New GIF from the game

I’m back to work, check out this GIF from the game project. We are ready to record motion capture this week, so i will start posting more great stuff here.
You can support the development on my subscribestar.

Check out the gif:

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    • KP stop updating animo months ago because no one cared or even bothered to leak his shit. outside of chans and f-95, no one cares about this guys excuse parade and showing off YEARS OLD WIPs as new… case in point. his post here from 23.05.2022 was from early 2020 posted to his money subs

      that was reason for the page pause some months ago. he DELETED all mentions, posts, previe pics and what have you about this concept game “he’s working on”… ALL of the things have been posted at least once or twice before on his subscribe star page. he forgets places like waybackmachine and other internet archivers photocopy billions of sites, and those you ask for… not hard to prove his bullhit as hes been at for at least 6 or 7 years now since elle in chains

      go to kemono party and find yourself a creator that creates things unlike the excuses posted here and elsewhere

    • that was from f-95 and even they really dont give a fuck as his thread is a safespace that worship AP scamming ways

          • Why are you acting like a kid pussy? Making fun of various things like kids do and pretending “no you” at every turn. Oh wait you are a pussy and a kid aren’t you? How much do you open up for Animo everyday?

          • I don’t know. Why don’t you act like a kid joking with “pussy” again. 😸😸😸

          • Am I? I’m not the one talking like a kid and saying “the joke’s on you” ans getting outraged at abortionverdicts or using the word nigga. How does it feel to be a pussy?😸😸😸

          • Well I’ll gladly accept it. Because that means I’m not the one making retard jokes.

          • lol youre still replying on old posts look how desperate you are

          • Must be why you get so triggered over abortion beta. And why you publicly proclain to be gay for no reason.

          • Are you saying “you’re mad” because you’ve run out of words?

  1. Frankly, a porn game is way too much for NSFW comment. I’d rather have a phone in one hand and my dick in the other instead of mouse and keyboard action.

    Bruh, with his track record it’ll be a surprise if he gets a good programmer for this shit

    • you should know his M.O. by now son
      he just made an “excuse making machine” now when this shit gets delayed for months to years
      ain’t no one doing motion capturing for a porn game let alone an amateur animator that cant even be bothered to keep his own house or projects in order.
      hell he just pasted a month ago for posting yet another “preview” that was sent to them over a year ago… just fucking mirrored!
      the guy dont care my bro about anything much less making this something other than an endless string of “look at what im about to” or “im about to do this and ill post about it next time” posts.

  3. Besides having lots of sex, has there been a reveal for what type of game this is going to be? Is it an open world RPG kind of game?

  4. you know its bad when he posted this exact shit to the paying peeps 2 weeks ago with a similar heading about being on break. does this guy even pay attention to what and where hes posting anymore?

    • Too bad I have enough gullible cashbags to not give a fuck about what you broke ass niggers say.

  5. Is animo finally going retard ?
    He doesn’t know he posted this shit a few weeks ago ?

  6. Motion capture? No one cares about some walk animations quality, you can do good enough manually. Only important thing in a sex game are the sex scenes and their interactivity and character creator, focus on those and make them really good instead?

  7. question but how will the game be, will you play the role of the girl or the monsters

  8. Ânimo, I’m a huge fan of your service. Thank you a lot for all the stuff you made for us for free.
    I’m writing this begging for you to add a x-ray option on the game and, if possible, add “cervix penetration” stuff too (personal taste).
    The xray is ’cause I feel that this is an extra on eroge and the best ones I’ve played had that. And the cervix penetration ones is just a wish
    Thank you again for everything.

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