Update on P5

I’m working on the ending scene currently.
P5 is going to be the longest episode most likely, it has 12 sex scenes overall, and 2 cumshots.
I will start posting some frames here, when the rendering begins.

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  1. What I was talking about. This schmuck will pull to the last and does not intend to fulfill his promises

          • wow such a blatant lie Patreon stopped allowing all adult content except vanilla there were a bunch of people who were removed because of this

          • lol animo couldnt work for a news channel,the video edits and actual reports would take weeks due to “renderings”

          • AnimoPron
            Nice lie, you can go work to a news channel

            If you ever read this, i wonder why you even take time to reply to those ungrateful trolls.
            On each and every FREE video you make, here they are bitching on content or release, rude and brave behind their keyboards.
            Sure, i too would like that your videos were closer to my expectations.
            Since you didn’t ask, here they are : less foreplay, even more anal focused, even more stretching and gaping, maybe more tormentors on a poor girl eventually enjoying her ordeal and in shorter clips like 10 min but coming every m̶o̶n̶t̶h̶ week (let’s be greedy) – and i hope you never do prolapse, scat or futa.
            I have to admit that you come pretty close release rythm apart :-D.
            But i realize that the only way to press on your work is to suscribe and that insulting you and others on these comments produces nothing.
            So finally, thanks once more for your amazing work, i hope the morons on this site (or elsewhere, i saw your tolerance with the leakers) will never disgust you from producing by far one the best (if not the best) quality 3D pron (just as you advertise ) on the internet. Many many thanks.

          • Damn c2m2, why don’t you clean your lipstick when you’re done sucking him off?

    • Maybe he will start posting about his day, too… Like: I am going to the bathroom now! As soon as I finish, I will render 1ms… Pay, please!

    • ты просто жалкое чмо! человек работает,а ты желчью блюешь…отвратительно

    • Yet here you are, faggot, too broke to subscribe yet too desperate to not come here and cry every week lmao what a joke

        • Imagine being a sensitive bitch and saying shit like “DAe cuRrEnT YEAr” you stupid faggot

          • You’re the one crying because someone said the “F” word you fucking loser lmfao

          • you are the saddest human being i’ve ever witnessed. Imagie being so upset that you can’t wank your cock to some new material so you start to give threats to others on the internet. Just end it already mate. You contribute nothing to society.
            Have a good day.

        • imagine not being a homophobe because you a simp who pays money to e-girls because he thinks being nice will get him a woman and liberal agenda tells him to take it in the ass so he does

    • The best day was when he lost all his fucking money, because Patreon banned him! I was sooo happy!!!

  2. I feel like there is some scenes he hid from everyone. I can’t wait. I think it will be good

  3. Damn! At this rate, we’ll have the video by the end of 2023! Don’t go too fast that you wear yourself down!

  4. Speaking as a person with a life, keep up the good work. Looking forward to the finished product

    • Being u i wouldnt call “life” picking trash and being pissed on fucking nigger

      • speaking of getting pissed on, white trash, I bet you’re American. you must love getting pissed on daily, bootlicking cunt.

          • put more lols and lmfaos in your sentence next time so it can gain more weight stupid retard

          • No you didnt dumb fuck. I dream about you sucking my cock

          • lol word fuck brrrraaasilll they need to go back to making horse porn up in the mountains

          • Brazil ??? You must live somewhere like your mother’s hole… Yo momma is so fat her bellybutton gets home 15 minutes before she does.

          • Brazil is a shit hole full of nasty faggots and trannies like yourself lmao doesn’t matter how many different accounts you make, retard, we can see it’s the same person because you posted the same stupid shit spelled the same stupid way within minutes

          • Lol guy above sounds mad af,what happened you went to brazil and hooked up with a girl who had a bigger dick than you?

