Here’s the complete release of BTQ animation! 1-5 parts combined.
You can download a 1080p version if you are my supporter here

Download links:


Watch/Download from

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  3. I want a stroker that looks exactly like quiet so I can reenact this to scale with atwt

  4. Y’all really gonna sit… dick and lotion in hand… watching this 9gb file download… just to wank for 2 hours straight?
    Damn… Y’all too strong for me

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  5. Have the sound problems been solved or not? Also what is the assurance that the 2nd bonus won’t have it too?

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  6. Please, make a version with farts. and if not be so much, with huge turd of Quiet and Interrogator…. GREAT JOB. PEACE OUT

  7. Animo the first bonus does not have sound since you uploaded it, when are you going to fix it?

  8. 两个球是棒球(周长22.8厘米)还是垒球(周长30.5厘米)?

  9. Hi, big fan of your work and happy to see it be fully completed! WIth Breaking the quiet done, will you be doing any other animations or will you be mainly focusing on the game you mentioned some time ago? Also, are you still planning on 2 short epilogue animations with Quiet, the interrogator and Brutus? Sorry for all the questions lol

    Anyway, happy 2022 to you and may we all be graced to see more horse cock and other depravity from you!

  10. All this time anf the bonuses ar not in?! You just paste all part togheter… people did that time ago…

    You’re embarassing

          • LMAO! Learn proper punctuation. It’s embarrassing. OH SNAP~~~~

          • Learn how to use symbols properly good you dont even know how to use ! Vs ~,go use a white crayon and color a zebra kiddo

      • >imagine becoming so complaisance that you become triggered the moment anyone criticizes something negatively that you in-turn like
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  11. >imagine taking 6 months to release something that was already done (better) 6 months ago by pirates
    b-b-but he combine t-t-the 1080p-p-p version
    >imagine taking the same 6 months to release a 5 minute silent film
    b-b-but he w-w-works alone y-y-you t-t-troll

    he does NOT work alone and has commissioned out large parts of the BTQ series along with work on the alleged video game he’s claiming to have been working on for years now… you know the one he posts in between projects to keep his subs in line… shame that people fall for this crap all the time. never once met a deadline. endlessly mocking and deleting of comments. outright blocking people that post the literal truth of his ways

    meanwhile, from f95zone, he’s told his subs he has NO PLANS to release the bonus 1 with sound OR the 2nd bonus (months away from release public) with sound as he’s begun work on a shitty colab with DevilHS on a comic book for…yep… ANOTHER BTQ series… and a MIND BLOWING 14 pics will be coming!!!!!! zOMG!

    keep at it bro LMAO

    >great work does not excuse poor work ethic

    • imagine thinking people care about your feelings on this matter
      and everyone knows about f95 bro, it aint nothing new which is why this place sucks now. everyone goes there for his and much better creators that actually do work instead of endless delays to milk their subs

      still the guy been work on btq for over 5 years just shows how fucking narrow his mind and skill set actually are consider EVERY single release has been plagued by the EXACT same issues. its litreally posted on the blog here. if you cant see the guy is a hack, you deserve nothing

    • he posted about that collab back in November but I think it’s gonna Devil using APs models and doing the comic book thing so it should be much quicker. though I can hear ap now saying “no-no…release ONE pic every month and milk this shit for over a year”. regardless, youre right though. while his work is top tier and such, why does he still use models and procedures that are over 5 years old? you think by now the process would be streamlined and not have the exact same issues that crop up with each release

    • >dude shut the fuck up its just porn…3D one is fucking forced to watch this man,no one is holding a fucking dick to the back of your head….Jerk off and log off

  12. hey ap why havent you updated us on the first part of the bonus? why did you tell subs you got the sound file for it like over a month ago? how long does it take to combine it with an already made mp4? also whatever happened to that lara and minotaur game you were working on? or has that gone back into hiding like you?

