Update on BTQ5

I’ve done the cumshot scene, now i’m moving to the last sex scenes for the episode. I will post more renders soon.
I will try to finish rendering somewhere around the end of this month.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to E3 this year, because they pretty much have to tell us more about Metroid prime 4 and breath of the wild 2. Those games will be the highlight of the event, no doubt

  2. Nice, i hope there is a bit of oral\cum swallowing in last scenes otherwise lack of oral would be a bit disappointing. Still amazing work, Animopron, cant wait to see full episode.

    • you mean how you suck dick?? nahhh nahhhh that would be worse than animos rendering times

  3. and let me guess, this is the “last last last last” scene to do before its completed? is your english this shit or is there another scene after the cum shot is finished? retard

    • Last cumshot scene for the interrogator doesn’t mean last scene. Maybe you should work on your English a little? Retard

    • No, I believe animo will finish the whole scene by the end of the month for sure. But it will be delayed by 2 more months for voice acting, dubbing and for sound/score. HAHAHAHAHA

    • I’ve been coming to this website to check out if the “rendering has finished” but it never did. It’s been a whole year and weeks of animo telling us “almost finished” “almost completed” “last rendering” I know that he’s milking money and he loves to give people like myself blue balls. I have no problem waiting, but realising the shit is way better than giving us the same weekly “news”
      Grow up and hurry tf up

        • I wait as long as I as Possible. I can even wait 5 years without asking a word because morally forcing a porn vid from someone and enjoying is not something i like 😂

  4. Do you have any ideas on your next project amino? Would really be interested on a hit if you got something in mind.

  5. Cant
    I know its hard work and appreciate you doin it
    Its gonna meet the hype im sure

    • You’re forgetting about sound. After the render is finish, Animo will have to work on the sounds for the next 2 months. HAHAHAHAHAH

  6. Animo, commit a suicide, you fucking idiot! Go fuck yourself, you fucking piece of shit! Fucking Russian monkey!

  7. I know alot of people try to rush you and nag you to get this project done but please don’t overwork yourself! Unfortunately its becoming more and more common these days for hard working artists like yourself to get overworked to the point that it affects their health negatively, sometimes leading to sickness or even death, please take care of yourself

  8. Later this month I’m gonna add some final touches and fix any bugs, so expect it the end of July.

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  9. Oh, milk me harder, I’ve been a very bad support, take my money! mmm !! take more and more !!! AHHHHGHH !!

  10. dont get your hopes up guys it will be rendered in july then he still needs to put audio on it so expext the release date at the end of next month

  11. now im done rendering everything, lets move to the sound effects. see yah next year guys 🤣

  12. “I will try to finish rendering somewhere around the end of this month” LMAO… this guy is milking his supporters for every penny, cant believe ppl are still supporting him, its now the 3rd month we get that line “end of this month” watch this run over into another month, i dont even feel sorry anymore for the idiots paying.

      • Didn’t know Animo’s bootlickers were as racists as us. Ayy faggot, what is your based ass doing on the retard train that is licking Animo’s toe nail sweat?

  13. Either you’re working with a Pentium 4 and 2GB of ram or you’re taking your sweet time on this. I mean seriously, does it really take almost 2 months to render what you say is a video around 35 minutes? I’ve done covers (in 1080p) and the longest was 7 minutes. It took about 25-30 mins to render. So with that knowledge, 35 (length of your video) divided by 7 (length of mine) is 5, so if I multiply that 5 by the 25-30 mins it took me to render 7 minutes, it should have taken you between 125 and 150 minutes. I doubt you’re using decade old hardware considering I’m sure many have donated BTC.

    • Adding onto this, you also have SubscribeStar which pulls in $45,876/month (before taxes and the platform’s share of the cut). So there is no reason you shouldn’t have top of the line hardware to render this, in which with a nice AMD CPU (not Intel, AMD is better with multi-threaded workloads such as rendering, still lacks single-core tho) and a newer Nvidia GPU the rendering should take absolutely no more than 1 week.

      • do you rly believe what he is saying? He already finished it a long time ago and then posting some screenshots here and there with the same bullshit lies he used all these years for the previous videos. He is releasing 1 video per year August/September since he knows his subscribers are dumb enough to pay around 75dollars each for a 30-35min loop video, why he needs to hurry?

      • He knows he admitted to his supporters last episode that he is just milking everyone and thinks its funny, honestly i think its funny a well 😂😂😂

      • Lmao imagine being this entitled, angry, broke, and dumb and writing all this hahahahaha

    • So.. Lets put aside the Animo milking yada yada and look at your example there.

      You actually rendered, in Blender or similar, 7 minutes of a full, 1080p project with all effects including fluids, light and particles on at 24-30 fps. In 30 minutes?? Easy math here, lets say 26fps and 7 minutes long, around 11000 frames to render. And you did that in “25-30 minutes”. In other words your equpment put out 371 fully rendered pictures PER MINUTE??

