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      • isnt unreal going a bit too far?
        wouldnt it have been easier with like unity ?

          • Yeah unity is bad, especially games like The Forest, Kerbal Space Program, The Long Dark, Cuphead, Hearthstone, and Ori and The Blind Forest.

            Seriously, morons like you that think Unity is a bad engine because it’s accessible should fucking kill yourselves.

          • Agreed unity is fuckin awesome and can look just as pretty as unreal if the effort is put in, and its infinitely more user friendly and intuitive with endless plugins and app… unreal is hugely overrated.. BUH MUH PReTy grApHics!

  1. Have them both fall in love with the horsie and make them both do a double blowjob on the horse. Instead of hating it..they both fall in love with the horse at the end lol

    • For supporters it could even be free. But usually indie games, especially if they’re in pre-alpha or even alpha state, the price is 20$ or something like that, it depends in what state the game is going to be sold and how much content there is.

      • Bro why are you talking out of your ass lmao animo has said multiple times all of their projects will be free. You wrote that whole paragraph just to be wrong lmao

  2. Alright part 5 should not take long at all considering animo already has most assets set for the animation and can reuse them for the next one only needing to really use the rig to change the positions. Only thing that should take long is positioning rendering voice work and the little shit. An example of why it shouldn’t take nearly as long is the YouTube short friendly shadow which took 10 months but was mostly new models and mixture of 2D and 3D elements and was made by one guy (like animo) and was far more complicated than BTQ.

    Thanks for listening to my ted talk

    • As someone who animates with 3d models and such for personal projects, I can state that changing positions is only a very small facet. There’s lighting, fluid physics, possibly creating models for new things, based on the fact that Animo takes Fan requests and suggestions into consideration, and the fact that Brutus has a bag full of who knows what on his back, allowing for more open creativity.

      Then, we must factor in how easy it is for objects to ‘break’ and obtain the consistency of melted plastic, ensuring that there’s as little clipping as possible so the immersion isn’t broken, working with voice actors schedules and enhancing sound so that the files are done in time, etc, etc.

      Add in the fact that Animo is also working with a team to create a video game for people, as well as living a life of his own, which commands a large part of his day not be dedicated to making something for us fans to beat off to? We can’t condemn him and say that he takes too long when we don’t know shit.

    • Probably it will be free only for supporters. For everyone else, why should it be free? Do you think he works just for fun? I mean, it’s not like it’s going to cost 80$…

  3. Are you making an another version of the nudemod for the Tomb Rider? It seems to me such games are already a bit too much.

          • I am not saying that this will be just a mod for an existing game. But what’s the point in action and shooter similar to the already existing Tomb Raider with nudemod?

          • Who the fuck said it would be an action and shooter? Can you fuck the characters in the nude mod? Can Lara have a giant horse dick? No? Okay, then, thanks for proving how fucking stupid you are lmao

          • I don’t see any fucking and horsecock on the screenshots, but I see different locations where Lara is standing and 1 screenshot where she is shooting with a bow. Where is any of the actions described by you?

          • > Can you fuck the characters in the nude mod?
            For example in Witcher series

          • The actions described by me are in the previous game post and in comments by Animo you stupid retard

          • I went 5 or more pages of news back and find only posts with “Lara with different modification of look” walking. No fucking, only walking. Only in one screenshot, in this post only, of all the posts of the game, she not only walks, but also shoots. Am I “stupid retard” after that?

          • Where is at least one demonstration of what we are all gathered here for? Something for which all play these games?

  4. Please make this game available for Windows, Mac and Linux like previous one.

    • Why wouldn’t it be available for windows?? For what would it be available otherwise??

        • I have not written anything about mobile phones anywhere. Are you have some trouble with reading?

          • Of course it`s going to be available for windows, ya dumb nigger.

          • I am very, very sorry. I was asking if you have problems with reading because I wasn’t sure if you have any learning difficulties or mental issues. What you have written gives me a clear answer. So once again I am very sorry. I didn’t want to offend a mentally handicapped person. I sincerely hope that you will get help you need. Best regards and I wish you a full mental recovery.

          • you are way too intelligent and mantally sane to comment on this website lmao

      • Previous game was available for Windows, Mac and Linux and I would love to have this game available on these three operating systems (although personally I’m only interested in Linux).

