One more GIF from the game

Check out another GIF from the Minotaur animations. I already made a bunch, it’s just couple of them left to finish. Then i will start working with Horse animations.
You can watch a longer clip on my supporters.

P.S. You may need to click on the image, to play gif on Imgur.

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  1. that lara model looks very similar to your post of her walking on the beach for that concept game like four/five years ago…dont tell me you’re still “working” on that game all this time and this is all you’ve got?

      • must you still be spoon fed st your age? it’s literally posted on this very blog and in the archives of his pay supporters forum. he’s done this after every series. Ellie in chains, lara horse and now btw. raises a few concept and bait images to get more subs. then goes on “break” and announces a new project.
        >this is the third time this exact formula had been done and he’s quite efficient at tricking newcomers such as yourself

          • you have one too for the biggest temper with the smallest dick

          • Lmao are u that stupid? The records are only for 1 thing not 2 things. HAHAHAHHA WHAT A DUMB FUCKER

    • Uuuhm. Did you actually missed that Animo several times said that he would concentrate on BTQ series FIRST and THEN do the game? What part of that message is confusing you?

      I guess its all free to whine all but still…

      • You mean like when he told his subs during Lara/Horse the same thing? You mean when he posted similar pictures and claiming this was the next project?

        He’s done this three times now in using this concept to bait unsuspecting new subs into paying him to do this. This isn’t getting released and it’s only around until the next “years long” project.

  2. Will the game support stereo rendering for VR? It doesn’t even need to be fancy but being able to enable stereo rendering during the sex scenes would be incredible. Your VR experiment from years ago has had me wanting more and I’m hoping you’ll consider it.

  3. will there be stomach deformation? i’m not really seeing any in this gif and that would be my main interest in such a game. looks incredible.

  4. >rehash old content
    >announce break
    >return from break
    >announce new project
    >scam people for a whole year
    >announce break
    >repost old content again
    Well played animo, Well played

  5. If this were your next video i would be hyped, but a game… that will never happen.

  6. If you want a real game and not just a scam look for Wild Life is basically the same thing that animo tries to do but without having to wait 5 years for 1 gif

  7. These “new” images are four years old and were taken from a post from a “concept game” prior to announcing BTQ series. Before that, he teased this game during Lara/Horse using the same tactic. This is now the third time he’s fine this. Is merely to appease his faltering subs that have gotten exactly ONE forty minute video in seventeen months costing over 100 dollars! Please, any shill, if you ignore all that I claim. Please defend how over the last 3.5 years, members haven’t even gotten 100 minutes of content while it has cost them well over 200 dollars.

    • silly rabbit
      no one pays for his work and those sub numbers aren’t real at all. you really think 8/9 thousand subs are paying this guy 6 bucks a month, or about 50 thousand monthly, to make horse porn and on average, one video a year?

      take it from an actual subscribe star, those numbers aren’t real for “established” users and those that pay a premium to get their content highlighted. think like those first Google links when you search. sites pay to get noticed and so do content creators

  8. wth? why did interest in ap’s work drop off a cliff after btq5? no where near the normal amount. even most bots and trolls don’t bother. what happened?

    • Because the hype train derailed since btq finished after five needlessly long videos where nearly half the content was recycled or simply from a different angle. Peeps were just frustrated after taking over a year to deliver the finale and over three to finish

      This lara thing is just stepping stone to his next project. He did this before btq even started and hadn’t posted anything about this since before btq was even announced some four years ago. It’s literally posted in the blog here for you to see.

    • That was a rumor since it was done with lara horse. Xray too. I doubt either will happen for at least 6 months if it’s even true. Only thing ap posted was joining all 5 btq into 1… because apparently no one in 2021 can combine mp4s except ap
      He’ll post a few more reused pics until November or so and then announce another holiday break and return early 22 with a “new” project that won’t see a release until late 22/ early 23


      • fuck your farm you probably molest about 95% of living breathing creatures,lol shit i’d let that mexican go full django on your ass

  10. amazing he still has subs after taking over 3 years to release not even 1oo minutes of content and mind you, ALL of that content has either been leaked, or posted to the public by AP days/weeks after private release

  11. holy fuck has this blog dropped off a fucking cliff
    like 1 or 2 bots. 1 shill… maybe? still a lot of complainers but what else is new? a-ha! another “new” project in the works that will A: never see the light of day, B: be “worked” on for five years

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