      May I ask what equipment you were using to achieve that? I assume rendering farm but interesting to know anyway. (Or Maybe, just maybe, it could be a slight difference in rendering a 3D animation vs playing around “rendering” in “Movie Maker”? I dunno. Please tell us, dying to know…)

  14. Animo better be doing a ATWT scene. I need to picture the big cock ruining all the insides and destroying the chicks. even better if they become limp after he goes in

  15. Still milking I see. LOL. I wonder how many times he plays this last scene, finishing the end of this month stuff. I guess until his sponsors stop paying he literally can milk him until hell freezes over. Gosh I’d like me some retards like he does who pay me for stuff I can do in a week for 2,5 years…LOL. Animo teach me the secret art of endless supporter milking! XD

    • imagine paying the same amount of money for a 30min loop porn instead of a brand new AAA game title, his subs are retards

      • “30min loop” what the fuck are you even talking about you stupid fucking asshole

        • its a fancy way of saying replaying a porno video to keep cumming to it. too fancy for you, clearly.

        • 4-5 scenes max on loop recorded from different angels for 30-35 mins, also he already post all the positions/scenes we just missing the sounds/dialogues

  16. Lol stop bitching and unsubscribe his shit. And just wait for release go jack off to other shit thirsty motherfuckers.

    • lol exactly these brain dead mfs think this is literally the only 3D porn out there

      • I havent seen any 3D porn close to animos level. Actually all other animators are kinda shit compared to this lol

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  18. This person get roughly half a million dollars a year to make one 30 minute video per year. All this BS about “rendering this scene” for days is nonsense. With that kind of income you should be able to buy a rendering cluster–hire a consultant to set it up for you. It should not take you this long. You have more then the means to speed this up. We all know you’re milking for the grossly disproportionate money you get. Everyone who gives them money so they can sit there and lie to you about why it’s not ready should be ashamed. If I’m wrong, it sure would be nice to hear from Animo about the topic. Enlighten us as to why it takes a year to make 30 minutes of video, and why you deserve so much money for it.

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    • Bro you wrote a whole ass novel just to show the world you’re a broke nigger with no idea how this shit works lmao congrats you’re a jealous retard

      • You think a paragraph is a novel? I guess you are living up to the education standards of someone who calls anonymous people on the Internet racists slang. But hey, you at least began your sentence with a capital letter, so at least you didn’t skip ALL your classes. Next time ask your teacher about punctuation. That’s pronounced punk-shew-a-shun.

    • Imagine feeling entitled to an explanation yet you can’t pay the minimum subscriber amount hahahaha enjoy your free horse porn you virgin piece of shit fat fuck lmfao

  19. >i will try to finish rendering by the end of the month
    dude started rendering back in february and y’all really think this is gonna drop before the end of the month? he hasn’t even used his “audio delay” or “polishing some scenes” delay tactic yet. i’ve been saying now for three posts already. he’s gonna release it in august around the one year mark since the last episode

    • The Audio obviously will take equally long ~ 2 month. So ye August seems about right.

  20. Come on faster, where is the video, what are you doing for so long? Throw the final episode and do the next film

  21. so that means quiet and interrogator have a hot sexytime at the end? POGGERS

  22. Animo please make an among us imposter futanari video!! And remember, red is sus 😳

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  25. Денег нет. Но вы держитесь! Всем удачи и хорошего настроения.

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  26. does anyone know how much the total length of all videos will be? from the very first scene to the very last?

  27. Animo, do you think about the futanari scenes? I’m just interested because I’m sure a lot of people would like to see a futanari videos from you

    • AnimoPron, I have paid you several times over the last couple years. The length of time that it takes for you to produce a video has consistently increased with every episode. I find it insulting that you procrastinate so much after taking my money. If I pay for an item or service I expect to receive them somewhat promptly. What you are doing is the exact opposite. You have lost a customer. I will never contribute to you again.

  28. Place your bets on whether he posts renders or an “i’m pretty much almost very close to start finishing rendering the one-but-last scene” update this week.

  29. What hardware are you using? And is full raytracing so much worth the rendering than live RTX graphics card processing? Maybe speed up the PC with multiple graphics card and a 32/128core-CPU.

  30. Did you know? #3 The average person walks the equivalent of twice around the world in a lifetime.

  31. Didn’t this faggot have a game project or something why is he milking now?

  32. “I will try to finish rendering somewhere around the end of this month” alright guys see you next year ✌️

  33. in hindsight i wish it was tifa instead of quiet. i just fapped hard to the remake renders of tifa.

  34. I have some Suggestionsfor him. You don’t mind a few months delay for better quality?

  35. Imagine being as salty as the comments above over horse porn. HORSE. PORN. How long are your neckbeards?

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