I took a small break, i will continue posting more clips/GIFs here next week, from the game project.

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  1. So no new project release for years then. Or Animo will interrupt it to relase something else.

  2. >not even pretending anymore
    last subscribestar member update was March 11
    subs had to complie their own torrents for your stuff because you couldn’t be bothered to host them
    hundreds still have open tickets regarding your pause/unpause monthly pledge issues
    exaggerated weather and VA issues weeks to months after they were resolved
    still leading your dwindling fanbase for the lemmings they are with this game that will amount to nothing more than random pictures and short clips

    Really bro, you aren’t even trying or hiding the fact you scam every month. The only thing you create is excuses!

    • He Needed A Well Needed Break As He Has Been So Busy Creating All Those Excuses .

    • >The only thing you create is excuses!

      Congrats! You just summed up AP’s entire creator career! Have a cookie…
      Only gotten worse since leaving (banned for multi ToS violations) Patreon. Add to that he’s figured out, and his money backers obviously tolerate, how doing less than the bare minimum will still suffice. I use to blame AP… no longer. It’s his (enabling) money backers. 100s if not 1000s would have literally gotten more if they’d burned their own money than give it to him. They don’t care. They are content with once/twice a year releases accompanied by a dozen excuses/WIPs posts with every-single-release. Despite that all his releases (are far better ones) are readily available as you already know…

      +1 for the name though it’s a secret to everyone

  3. Thanks for your work Animo! Rest well, that will only make your next video better.

  4. much like actual releases this blog too has become a paradoy of its self. imagine thinking this latest thing will become something more than endless previews and all new excuses/delays

  5. so uh… when are ya gonna tell people the shit youre pushing now is NOT your work AP? the shit you posted 23.05.22 was your work from years again. the stuff youve been showing your paying crowd isnt your work at all. another bait and switch with built in delays and excuses

    • hype is all these blog and he is good for
      this aint gonna be released anytime soon let alone at all outside of the pics and small vids he posts
      it took him over a year to do BTQ 4 and 5 EACH
      now think of an actual game with a UI…

      • I don’t think this is a fair comment at all! The quality on those episodes combined with length is a top tier 3d porn none alike others. Doing animation with those quality requires an insane amount of work, if there were not people backing him then we would have never seen that kinda work anywhere in the web. Even studios barely manage to make that kind of content let alone 2 episodes in 1 year! I mean from the sounds of it, you would probably want 10 episodes a year, that would be impossible if the quality would not be straight out unwatchable!

  6. https://www.redgifs.com/watch/focusedfloralwhitecobra
    >that’s the latest update
    why does it look so much different from his updates in May of this year? I guess all these anons bitchin’ about this actually being years old was true and he went back and actually did some new stuff. Still doesnt excuse the BS he’s gonna post here for months or the next year with this. Come back in about a year a two and you might get a demo

    • Are you sure it’s from him though? Looks well drawn yet completely ridiculous by the way.

      • Check out this new scene preview, sorry for not posting this yesterday, i was still fixing some things cause of the new PC.
        We’re almost done on the “sex-player”, i will try to post a preview here very soon.
        Check it out: https://www.redgifs.com/watch/lightgreylavendermantis
        >latest post to money pledges

        go to kemono party to verify though it does not explain the total rework of what was posted as late as May 2022 and not even 2 months ago. this latter has either been worked on for a lot longer than 2 months, or the *secret* got out that all them pre May previews were indeed years old the same members previews from 2018 and 2019.

        still, anytime a paying member has asked about the difference in posted previews, it is outright ignored or simply removed from the overall post. even the f-95 thread of his is shadow/modded now where your post will NOT got live unless it clears through an admin first, unless you’re on the white list as an established member there. that threads been locked 2 or 3 times this year alone for the redpills being dropped about AP

        • youd have to be a fool fucked by brutus himself to believe these projects are related let alone created by the same people…
          regardless here we are and AP posted it so…

  7. if you mean she still drives me around as in i ride her around then sure
    also can ya tell her to stop bitchin to me about the best part of you ran down her leg
    its pathetic listening to her cry about her greatest regret in you bro

      • and to think all your life’s choices led you to comment on it… congrats on finishing 3rd in a 2 man race

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