More renders from BTQ 5

Check out another 4 renders from the final version of BTQ 5
Also, i posted couple more video prevews for supporters here.

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  1. I’m assuming he’s close to the end, like around 25 to maybe even thirty minutes

  2. I forgot to mention… I have now rendered around 10 minutes. Please support me on subscribestar!

    Also, all IPs responsible for racist comments in previous posts have been referred to the respective authorities for where the IP originates from as of last week.

    • Lol respective authorities? The authorities won’t do shit about that, you’re just trying to keep your feed clean.

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  3. At this point his supporters must have a fetish for getting scammed seeing as how it’s still 10 minutes rendered

  4. When will the full version be released? I want to see you soon.
    hurry up~ please~

  5. Man Animo if you can hear me I wanted to say you’re doing a great work. I always wanted to see ladies fully naked while fucking with a horse. it is a torture to show a man with a foot fetish a fully naked woman but with a goddamn boots! (Like in Lara episodes) Hope to see Quiet fully naked and Horse without his saddle and Ladies French kissing Brutus? Now that would be extreme…

  6. Damn!!! Check out those sexy renders. Animo should consider doing Rey from Star Wars for the next series. That feminazi would love an enormous horsecock

  7. So let me guess another 8 day wait for 3 renders and no update on how many minutes are rendered

  8. Be good if she prolapses whilst hanging there and its so long it goes in the bucket!

  9. Хмм, я так понимаю он теперь выпускает комиксы. Окей окей.

      • я про то, что он уже который месяц, после обещания выпустить 5 часть, скидывает ток картинки с неё

  10. Could you just finish it and post it what the hell man send it to me I’ll render it myself it’s not that hard and it doesn’t take long

  11. I don’t even know what an I seeing on these pics…
    Waiting for the full release to clarify things 😅

  12. Please no rey. I recommend juliet sterling. She is something, or maybe android 18 or Mercy.

    • Thirsty no shame rat bastard. Where is your sence of honor, posting the same shit all over.

  13. Please make the interogator getting double penetration creampie by bbc. Both give creampie at the same time.

  14. Is there a date for when it will be released?… The suspense is literally killing ppl… Or is that covid? Anyway.. the point is ppl are dying

    • No. It will be more boring slow motion scenes. 5 mins of real action in slomo will give you that 15GB one hour video that you was milked for.

  15. I’m wondering… is Brutus’ cock (with potion) larger than his cock (without potion) plus the dildo’s size?

  16. Could you hurry up? in 1 month I will undergo a sex change operation, they will cut my penis to make me a vagina and I would like to make my last handjob with this video

  17. Did you ask yourself how it possible is to preview videos for supporters if rendering is still pending or just started

  18. the only reason im here because horse is better than watching a girl with a naked man.

    • The only reason I’m here cause I can’t fuck like a horse. I can’t impress girls and they aren’t interested in me.
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  19. Bruh how much time will you take to post the video? Dying to see the full vid.

  20. Hey whilst you pre-pubescent basement dwellers await Animos next block buster release. Why not try talking to a real girl? You might even get laid! Just saying is all 😋

    • 1. Too risky
      2. Don’t have knee-long horsecock
      3. Can’t cum dozens of semen
      4. Not 6 feet tall, don’t have the strength of Hulk

          • Unless we could capture and train them as slaves like in comics and animations it would be much easier.
            But since this is a crime… We can’t do much.
            If you have tons of money or you’re basically a monster (any kind)/half-monster you’ll get all the booty.

          • like in the good old days where women didnt have opinions about things. must have been good times

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  21. Why don’t we just find out who and where animo is…?


  22. I’d fuck him so hard in his eye holes. After I gage them out with a fucking spoon. Maybe shove my whole arm down his throat. Try to attempt an atwt with a baseball bat in his dirty asshole.

  23. Sorry…


    NOWWWWWW whos with me? 🤨🥲

  24. Guys we need brutus to shove his cock all the way in and go thru the skull. Fuck the girl like a condom

  25. Why is that such a toxic comment section? We should just celebrate our kinks and enjoy these awesome videos!

    (I am now ready to get hate under this comment, bc there are dump people in this world.)

  26. I would be surprised at the incels in this comments section but considering the video we’re all waiting for is animated horse porn, I’m really not.
    I may enjoy watching girls getting fucked by horse cock, but you know what, at least I’m not incel scum.

  27. Two months to render, an unexpected issue for adding audio. I’ll see you all in August.

  28. the never ending renders. which is worst, scammers or the people who willingly get scammed? retards

  29. Jesus you guys are unhinged. Instead of watching horse porn touch some grass go outside

    • with gorgeous thing like this now – that would be a great idea. even when most of camera angles would be “stuck” in models.

  30. Man I just fear that Quiet must be very hungry from all that hardcore fucking. Maybe she will cut interrogator’s limbs out so they both will have a nice snack? Then she could gouge her eyes and shit in her bleeding eyeholes while Brutus rape his favourite fuck nugget one last time before they decapitate her.

    • the potion makes the dick erect again, and later she puts everything from the bottle on the dick so the ring breaks and the cock gets bigger and more veiny, very hot, but could be bigger

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  32. Lara may have a 6ft cock up her pussy but your donators are the ones who are really getting fuked here.

  33. Animopron no doubt is one of the best 3D animators! These things take time to make and sadly, some people still complain here, you should be more patient, quality takes time.

    • – namefagging
      – kissing animo’s ass

      Hmmmm. I think Wirek forgot to re-login.

  34. Love how quiet rubs herself on the edge of that wood while she watches interogater getting fucked.

  35. When will you render btq5? I really don’t understand how can you render it so long.

  36. Guys i just found video of rope dude.,he post video like animo and most importantly he respect his supporters. U can support him, he is kind that he reply to every message on his discord

    • I’m also milking my cock everyday to the final version of BTQ5 while you all mad and thirsty for my juicer

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  38. Artist name-the rope dude,
    Video-lara captured
    New video probably tomorrow or till sunday

  39. If this shit isnt like an hour long i will find animo and feed him horse beans

  40. shit. his releases are like “15 days to flatten the curve” at this point

  41. you ever wake up from a nightmare and just jerk off?

  42. Dude must be “rendering” on a 2010 single core Pentium laptop. My 8th gen I5 work laptop could have rendered this thing multiple times by now.

  43. Can we take a moment to appreciate those who are paying for the content so us freeloaders can enjoy it?

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    Did you know? #1 The Hawaiian alphabet has 13 letters.

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