    • Well, according to subscribe star he makes around 27546$ (4591 supporters, 6 dollars each) per month. thats 10 times the average salary in my country. Lets assume this is only job, so he *should* be working 8 hours per day on this. He works for 7.5 months on it now, thats 6600 (7.5*22*5*8) hours of work, Ignoring saturdays and fridays.
      I saw high quality 1 hour movies made in less than that, by a single person…

      • Look at that broke nigger envying the guy who actually can pay his bills. If you wasnt listening to shit-ass rap and playing niggerball all the time u might have had a decent job too))

        • Lol your white ass is probably just as broke,lol talking shit over wifi that isnt even yours

  5. how much money you get
    how much time you take
    how much lie you hide
    just post the render and die

      • No bother, I have u covered with your dughter, mom, gradmother and ur dick prolapse.

        • Learn to fucking spell you elementary school drop out i should super man punch and donkey punch you over the head with the thickest dictionary so you can gain some knowledge


  6. Remember when patreon banned them for just about the exact same shit their pulling now?
    I guess people really don’t learn.

  7. holy shit people here are toxic, it’s a 40 minute animation, even those 8 second overwatch loops they probably beat off to take a good few days to make, animation ain’t easy especially not at the quality you’re putting out. hope you’re getting fulfillment out of this cause your audience sure isn’t giving it to you. rock on, look forward to part 5

  8. Wait… ONLY 2 CUMSHOTS???? If the bitch gets emptied in between, it’s gonna be shit.

    • Literally hundreds of comments here and elsewhere, tens of thousands of dollars on their account each month. Ask yourself, was that a retarded question, or are you just a retarded person?

  9. I’m really looking forward to the sequel, I hope it will be as sexy as possible! ❤️

  10. heck all the people hating!! thank you for making these vids they are always great and I look forward to watching all the things you make

  11. This guy makes over $400k a year from subscribers alone.. he drags out the process to make more money for less workload.
    I also agree there needs to be more deep vaginal. All this 90% ass shit is a lil annoying.
    (Some ass is ok, but not 90%)

    • It’s all anal here, loser. You’re still here crying because you’re an insecure (broke) faggot lol

    • Id be doing the same shit if i was making that much lol. Shit, I’d take it even further and full Star Citizen with it lol. Release a screenshot of the shit once a month for the next 2 – 3 years

  12. Pornlover does have a point, and if you actually have watched all his vids there is some vaginal penetration, but probably like only 15%?
    Sounds like you’re the insecure one here, living in a dark basement with grandma!

    I didn’t realize he made so much money from donations and subscriptions.. It does seem to be underdelivering a little.

  13. Okay evrybody can we please join to ask big depethroat and the big cock push all quites guts out of the pussy and ass and falls on the floor?

  14. I posted this before and will post this game——-
    I just love how animopron has this unfiltered message/chat system.
    Like think about it. Where can you post nearly any message you want with no penalties against you.
    Animopron’s chat system is true internet freedom. Best words to describe it.

    • Yep. Free to call each other niggers n faggots n kikes n whatever. This is what we fought for man

    • yup…fuck americans,fucking whites dont realize their bloodlines trail back to europe and spain.bunch of dumb crackass cousin fuckers,marlboro light pill popping failures just like their former president donald jerkoff trump

      • Lmfao I would be as mad as you are if I was a nigger, too, so no worries. It isn’t easy being on top, but at least you admit whitey runs your little world.

  15. Everyday I wake up and I pull out that Pipe and Ill base….Then ill wonder if i might get to see that video of the girl and the horse Fuckin her body but yet…Guess ill just check back in again.

      • Drugs are good,depends which one you use and how you use it,dont knock it pussy just because youre too scared to try it or your tolerance levels on like a prepubescent teenager

        • I was down so low..i was on the last lap with the checkered flag about to wave me straight to hell.

  16. Despite so many negative comments … Congratulations on the work, part 5 is getting excellent, I am one of the supporters and I follow your previews. I would like to say that your work is very good, and has a lot of quality, whoever speaks negative things as in some comments, cannot imagine the size of the work that gives this type of content. I am also a creator, and I know what you are going through. Again, congratulations on that, I love your work. ~ Frkls

    • Sure congratulate a conman that scams $400k/year from people that pay for a product that he could have finished in half the time but decides to treat his supporters like shit and drag the whole thing out. The supporters here really are dumb ass cunts

      • We aren’t actually paying for porn, it’s to watch poor faggots complain about free shit and make jokes about how black they are and what we did to there mothers to make them so retarded. You wouldn’t understand because it’s a reptilian thing.

