I’m currently working on the final atwt scene, i expect to finish working on it next week.

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  1. Finished working. Needs to render maybe two weeks and then the first week is for supporters, so we will maybe see on the first days of February. Would also be funny if it is released on Valentines day.

  2. Hahahahha, we sure as fuck don’t! But hey, its a great business model you have so you crack on sunshine.

  3. See? That’s what happens when my son stops stuffing my mouth full with his commie dick, things speed up.
    And good news guys, I’m infected with Wuhan-AIDS-Omicron before my last incestion with Animopron. Didn’t tell my boy though, cuz I wanted to give him a big nasty suprise to celebrate the completion of ATWT.

  4. make it aviable quick, because you didn’t cool things past year.
    so hurry for suscribers and non suscribers, good job

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  5. these beta males still dancing around like puppets as if you have control of them with your work,release in march 😎😏 just cause

    • I wish it was 10 seconds ago when i haven’t read your cunt comment yet.
      Btw using Emojis is the icing on the cake and makes it even more cringworthy.
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  6. So… the next year??
    Then for the complete version… the next two years i guess

    • Actually in 2024 im gonna release it for my supporters. and then maybe at the end of the year after that im releasing it publicly but only after i finish rendering the video in 8K and then maybe forget to work on the audio for like half a year. Sometime in early 2026 sound good?

  7. Stage 1
    >LMAO yeah animo keep teasing these losers about your free content
    >Hell yeah animo take your time with the renders we want quality over quantity
    Stage 2
    >Another month delay ? line me up bruh
    >Yeah i’ll subscribe for another month no problem!
    >a-a-another delay ? s-sure animo i don’t mind
    Stage 3
    >come on animo it’s my mom’s birthday and i haven’t bought her anything
    >p-p-please animo, i haven’t payed my rent for five months
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  8. >I expect to finish working…
    Notice how one again he does not say anything about a release date but rather another vague assessment of where he is on the latest project. That and you haven’t met one self imposed deadline in your entire creative life, but have used the EXACT same excuse for each release of BTQ to prolong its release. So glad so many people have dumped their support of you because of this including me. You are a snake oil salesman with a cart with chrome wheels and will be treated as such. F95Zone sends its regards

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  10. jill valentine? ada wong? lara (again)? what gonna be the next female heroes of the video Animopron?

  11. Im anonymous, so im gonna say nigger now, okay?


  12. Imagine thinking this is worth paying for let alone waiting months for a five minute video of two minute loop with no sound… also why are you still working with 5-6 year old models and renders and their defects? You think by now you’d update the massive clipping and various glitches throughout your videos

    • >quality of quantity
      this is the number one defense ap supporters give on varied websites along with tales of his “millions” he’s collected outpacing every other 3d creator out there…LMAO. you must be really a special kinda stupid if you think those numbers are really and the guy collects hundreds of thousands a year releasing next to nothing for said year. subs paid 72 bucks for ep 5 and 60 bucks for ep4 before that. not to mention another 36 bucks for the first bonus and still waiting for the 2nd. it’s mind boggling how people can cheer and support such laziness and point to quality as the reason why… NO! nigga you dumb having just spent 168 bucks on an hour of horse porn

      • you want quantify? the guy posted 10 times now about a video release that’s not even gonna be 5 minutes long or have sound! it took him 6 months to do the last one and that was a glorified loop that had unused assets from the entire BTQ series that he never released! too bad he fucked up and posted the timestamp pic showing the truth about it being months old despite calling it new! he hasn’t been working on shit and posts this shit when he feels like, or collects on his monthly sub money!

        that being said, once again, f95zone sends it’s regards

        • Why take time to write all that salt? That money didn’t come from your pocket anyway, and those who paid obviously thought he deserved that support. I personally wouldn’t, but I could understand if someone did.

          • people can say that a movie is shit by watching it from torrents, not cinema. You don’t need to pay to judge a product, you need to consume it.

          • >imagine living in a world where you demand honesty and negative criticism are only allowed if you pay for a product while praise and admiration is given freely instead of being earned or worthy of

            meanwhile you defend a creator who
            >cares not for timely releases nor his monetary backers suggestions/feedback
            >posts carbon copy updates from project to project using the exact same “progress and delay timelines” with only dates and titles changing
            >has been banned from several creator hosting/publishing sites for various ToS violations like using bot/burner accounts to self promote and to “purchase” memberships to inflate sub numbers to lure in advertising
            >who literally posts his paid sub/premium content for FREE on the exact same day as public/free release

            you are peak stupidity

  13. Hi, will you be adding the sound the the other scene you said it would be ready at the end of November? Just reminding you incase you forgot.

  14. I will include popular requests like prolapse her guts and showing scat on the cock after atwt. Also I will have the cock rip Quiet in half

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