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  1. You must do an extra scene where brutus fucks a man, I know they would have offended but if you don’t like the idea, don’t bother bitches


    • You comment this shit

      Every. Fucking. Update.

      Get a life, closet faggot, real adults that aren’t insecure about themselves fuck eachother in the butt. Whodathunkit?

      • If you were grown in a family with 2 dads fucking each other (and you) in the butt doesnt mean everyone shared the same experience. So stop taking dicks up your ass and get out of your rainbow world queer.

        • All you talk about is anal, gay shit, homosexual relationships, and gay rape.

          Got something you want to share with the class, bud?

    • Wait until u get fucked in the fucking ass.
      Why the fuck are you still fucking here and commenting?
      Learn to fucking appreciate.

    • Why are you so obsessed with men fucking each others asses? What does your therapist say about that?

      • ? no they dont lol. why would you not fuck a pussy, the literal main feature of a women? if you wanna fuck ass you might as well fuck a man. you get women for pussy.

          • Insecure faggot detected.

            Anal is awesome. Did someone butt fuck your girlfriend or something, fag boy?

        • If you think the vagina of a woman is her “main feature” there is more wrong with you than i thought which explains why you’re so obsessed with your analphobia

          • It is their main feature, without it, the human race wouldn’t exist, the same goes for men. Everything else is an accessory.

          • What a retarded comment to make. Also, vaginas are men’s main feature? No wonder you’re such a pussy.

        • So a horse fucking a woman in the vagina makes more sense to you than a guy fucking a girl in her ass?

          • Yes. It means the neither the Horse nor the Girl is gay.
            I dont like faggots, sorry.

          • You don’t like faggots, yet you are clearly a faggot. One solution: KYS.

          • Why do people keep saying KYS (Kentucky Sucks)? Is there something wrong with Kentucky? I don’t get it.

    • Post orgasm guilt from blasting rope to the thought of that horse reaming out your asshole really has you fucked up doesn’t it? You keep coming back.

    • Yet here you are watching ANIMATED HORSE PORN… not sure that is much more normal than gay porn

    • Anatomically impossible.
      Vagina is too shallow to take full length of a horse cock.

  3. What a hot gif she looks like she’s enjoying it as much as I like having my pony ride me

    • Read some of my early posts (sasha).
      After seeing gif I got into my latex bodysuit and had my girlfriend tie me up so I was held firmly in place ass pointing hi and guided her stallion into my ass , being so wound up I begged her to make him go all way he finally gave me every inch he had and fucked me full of cum leaving my ass gaping wide open, as we live on secluded part of great barrier island we are free to let horses fuck me a lot o after my ass was stretched I gave another a bj and with slap on his butt he rammed straight down my throat and I love gagging alot so loved feeling him grow thick and tight in my throat fucked my face hard

      • For her bday I’ve made a new frame that once I’m in it she can lock it I can’t move and I’m held ready for mounting both ends we have 6 horses and I love being rape toy to satisfy their needs I made sure she knows h r pressy is to watch me beg to have her make it possible to have me raped forcefully and rather brutally she loves seeing me forced deepthroat but tonight she’s getting me belly riding for her with return ride I’m turned around so my lips held pressed against his sheath I’ve said if she tied me under him tight and his cock can only force straight in my mouth I’m to be left tied so he forced all of it down my throat she is to force me to have him open my throat by forcing it in as I can’t pull away

        • Punctuation matters, e.g.:
          Reason of visit unable to eat diarrhoea.
          Reason of visit: unable to eat diarrhoea.
          Reason of visit: unable to eat, diarrhoea.
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          I find inspiration in cooking my friends and my horse.
          I find inspiration in cooking, my friends, and my horse.
          (It can save lives.)
          A woman without her man is nothing.
          A woman, without her man, is nothing.
          A woman: without her, man is nothing.
          (It can change meaning to something opposite.)
          I love my children Madonna and Michael Jackson.
          I love my children, Madonna and Michael Jackson.
          I love my children, Madonna, and Michael Jackson.
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          You have ruined me for other men. I yearn for you. I have no feelings whatsoever when we’re apart. I can be forever happy.
          You have ruined me. For other men, I yearn. For you, I have no feelings whatsoever. When we’re apart, I can be forever happy.
          (Dots are also very important.)

