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    • yeah i love that she finally loves it but i hate that it took so long to break her. Personally i can’t enjoy the first like 3 episodes because of that. But this is great

      • yeah i love that she wants it know, my favorite scene is the ending of ep4, when she takes the horsecock and shoves deep in her ass. my god.

        • I don’t like it myself. The “revenge” she’s supposed to be getting doesn’t make sense anymore, and I liked the revenge.

          • The revenge is that she not only punished the interrogator with her own horse. She is also going to steal the house through favoritism. It’s lit is turning into a competition that the interrogator is losing. Like two girls fighting over a guy.

  1. Looks very nice i Love Storys with Corrupt sluts who suddenly get horny. Keep going

  2. How about Quiet filling that bucket with Brutus semen coming out of her mouth???
    In other words… how about an All The Way Through scene???
    Just like Lara With Horse 2

  3. Part 1: Vaginal sex
    Part 2: Oral sex – Deepthroat
    Part 3: Anal sex – Belly Inflation
    Part 4: Interrogator sex – rimming
    Part 5: All The Way Through?

  4. ok nice but what about tifa i would like to see her continue to be fucked deep, hard, fast and long in the ass

  5. Mh, I’ve always found the All The Way Through a bit ridiculous so really, I don’t know about this thing. Anyway, I hope Quiet gonna end pushed into the counter and pounded really hard and deep ! The little bitch really deserves it !

  6. We place bets, gentlemen. Will he be able to stretch the time of the creation of this series to two years.

          • I barely come or comment here any more but I’m glad people are using my lines to this day.

            Insecure faggot detected

          • See? All you talk about is gays, asses, and things going into gay asses. You’re a queer.

          • That was the most retarded attempt at “no u” i have ever seen. Surprisingly even for gay jew like u

    • No surprise Quiet is a total horse slut. She’s taking that fucker like an absolute champ!!! Brutus getting balls deep in her butt must have been mind melting

  7. That his cock becomes thicker and puts it to the bottom with all balls. sooo delicious!!!!

    • That’s correct.
      But something is slighty messed up with her legs and Brutus’ balls in that scene.

  8. Hope quiet is going wild on it like in the end of BTQ4.
    im really looking forward to this.

  9. Alright here’s an idea…once Quiet gets cumflated by Brutus, she plugs herself up. Then brings Brutus back to the Interrogator for another round. As he’s ramming her, Quiet unplugs her ass and puts her prolapse hole into the Interrogator’s mouth and pushes out all of the cum down her throat just as Brutus releases another load….Questions, Comments, Concerns?

  10. I´ve found a small (or not so small) detail fail… Sorry for my atention to detail…but…
    Were´s the belly bulge that should happen with such a deep thrust, of that huge dick???

  11. okay guys….we need to have brutus smash his dick up the asshole and pull out all the intestines when he pulls out

  12. For the first 3 parts, only quiet takes the dock no they share it. I thought it was just going to be revange, why is she voluntarily taking that inside her?

  13. Админ дно. Не можешь выложить ужемозги едешь только

  14. Get Quiet shoving a load of toys up the interrogators holes! Then filling her up even more with horse cock.

  15. Mmmm that looks amazing.. hope she is going to get totally destroed and giant gape wide open forever… the more hard and extreme the better.. long life to limitless 3d animation fantasy !!! Thanks so much Animo.. you damn genius

  16. I hope this ends peacefully and without harm to the Interrogator, she’s very weak compared to Quiet.

    • So why are you asking? Do you remember what happened in the end of ep3 with a bucket?

      • The need for self-defense, she needs to defend herself because her life is in danger. Do you remember that Quiet is a serial killer and a villain in the understanding of ordinary people? Interrogator is the simplest and weakest girl who is not even able to protect herself.
        Interrogator was deceived by his leadership this can be understood from the very beginning, because Quiet has the abilities to ignore ropes, handcuffs, etc. We see her tied up for three videos, however she can free herself at any time which is logical, but she is in no hurry to do it…сuse she likes it and we see it perfectly starting from the middle of the third part. Interrogator is literally a sex toy in Quiet’s hands.

  17. Brutus having his balls ignored is a travesty. The interrogator needs her face stuffed into it

  18. И че когда вообще в интернете появиться это видео

    • Literally every episode has had anal. Animo is an anal fan. Most of his fans are anal fans. You aren’t getting your way because you’re insecure lmao

    • Literally everything Animo has made has featured at least *some* level of anal content, yet you come here and cry every update. Says a lot more about your closet faggotry than it does about Animo or anyone else here.

  19. Same repetitive shit, all in the name of milking the mindless supporters come on animo you cunt, get it done.

      • here he is again! this retard must start his sentence with …”yet here you are” “yet here you still are” lmao. basically anything that is “yet here” LOL!

  20. Guess what? Another week without an update. Now that I earn enough money to buy black slaves, I don’t need to post anything for the freeloaders. Drink my piss while I munch on the yummy substar cash flowing smoothly into my pocket!

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  23. Вот только боюсь, что ждать еще очень долго прийдется.

  24. quit complaining you people will get your damn updates when we feel like updating until then y’all can go fuck off you broke dicks with no money mean nothing to us.

    • you still pay fucking lmaooooo quit giving your money to someone making 42k a year from subscribestar subs alone and start asking for the product they’re actually advertise making

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    • to do ATWT the cock need to crush all the insides and organs and push it all out the mouth!

  26. when does any update or news come out? I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s getting on.

    • We have to let him a time. it’s very difficult do all, he has life you know, but i hope he upadte very soon

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