    • frkls…stop ass kissing,the asshole hairs are starting to stick to your lower lip

  17. Take your time, Animo, you’ve put out some good shit! This is gonna be your masterpiece and I hope it ain’t last thing you bring us ,Bro!

    • Just thinking realistically, I wouldn’t be so confident. We thought that about Part 4 and it was the worst out of all of them.

      • Pt.4 was the best, you retard, look at the like ratio and view count on Rule34. Just because you’re too stupid to do so doesn’t mean you should spout off lies.

  18. There are some ungrateful bastards in the comments but a lot of us are excited for this. Keep up the awesome work!

    And to the bitches that wanna complain, go make some porn yourself if you want it out so god damn bad. Christ, you entitled fucks need pussy more than me.

  19. Wow. i think i just keep enjoing the creations and the update and NEVER read the comment again.
    Maybe i’m just an idiot but I can’t understand people who just insult each other for nothing. No, not for nothing, even worst, probably just for sport…

  20. А почему этот пидор так долго видео делает? Типа деньги сосет из подписчиков? Ебать тогда он зашкварный конеебский пропидорнутый хуесос

    • Ну так а ты не знал что он эти сцены делает с натуры? Сначала твою сраную мамашу ебет конь в её раздолбанное очелло, затем ссыт на неё и только потом анимо делает видео вдохновившись увиденным. А последние два раза пришлось переснимать потому что забыли включить камеру, вроде от таких напрягов у твоей мамки аж очко разошлось((

      • Аа понял, то есть твоя мамаша ебаться с конем любит? А папка твой это аниме это ебамонае и вы с этих своих пиздостраданий зд видимо пилите? Так а ты когда сперму конскую пьешь, почему тебя нет в кадре? Кстати я слышал что ты пидор, я знаю что это правда, просто хотел спросить, как ты пидор и конесос одновременно? Кстати я видел твою мать на причале возле ондатр, ее ебали кони и выхухоли. А батян твой передавал привет Панину сидя на хую быка. Удачи братик.

        • 😂 Дите ты хотя бы дал свой ответ прочитать взрослому перед тем как нажать кнопку отправить. Мало то что 6 предложений из семи начинаются с “а” “кстати” и “так”, так ещё ты не можешь сгруппировать свой высер чтобы оскорбления переходили от одного человека к другому, такое чувство что ты сначала по инерции начал писать про мать для симметрично тип ответа, затем переключается на отца, на меня, а затем опять по кругу как даун который по ходу при рождении просто выпал из раздолбанного пиздилища своей мамаши 😆

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  21. A cure for covid will be out before this man finishes his “editing” and actually uploads this 3D b.s…2021 this type of porn is getting old

  22. 2021-02-15 – Working on the final scene, i will post some gif here soon.
    2021-02-19 – Posts gif.

    2021-03-04 – I’m working on the ending scene currently. (again)

    I hope you faggots are happy about what you get for your gay money.
    Homo closet faggot replies ↓

  23. So much hate for a guy doing this alone. He does this by himself and the videos are high quality. He’s also getting better at it. Be patient.

  24. sissy femboy looking for someone to use me will send pics kik – gapingslut1

  25. Imagine how much of a loser you have to be to come here and nerd rage over not having new porn available. Seeing all these comments actually makes me feel so glad that my life doesn’t suck so bad that I have to come here and post angry little comments. These ppl more butthurt than either Quiet or the Interrogator ROFL.

  26. If you’re white, I hope you die.
    If you’re black, I hope you die.
    If you’re asian, I hope you die.
    If you’re chinese, I hope you die.
    If you’re russian, I hope you die.
    If you’re german, I hope you die.
    If you’re japanese, you’re already dead.

    • Nah, white people need to be around to actually run the world. They’re the only ones that get out of bed for work, don’t raise little criminals, know how to dress like an adult, can count and read properly. I guess the Japanese and South Koreans are pretty smart, too, they can stay.

