First bonus sound release for supporters

Today i’ve released a sound version of the first BTQ bonus here.
I will do a public release a bit later.

I’m currently on pause with my work, cause of personal reasons. I will continue working this week.

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  1. dam so I have to continue to wait for the public vers. To watch her from what the previews look like that she’s taking a shit damn lol. I really hope they show it from the other angle like in the lara croft ones.

  2. ахах по личным причинам eбaнькo, т.е всем нужно временно от тебя отписаться, ты ведь временно не работаеш или шо? де cyка атвт я тебя спрашиваю пидapюга

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  3. >get food poisoning 2 weeks ago
    >recover and tell supporters bonus will be released on 23.1.22
    >day comes and you post sound file from bonus 1
    >same sound file you had for 3 weeks as you posted to supporters
    >then double down on stupidity and blame food poisoning despite being fine

    no wonder you got banned from nearly ALL creator hosting sites
    you charge people for promised and intended work only to delay and delay just to collect more money
    also funny how these “delays” ALWAYS come around the 3rd week of the month… guess that;s when subscribe star pays out huh?

  4. “sorry for this, but such things happens sometimes”
    guess that what he tells himself when fails yet another deadline and puts yet another spin on it… funny how these “things and delays” always happen in the SAME WEEK Subscribe Star pays out it’s creators their sub money…

    btw VoiceLikeCandy wants to know why you blamed her and the cyclone about the sound not being completed for bonus 1…youve had the audio file since before xmas

  5. so what the fuck is a bit later? is it like same day a bit later or next year a bit later?
    i’m expecting an answer a bit later

  6. watch him delay for more and all kinds of excuses, just to be able to bill his patreons, for another month, what a joke.

  7. prediction atwt will only be released 1 March, watch. money and greed is all animo is about, not quality or his supporters.

  8. I wonder how many actual people here are bitching full PgDn’s about Animo supposedly cheating his audience. Because it really looks like one single lowlife perpetrating some unverifiable crap for posts and posts.

    • for all we know all the positive comments are animo himself, like yours, mr. anonymous.

      • I’m not trying to be positive but rather skeptic. I didn’t expect a reply that polite either, so thank you.

      • awee you mad,its not defending,honestly animo isn’t the only one who milks his fans,wildeer also does it,dont see no one bitching about him…the crying gets annoying as if animo is the only one that does 3D content

  9. hopefully this atwt bonus will be more realistic, show how Brutus pushes feces out of her intestines with his dick, right into waiting mouth of interrogator 😍 and in the end she shares that shit with quiet

  10. Sorry to disappoint you again guys, its really difficult to meet these deadlines these days.
    Ive been struggling with a health condition the past few years which has made animating difficult.

    As always thank you for your support. It helps so much.

    You have no idea how expensive it is to manage having a micropenis.

    • so what’s your monthly bill for having a micropenis?? I mean since you’re out here pretending to be another man im pretty sure your balls haven’t dropped

      • how does it feels to be a con artist’s bitch? do you think he will reward you for licking his boots?

        • your mom is a great con artist dont disrespect,and why are you so mad??? if people realize what the fuck is going on then why are you cry baby bitches still sticking around??? theres so much porn all over the internet but you lil pussies are on a string and animo is the puppet master

          • you know who is actually on the string? your stupid mom who hanged herself after seeing what a dumb cocksucker her son is

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          • at leat i have a father, you’ve been raised by 2 fat lesbians, thats why you are such a faggot lmao. and now deep inside you, you want to have something resemebling a father figure in your life, thats why you lick animo’s balls g because you see him as a father you never had. thats why you are such a faggot

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          • dead lesbian mom insult was definitely weak as fuck,that kid must be 14-15

  11. Yesssss, another 3 months for ATWT!!
    “will be released next week” 3 weeks ago.

  12. i wonder what happened to wirek, did he finally get his ass ripped by a huge cock?

  13. He says “I’m currently on pause with my work, cause of personal reasons”
    He means “I’ve got RSI in my wrists from counting all this money and now I can’t use the mouse + keyboard to animate. Head to Efukt for your messed up wanking needs , kthxbai”

    We know whats going on!

  14. Attention to @animopron…. To prove once and for all your not ripping subscribers off and taking advantage by lying about release dates to gain advantage of money… I hearby challenge you going forward… setup a trello page with production card updates proving your doing the work on the time frame you claim and that way no one says anything. If anyone else agrees with me please comment and let’s just blow this message board up to finally clear this drama up once and for all

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