  4. Makes no sence, the dick is longer then her body, u can see that in the last preview.
    U should atleast see a bulge all the way to her neck. Fix that.

      • one can argue that a bulge all the way to the neck is the opposite of taking it literally

        • Yea, i mean why make a dick that big, then completly ignoring the opportunities.

          • You’re so right! Can’t believe Animo introduces all that dick growth stuff and then once again shrinks the cock down when someone’s getting fucked by it. Pectoral would’ve been such an incredible sight

  5. Seems to me Quiet had a rough girls’ night out…to continue to a rough morning as well ;P

  6. Hottest 3d porn animation ever seen! I’ve already watched many, but not so perfect like this. Congratulations!
    This position of the Quiet looks is probably of queefs. I know how you are careful with details, since LWH. Please don’t desapoint us.
    Keep up. You rock!!!

  7. Does anyone know of any nsfw animators with similar skill level and content to animopron?

  8. A little stiff but great, I’m looking forward to the end. Do you have a release date?

  9. Second the Jill Valentine request. Would be great to see the Remake model’s holes wide open.

  10. StudioFOW are far better at animation than this shit. Quiets arm at the elbow joint, her facial expression and the front legs of Brutus just look as if done by an amateur. And still there will be retard subscribers defending this crap. And yes, yet im here, trying to educate you fucking loser retards to the fact your being strung along like little puppets. Too much of this stuff out there to pay for this shit.

  11. i know exaclty what comes next. shes holding that bucket ready because she knows she wont be able to hold it all inside her.

  12. I hope in the end brutus will pop intestines out of quiet with his cock and then interrogator will give a blowjob to quiet’s prolapse and fuck her in the eye with that giant dildo of hers. Who’s with me?

  13. I really hope this guy makes Quiet and that other whore give that stallion a double blowjob, there need to be more oral scenes man Haha 💕

    • ATWT, then the othergirls deepthroats the cock from girls mouth. so we have a mouth to mouth bj.
      I wish i could make that scene myself, would be 10 times better. And i would be a millionaire also :(.

  14. — 3 days to go for release BTQ 5 —
    No no no. He only promised to start rendering at the end of the month. But knowing how he fulfills his promises, he will start rendering sooner by mid-March. And then SUDDENLY rendering will take more than a month

      • And here you are being a jew ass nigger sucking up to animo because your his little bitch that licks his asshole just so it makes you feel important. Guess what, your just a weak ass loser like all of the subscribers.

  15. oh yes very cool and very good work nice deep, fast, hard and long in her hot ass

  16. If only Quiet got railed half as hard as his subscribers do at the end of each month.

    • If only the interrogator was as butthurt as you coming here to say the same shit every update because you’re too poor to subscribe. Nigger.

      • If only you had a pair of balls then animo might take an interest in you. But then again your just a cheap ass nigger that cant get a hard on without your dads dick in your mouth

  17. Surely her ass is that hammered my now, she’s ready to push put a MASSIVE prolapse, lets finish this series in style 🙂

  18. YES!! It look like brutus going to puncture the belly with his cock and come out the belly button

    • I have no problem waiting a little longer, as long as the quality renderizing it gets better. I love this chat its better than reddit hahahaha

    • Ppl domt want atwt. Quiet would die from all the guts getting crushed and pushed out the mouth

  19. I’m certain we will soon get an update that Animo is working hard rendering the movie and that it is going to take really long.

  20. I check in once a week. Any update is a bonus. And given I’m not paying for it I can’t expect an instant result. Waited about a year for previous BTQ episode so I’m kinda easy for the next installment(s).

  21. His Dad here: We bought a necromancer with all your monthly subscriptions and brought him back to life!!!!

    The first thing he said was “Final preview coming soon!”

    So, sadly, we raped him back to death..

  22. I’m here to inform you to stop asking for release dates this will not be posted

    • я думаю. Смеюсь с коментов про пролапс жепы :DD

  23. I think, your thinking of the comments as “gold” is generic. Come up with another descriptive word for you comment on an animated horse porn website, you plebeian.

  24. Is there going to be a balls deep deepthroat? That was the hottest stuff you made, arguably.

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