      • Actually white people dont need to be around to run the world,white people dont really do shit,foreign people make about 99.9% of the items you use everyday,im sure a non white person built the roof over your head…white people do help out by adding to the prison system,drug dealers make easy money off white people so thanks for that

    • its the DSF… or Defense Shill Force
      they are triggered by code words, meme responses and overall exposing truth about their paid master in animo. he literally doesnt read this blog nor even runs it. hes been doing this exact business practice with work release and prodcut for 3 years now and people still defend him for doing it

  27. Gee, this is prooooobably the most toxic and disgusting comments section ive ever seen. Definitely top 5

  28. lets see…
    banned from patreon
    constantly exposed by reddit/chans for blatantly lying about project(s) timeline
    continues to lose followers from substar
    bot and shills populate 3/4 of any thread posted
    every project since lara v horse ep2 has taken longer with every release
    quality has gone down though runtime has increased… great until you figure out it’s the same scene from 3 different angles
    paid release vs free release is exactly the same with just waiting another 1/2 weeks for free
    story boards/pics you get for subs hardly make the final cut and are just doodles to contractually fulfill an agreement to lure in subs
    …and my personal favs…
    relax guy, he does better work than marvel/disney/pixar/dc/etc-etc in terms of animation
    yOuR sTiLl HeRe

    • you forgot how he changes releases dates based on the direction of the wind which is the real reason he’s been getting banned (still plenty of porn on patreon) and losing subs from platforms that still carry him. violations of Tos in regards to paid subs being told X will happen Y times only for it to be changed on a whim with no explanation. ie “act of god” to get out of fulfilling his paid requirements. that only works so much before legal action is taken. why do you think this latest ep is taking that long? its legal trouble for him. a shame since his work is top notch, though ive heard no one compare him to marvel cgi at all

    • > great until you figure out it’s the same scene from 3 different angles
      same could be said about most anime porn these days. its to pad runtime which means quality is horrible

  29. i love the fact that people just complain why animopron releases a video for once in 84 years. man its like he had a team to make this video to achieve a monthly release

  30. lmao this movie gonna be too big to download? xD Really trying to outdo yourself!

    I’m excited. The gifs look awesome. I like the turn about this took and am enjoying seeing the interrogator struggle before succumbing to Brutus, and the contrast to that with the utterly willing Quiet.

  31. нассал всем вам в рот пидоры , давыай нападай сука.

  32. Still no update. No surprise there lol The animations are pretty decent but the animator is a piece of shit the way he treats his supporters

  33. Her ass is well and truly destroyed beyond return, that big fat mushroom headed cock pulls out from the top of her descending colon and she can’t help but push out a massive prolapse the length and width of his cock. Gawping with shock and excitement, girl 2 then starts deepthroating her prolapse. A world first.

  34. So many of these comments are so toxic, jesus christ. If you don’t want to wait, just watch other porn. Nobody is forcing you to be here

  35. Hi I’m new to here. Just wondering why rendering takes so much time? This is a rather technical question.

    • Unfortunately, Animo always work longer than he talking. But his video is very good and have much details. But longer video and complicated video make very long rendering.

    • It doesnt. He milks it.. Been doing so for years… Donations keep him going, so he strings it out for as long as possible for income. Hence patreon banned him

  36. okay everyone we hope brutus cock gets so big by potion and become size of log. then he force his cock into pusy and it is too wide and the girl scream so loud then the pusy rips and the legs rip apart
    then the cock go farther into girl and pop the lung and push guts out the mouth!

  37. While you wait, simply type ‘Roxy Raye anal lesbians’ in your search engine. That’ll keep you entertained.

  38. Pretty sure animopron said the same thing about this time last year, mentioning that its nearly finished… 3 months later was released… Place bets now.. Jul/Aug/Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec release? Bonus bet… 2021/2022 release for part 5? 😂😂😂

  39. I know Animo makes that much money because people are willing to give it, but still find 6 bucks a month way overboard for what they get, which has become really scarce in the last weeks, so far ʼs I know

  40. хватит поддерживать этого тупорылого ебаната, перестаньте ему платить и этот петух сразу выпустит видео.

    • a true place for free speech lol..better than theraphy where everyone can release that hate and anger

  41. The fuck is this entire comment section…Whatever fam, just keep up the horse dicking work, can’t wait for Part 5 to come out.

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