. More focus should be given on deep fisting and bulging by pure hand’s.
    PLS keep up the good work!

  111. The mistress voice is a turn off she sounds like a fat hillbilly ‘betch’ please bring back the old voice

  112. In part 5…. a suggestion….

    How about an all the way thru where brutus ass fucks the mistress all the way thru and then fucks quiet in the ass or pussy with the tip of his dick? Could make the mistress head get pushed into quiet’s ass part way or all the way

  113. In part 5…. a suggestion….

    How about an all the way thru where brutus ass fucks the mistress all the way thru and then fucks quiet in the ass or pussy with the tip of his dick? Could make the mistress head get pushed into quiet’s ass part way or all the way

  114. Hey, is there a reason why AP doesn’t release mp4 versions for those on mobile devices who can’t open .rar files? Sorry if it’s an obvious/well-known thing; I’m new.

    • Yes, there is a reason for this – additional content: several screenshots in PNG files, over a dozen of various translations in SRT subtitles and the list of supporters in TXT file. For those on simple mobile devices (who can’t open RAR archives) the video uploaded by AnimoPron to rule34video web service should be enough, I guess.

  115. Hello. Jessica 21 y.o. tits size 3 and beautiful ass)) Do u want sex with me? I waiting for u here —-> bit.ly/39cUYJI

  116. Great work, next time more anatomic pussy details and gapes! Let us see the wonderful girls!
    Thank you so much.

  117. So…im pretty sure the game he was working on is dead now right? we will never play it lol

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