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  1. Animo will you do something about comment section? Toxicity here is over the top really, every second message somebody uses n-word, I think we need moderation of some sort.

  2. Please plase plase make brutus big cock go so deep that the girl uteris and stomach and lungs get crushed and then she becoms his fleshlight!

  3. I can always count on horse rape porn comment sections to have the most insightful and thought-provoking discussions

  4. Imaging making a minimum of 26k dollars a month from subscribers and then only bring updates every 2 weeks – if I were a subscriber I’d feel really stupid.

    • the subscribers here are complete retards but no matter what you say at least one of them will be on here defending the actions of a total cunt. Yeah the animations are good but there is plenty of it available and still these retards pay this cunt just so he can hang a carrot in front of their shitty little noses so they keep paying his 26k /month ladyboy fetish. The smart people are the freeloaders

    • Shiiiiiid, id do the same shit in that case. Mfs r still gonna b here for it regardless

    • The way I get it, he posts content for subscribers about once a week. As to this site, it is more like a gateway between the watermark in his videos and his substar page. At this point he must really care little about paying free renders for trolls who aren’t giving him a cent,sad but true.

  5. great work bro! but please in next videos give us fully naked girls and footjobs.. that would be nice

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