  5. Is there a gas leak in here or are these comments extra retarded for some reason

  6. So, is the game just basically naked Tomb Raider or does she also have sex with the horse at some point?

  7. Out of the all the characters to pick, you choose Lara from Tomb Raider… jesus man… pick someone else… getting old seeing same people over and over… pick 2B a character that’s literally an anal and ass fetish or someone else.

    • yeah because 2b isn’t everywhere… there are probably more stuff with her then with lara

        • 2B gas no personality, tits, or anything other than a big butt. Nobody cares about 2B except for weeb faggots like yourself

    • Duh. Why do people like you even comment? Why would something like that be removed, without any update or message from the creators? Waste of oxygen tbh

      • He posted a test in the very early version of the game, there is no reason to believe it will be kept in for certain at all. I am also paranoid and like futa.

        • There is even less reason to think it’d be removed, either, stop being a dipshit and worrying about if a free horse porn game will have dickgirls you virgin

  8. Can i make a request for PART 5? can you have Quiet fuck the interrogator with the strapon on doggy style while Quiet herself is getting fucked in the ass by brutus

    • That sounds hot, Quiet and the interrogator should become friends. I love the idea of having Quiet fuck her with the strap on doggy style with Quiet taking it up the ass by brutus. This needs to happen and have the three cum at the exact same time

  9. I have followed you from the start like her and thank you for sharing your talent with us! stay as good luck we wait for the continuation as usual

  10. From a 2 parts animation to 5 parts. You’re really milking that horse cock dry!

  11. post some public beta with a few interactions… because from what i’m seeing, this will take a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time to finish as BTQ4 got released and there will go another 6+ months of animation work.

  12. In part 5 can you make the interrogator and Quiet become friendly? Maybe have a little lesbian moment before Brutus joins the action

  13. LOL, 3RD Picture Integrated Graphics Scenes Of SGW2 And Others Looks Like POP T2T 1ST Boss Place

  14. At the start of part 5 Quiet should start groping the interrogator, play with her tits and suck them and start kissing her until the Interrogator starts to like it. At that point Quiet and the Interrogator become friendly and decide to share brutus (tit fucking, sucking his cock) Part 5 needs to have lesbian action between the two like scissoring, 69 and some Strapon action.

    During their fun Brutus will start joining in. It would be cool if Quiet was fuck the Interrogator missionary style on the table and that’s when Brutus rams his rod up Quiet’s ass.
    At the point Quiet begins ramming the Interrogator with the strapon still in missionary position with the Interrogator’s legs wrapped around her as Brutus destroys Quiet’s ass. Hard and fast action until they all orgasm together.

  15. I really hope Animo charges out the ass for this game so the poors can’t cry about it as much.

      • Don’t know about them, but I am lmao you poor faggots don’t deserve anything they make with all the crying, bitching, moaning, and complaining your entitled coomer asses manage to do in these comments. Kill yourself, loser.

  16. i hate the lara from the new trilogy and the new universe, the original lara from LEGEND timeline (legend, anniversary, underworld) is far superior, FAR SUPERIOR

  17. Fuck! this is a dream come true. but i’m afraid i’ve to keep dreaming for few more years

  18. I’am a fan of your work Animopron. I was curious how this story would end. After watching part 4; it seams like interrogator is jealous that Quite is going to steal brutus from her. However the Interrogator never let him penetrate her; only suck him. So Quite has gone the extra mile: as we seen with the “scant”. Then Quite showed Interrogator “how it’s done”. Point here: Interrogator is filled in stomach, and in womb. logic comes next is anal fill.

    However, once this happens; she will be max full of horse cum. The spell(potion) added to brutus will manifest it’s self inside of Interrogator. This will lead to a transformation. The Interrogator grows a penis.

    Quit’s power becomes emersed from Quite to Interagator.This will lead to futa sceen.

    If she speaks: she will know what will happen.

    ok, at a lose of words here. any Ideas fans???

  19. I was wondering if the game was just a forgotten concept at this point?
    Is it on the back burner, or actually being worked on alongside part 5?

  20. What’s with the bikini tan? Is she Brazilian? I’d rather see a perfect tan, no marks.

  21. Damn it looks cool.
    Though i’m worried what’s the subject matter gonna be, kinda wishing it’s not gonna focus on disgusting monsters like those fags from StudioFow do. Hopefully this game will be similiar to the Tomb Raider series, I’m in for the horse porn etc, hopefully this sticks to bestiality. :3

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