    • >dude shut the fuck up its just porn…3D one is fucking forced to watch this man,no one is holding a fucking dick to the back of your head….Jerk off and log off

  13. another day another non post unless your a paying sub that is
    the preview has brutus deepthroating and coming out her pussy
    the human centipede thing is coming but its hardly gonna be any good though
    its only gonna be another 5 minute looped clip without sound


    • exactly 2022 just started and all these fuckin betas do is beg and demand,fuckin virgins

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    • you do realize he charges a premium to those that want “his” product early, right? that being said, you should also realize said “product” is actually stolen assets being used,and sold, without permission of their rightful owners, right?

      might wanna “fact check” yourself before you embarrass yourself… too late!

  15. That’s the most degrading misogynistic thing I’ve ever seen on the internet. Amino should be executed for portraying wommyn so objectified and all this non consensual tape by horses

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  16. Hi animo, can you ask…. when we can see those fucking bonuses if they are real or is hoax for fucking washing brains🧠

  17. >legal troubles inbound
    guess who just about to be tagged for various © infringements from Kojima & Konami
    everyone favourite horse pron make about to be vaporized
    honestly surprised it took this long

    • wouldnt be the first but he could be in real legal trouble since he has profited from K&K properties for years obviously without their consent. though those Japanese love them some hentai stuff so who knows

      • I would argue he profited from people masturbating to his homemade 3D model so the infringement position might be rather weak and not worth seeking filing a lawsuit. Again, the Japanese mostly love when their culture is adopted and this might be the case too.

    • he has the sound file for the first bonus but has no plans to release it anytime soon if at all. he posted that on nov 17 in the memebrs area and hasnt menioned it since

  18. Any chance to see Alien abduction extreme siZed long anal probing with prolpases for good old Lara?

  19. latest members preview has a full body oral to anal with interrogator as quiet teases taking it but in ass to mouth presumably
    no timeline but probably a month or two until public release
    no sound
    no update on “game” as thats always been a concept and bait and switch thing to keep members in line
    no plans to releae sound on bonus one
    work set to start soon on collab comic feat btq characters with devil
    why pay for this shit when its readily available for free. even the fed up members are done with this shit and see this is nothing more than shit. 5 plus years of working with the same models and still running into the same problems

    • Are you a paying member or are these available openly anywhere? Would love a link xD

      • no but you are if you support this bait and switch scammer
        youd be surprised just how much shit he’s held back intentionally or said he’s been working on only for it to never see the light of day
        >6 months to combine 5 clips into one and move all credits to the end
        >6 months to release a 5 bonus clip that’s over half loops with no sound
        >getting the sound track for said bonus over 3 months ago only to NOT release it for reasons
        >no update on a near 3 year old lara/minotaur game he’s been claiming to work on
        >hypes a collab with another creator (devilhs) only to find out he got reported for commissioned out stolen assets from konami (like no one knew for 5 years lol)
        >5 years and still using 5 year old models along with STILL having the same “issues” every single release… yeah no scam at all

        ill say it like others have here, good work does not excuse poor work ethic. i dont care what you preview and promise, but actually release. and over FIVE years of work, the game has produced 2 hours of content while taking in tens of thousands

  20. Aaaaaand it’s only two days until another post about how nobody’s getting nothing from the creator in the nearest week.

  21. I Wonder if will be any VR render from any of your animation. I Would pay the double for it

      • id support him if he would produce more than a video a year or at least use different characters since he’s been using these for 5 plus years. shows his very limited skill set and range

  22. not knowing he literally walks around in vr all day
    pron is fine dood but get a real woman

  23. сука это пиздец какойто, он первую гифку по атвт выложил 24 ноября карл, значит работать начал еще раньше, уже почти 2 месяца скоро пройдет с этого, он сука 2 ебаных месяца делает галимое 1080р(даже не 4к) видео в 50 (даже не 60) фпс на галимых 3-4 минуты? это просто ебанутся можно

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  26. love how Brutus’ cock end definitely changes back to it’s original length in the final scene but his balls don’t

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  28. I hope his next animation is a woman getting screwed by several big dogs/wolves.

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