New renders

Check out 4 new renders from the final version of BTQ 5. I’m currently rendering the final cumshot scene for Interrogator. This episode seems to be very long, probably around 35 mins…
Also, i posted couple more video prevews for supporters here.

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    • Oh! It’s so long! That’s why he keeps milking the fucking idiots who pay for it! Fucking Russian faggot! You piece of shit!

      • How the hell is he milking them when they most likely get regular updates, they get previews of the video, and when the video comes out their the first to get it? Shit I wish my broke ass can afford to support him.

        • i used to be a payer and this is absolutely true. you get updates (with videos) almost every other day orso. At least you aren’t the 99% who complain yet have never paid

      • lol someone has hate for russians,what happened,they hacked your piece of shit computer?

  1. looks so fuckin rubbish. he still hasnt got Brutus`s legs right. the knee joints are completely wrong. using a brick to render this crap is bad enough but if your gonna do a sort of realistic animation at least learn to animate joints properly. cant believe retards still pay this cunt

  2. Ohhh, and I swear to black Jesus himself, no racism in this forum because I will pass on the IP addresses this time.

    Next update to the series of updates coming soon but defo not the last. I’m going to dry every last dollar out of you stupid fucks first and wait until your balls turn blue before I release this instalment. I’ve been sitting on it for months you gullible twats!

    • When I find you I’m gonna shove my BB Dick right up your man pussy you money grabbing cunt!

      Ohhh…and praise Black Jesus for Blesus is our saviour (besides brutus’ big horse bollocks!)

    • Fuck you, only thing worse than a nigger is a god-damned nigger loving white

    • Doesnt care lol, I am writing this after breaking into some white soyboy’s house and through his WiFi, nigga.

      • you can use vpn but still traceble lol mac adress dummy u got ipv4 and ipv6 if you think vpn keeps you save from bein traced you legit retard who pays for a vpn lmao and thinks keeps you safe and ik what iam talkin about as i work in the ict

        • I have a networking exam crying just now… MAC address is proper of the eth/wifi port and it’s impossible to track it. It whould be like finding a little eth/wifi port in the entire globe, entering i ppl’s houses and texting ipconfig in their pc(obviously it’s implicit MAC are not geo-trackable)
          Shame on you
          Shame on your family
          Shame on ypur O.W.L
          Shame on your cow

  3. That’s it, I warned you. I’m upping my fees on SubscribeStar now and I’m going to delay BTQ5 for another month on top of the delays I have set in my job calendar. See if Blesus helps you now you stupid little ass munch!

  4. Enjoy your deep fakes because you’re not going to see fuck all from me after impersonating me (poorly).

  5. why do girls prefer strong guys over incel? I think it’s funny because when I’m driving my ferrari they’ll want to give me their ass and I’ll just tell them to suck me

  6. Ok. Rendering is soon end. But what about voice. It’s same like previous we get a silence wideo, and 1-2 weeks later with voice?

  7. what do you mean “seems to be?” didn’t you make it? wouldn’t you know?

    • Why does Animo have to do this? He will lose money if he releases his video too quickly.
      Because Animo is a scammer, prolong the time to extort money.
      And his subscribers are all dumbass like him, feed him money and wait a whole year for a video, all of them have Erectile Dysfunction, just wanna watch a few seconds gif animated to cum

  8. The disappearing horse-cock bugs me. Seriously, in earlier stuff it goes to almost the stirrups but now it doesn’t even inflate interrogators neck when he’s balls deep?

    • People complained about that, after the first penetration scene was rendered, back in 2020.

    • Because animo doesnt want gore? Going balls deep would break all the guts amd push them out the mouth

        • The fck, you dont need to animate the guts coming out, just a bulge in her neck and the dick coming out of her mouth. He already did that in a different Movie, which was totally fine.

  9. Come on man, don’t listen to these mofos. Give us the video already. Hoping to see the full vid soon.

  10. ill just wait.. no worries anymore i already stop,.. i think free is better than supporting. maybe ill comeback someday….

  11. Bro wtf why are people (or most likely one person) is acting like they are the actual animo and say stupid shit…like…what

  12. Any rough eta? I keep coming back here but I don’t want to know what happens till it’s done, and I can stop myself from looking at the renders when I come back

  13. Did you know? #2 The longest recorded flight of a chicken was 13 seconds.

  14. Cmon guys lets have a realistic video! Need the girls to get ripped apart from the big cock and when brutus goes balls deep he destroys all the guts into a pulp and the girl barfs out all the shit
    Also when they rimming need brutus to fart in the mouth and maybe shit a little to make them brown

    Finally when brutus cum inside make the belly get so big and it explodes open




    • You ppl r worse than any other fandom out here frfr. He should be raped cause he chose Quiet? Really? Mf you should be raped by your 80 yo granddad and his Vietnam vet buddies for the rest of your pathetic life (and the rest of his since thankfully it wont last too much longer), til you just start to enjoy it, for posting this autistic ass shit

    • Your comment proves how much of a pathetic retard you really are. Why the fuck would he need a script for porn? All his previous works don’t have them, why should this one? Shut the fuck up you pathetic shit. Kys or smthing cause you dumb as fuck

  16. what’s the point releasing all this screenshots? just post the video when its “done”. You almost spoiled all scenes, we basically know what will happen except the dialogues yet and I bet will be a fucking letdown 35mins of a boring loop

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  18. every comment just shows interst. which im not anmore
    he take too long

    free porn out there everywhere, so much betta shit than this fagboy make

    • Links? oh right, because none exist. Most horse clips on the net or like 15 secs long at best maybe 1 min. Nothing compares to his content.

      • lol if you need links your internet skills fucking suck there are full length vids out there…look mother fucker LLOOOKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Make something with 2B and make her ass bigger than in game many people wants that android slut

  20. “This episode seems to be very long, like 35 minutes!”

    Retard doesn’t even know how long his shit is.

    Dumb fuck doesn’t even realize he saying it taking longer than normal, when its the same length as his other crap..

  21. so how does this scam work? do people need to continually pay until he releases his shit or do you pay and get the video? why pay when it will be free?

  22. Brutus cock is getting big like never before. He’s gonna rip up the pussies…the likes of which the world has never seen. And then hes gonna go through all the organs and out the mouth like you would never believe. Deniers are faggots the likes of which the world has never witnessed

  23. Animo pls make shit come out if mouth when all the way through and vomit when pull out thx

  24. Same fucking shit animations 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Not even a different scene! Gods this guy is a fucking laugh..
    He seriously lacks allll imagination and probably considers himself an artist..When is fact is just an Autist 😂

  25. Looks like the interrogator is taking a page from Adilia’s book from BFI (beast porn). She did a bellyriding scene with a real horse, it was a great video to watch

  26. This has taken you TEN MONTHS? The same old shit on loop for 35 minutes has taken you 10 MONTHS??? Bullshit. You’re working as slowly as possible to milk more money from idiots that support you.

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  28. I heard its being released tomorrow for subscribers only. Fuck yeah im going to subscribe Right Now! I am SO EXCITED 😁

    • Who really wants to see the version with no sound. That kinda would ruin everything. but go ahead.

    • That is straight bs, and if so, wait and get it for free.
      But if you going to subscribe, we will be here, homie, rat for us, you know let us know what is on the other side.

  29. Can you please make the cock of brutus getting 3x times bigger
    and longer and make super epic cumshoot?

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