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  1. He is gonna fuck the interagtor like how brutus fucked quiet by picking her up with his dick

  2. yoooo, dont tell me that Quiet s not gonna try it, balls deep… maybe a position we have not yet seen!

  3. Have quiet stand on the table then poop on his cock while brutus deepthroats the interagtor with his poop cock.


  5. I want quiet to have rage and fuck the intterogator hard with the strap on and starts milking the intterogator

  6. While we wait for P5 Check out Wildeer Studio!
    This Animations are INSANE!
    (Lara’s Capture)

    • Wildeer is cool but jumps around on different projects too much. Gatekeeper takes fucking ages meanwhile he concentrates on another episode of some softcore dog-dildo action. Nah. Booooring. Even if Wildeers animations are fancy Animopron contents is much better if you ask me.

    • Why Wildeer didn’t continue the Gatekeeper project ? This thing was easily one of the better porn animation I have ever seen… So bad he jumps around too much on different projects, not always the best (softcore dog-dildo action, really !??) …

    • Wildeer takes forever to update too,still waiting on that pt.3 with the minotaur for like 4 months already


    • Еще раз попробуй перевести текст так, чтобы он был понятен. Подсказка – у тебя не получилось

  8. Yo, Animo dude can u do something to quiets face, she looks like a retard. A Different expression, a grin or a smile…maybe?

  9. I hope Brutus cock veins will explode in the final cumshot scene filling the interrogator’s ass with blood and cum, to which the interrogator will scream something like “you screwed his cock you bitch! You shouldn’t have applied that much!”, all this with blood-pink cum leaking from her butt. And then horse go nuts with pain and beat both girls to bloody mess with the hooves in the rampage.

    • No. When it explodes – Interrogator will blow with it. Quiet will laugh so loudly at this situation that she will explode with them.

    • If you like this, then you schoud go to the artist Drages he do some stuff. that you could like.

  10. i bet its gonne be more anal gay shit with that huge cock

    how about make straight content and make him prolapse her womb?

    • fuck you simp, and they are both women. stop projecting your sexual insecurities.

      • go fuck youself in the ass you gay fucktard. the world would be so much better without you motherfucking simp of all simps. suck your dads cock while you at it too faggot maggot

    • You still havent answerd how a womans anus can be “gay”. Are you that stupid for real that you cant define or understand the meanibg of that word or are you just yet another troll?

      • the main difference between men and women is the vagina. both have hands. both have mouths. both have assholes. both have boobs. but the thing that not both posses is a dick and a pussy.

        if you prefer anal OVER a pussy ( the main female feature ) you are gay. and his vids are 90% about anal. which makes them gay content.

        understood now?

  11. To everyone who wants balls deep or atwt…the cock that big will destroy all the organs in the girls and push all the guts and blood out the mouth. You guys wana see that? I dont

    • Сиджей, как посмотреть это всё?… Не найду ни линка ни плеера, ничего… Помоги

  12. Throwing my hat in as well to say good god I hope we get an ATWT scene. Also, since the girls have relieved themselves a few times, Brutus probably needs to in a big way by now.

  13. I hope for finally having back ATWT to Quiet and the other girl jerking off or licking the tip thats coming out

  14. still hope there will be some prostate massage, rimjob or pegging of Brutus!!

  15. Please tell me someone is going to actually give that horse a rimjob!
    I mean one where we can see the tongue going inside the horses asshole 😻👅

    • Yeah! Lick all the poo from brutus! And then tongue eachother and make their face brown

  16. pls, make that Brutus fuck both of them sooo hard at the same time, piercing their ass and mouth with a huge cock. I hope someday ANIMOPRON creates a content where Brutus is bisexual and fucks a boy with his nice cock.

  17. hi animopron love your work hey and all the sick shit going on there i just whant to know your release date for this pt5 sequel

      • yeah your mom said that to me when i took off my pants in front of her. You should have seen her face…her slutty face asking for my huge cock to DESTROY her asshole and pussy and ram so deep that it pokes through her uterus and she starts screaming and also to fuck her asshole so hard that it gets raw and rough and then it prolapses her entire intestines onto the bed while she moans

  18. After ramming her in the ass deep, quiet says ‘Its just too big I can’t take it any more, its turning my ass inside out… I’m gonna prolapse!’ Then brutus pulls out and his enormous bulbous cock head pulls out her huge prolapse, which is about 18″ long and 3″ diameter. Interrogator is amazed and shocked, but super turned on and begins to wank and deepthroat her prolapse like brutus’ cock.

  19. I thought porn-relevant website is far more peaceful than any other places like Trump’s campaign venue, but it seems like I’m wrong until I saw so many shit, fuck, and fuck and shit on this web.

    • I know all these ppl in this comment section talking about scat and shit are all so pathetic lol and genuinely makes me happy to be me, NORMAL

      • Same here, maybe they were arguing just cuz they need to stand up for their fetish

  20. Perfect scenery to finish: interogator wants to show brutus she is better bitch than Quiet. She pushes her ass down to this massive grown cock by herself, holding up to seat belt under the horse. She starts to feel worse, but tries all her best. Quiet shoked, trying to stop intarrogator, but she is in affection pushes deeper, untill she comes feel worse and worse,, trying to fuck this cock with last strenght untill death.. Animopron, it will be BEST END, you will never regret !!……………

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