Working on the “main” scene for Quiet now, don’t want to spoil it.
I expect to start rendering BTQ 5 somewhere at the end of this month.

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  1. Please animate Wirek getting ass slammed by this huge horse cock till he prolapses by just breathing, thank you. -Fellow cumbrain

  2. Please make Brutus cock so big that he rips quiet apart when he shoves his cock in her pusy…like see her ripping open like a zipper

    • You should get an MRI to make sure you’re not risking a stroke while taking a dump.

      On the second thought, you might as well die on the toilet and make a fun headline.

  3. Hope there’s an ATWT scene coming. I’d just love to see Quiet gagging while Brutus cock’s tip comes out of her mouth

  4. Will you ever work on bonus X-Ray scenes for BTQ? That would make this 11/10 to 999/10 just sayin. Love your work!

  5. I really hope we see a huge prolapse after all this ass fucking, that would be a perfect ending

  6. Lmao 2021 and you didn’t finish the main scene damm more bs than trump

  7. You do not understand. Now is only the beginning of the month. He promises to start rendering at the end of the month. Of course, it will certainly postpone the beginning of rendering for 1-2 months for some reason. And then another 2 months of rendering will be, I bet that we won’t see the result before May. The result is not important to him. It is important for him to show the visibility of work. He’s just milking his support.

  8. You should be lucky that animoporn informes you poors at all we don’t care for you fuckers who bitch and whine far as we’re concerned you shit heads don’t even deserve this so shut the fuck up and eat your cake and enjoy it you ungrateful fucks

    • No. The video will not be posted until June or July. 5 more months of milking at $10-$15,000 a month.

      • Relax, dude. Just like i said, march-april. And dont forget “free version” for subs.

      • You don’t pay, all subs are volunteers, and you know nothing about animation or rendering, yet you’ll still be back here every single update like a pathetic faggot with no life, crying and bitching like the little girl you wish you were.

  9. The fucker is just gonna milk this out longer each time because he knows the supporters are so fucking stupid they will keep paying him money. If he was smarter himself he would release stuff quicker and he would get more supporters and in turn more money, but he is as dumb as his mindless supporters. Animo is basically holding you all to ransom. Try not paying the ransom for a month or two.

    • Got a problem faggit? I have no problem waiting if brutus is gona use his cock to destroy the insides of the girls and pull out all the guts in prolapse

      • stupid faggot that scene inst happening why dont you go prolapse your own asshole

      • no problem with the work, but his work schedule/release is horrible
        it doesnt take 6+ months to make something like this at all. i guess it really is true he just milks what little true supporters he does have though i dont understand why anyone would pay since the public release is exactly the same as the paid one, just a week or three behind. by that point, everyone has waited months so whats another 2-3 weeks at that point? also, lets not forget with BTQ3 release, it was an incomplete one with the paid supporter one missing the audio file while the public release was complete 2 weeks later with some shit explanation

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  11. this guy is like trump,milking his supporters,false promises and disappears with the money lol

  12. imagine “working” for 8+ months only to release a 20-25 clip that’s actually less than half that since it’s viewed from multiple angles to pad runtime for muh supporters (ie names thrown into a rando name generator and tacked onto the end)
    c’mon on man. we all know the game by now. this shit been done since early December 2020 like you already said
    >INB4 yOuRe StIlL hErE

    • Lol its worth to support animo just to see broke nigger retards like you crying and bitching but still patiently waiting for update like good doggies. Bark more for my amusement bitch.

      • ^This

        Also prolapse fuck the power hungry jews shifting the west and normalizing woke agenda. Id rather be a hole..a complete fucking cumbrain degenerate then accept stupid nigger-ass identity politics thats making the world weak because of power/money.

        • Well, we all are normalizing horse porn to a great extent and it may just end up in a wierd fetish that we inflict on ourselfs and specially on our own bodys, but I agree

  13. Your work is second to none mate! Well done! Keep up the good work. We expect a great ending and more amazing adventures of Brutus and other characters. One of my favorite scenes from the BtQ series is in part 3 when she pisses and then drinks the horse cum out of the bucket! Incredible! Top notch! More of this please

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  15. rendering will take 3 months .. do hopefully we will get btq 5 on june 2-3 week

  16. Would love to see some more progress on your game. Are you working on it as well, or only focus on BTQ, untill you’re done with that?

  17. Love your work ! Hope you continue doing it long into the future ! Don’t mind the trolls/haters, they have nothing better to do. Have a great day Animo !

    • Sucking up to animo is just pathetic and a waste of time you retard. If the cunt give a fuck about anyone the BTQ series would be finished and we would be half way through the next. You cant be that naive that you dont understand that.

  18. I love your work! Especially with that Lara Croft fucked by horse, i hope u can do more like that!

  19. I hope brutus pee on the girls and then maybe poo a little. Better if girls can pee on brutus too and drink it

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